》》#Who understands#

Nian Xiahe.

I have died for half a year in the car accident. Lu Feng, who was a husband, thought that I was waiting for me to go back and confessed to him.Until one day he suddenly couldn’t find a watch, the watch was given to him by his Xiao Qingmei.Because it was broken, I asked me to take a table for maintenance.He called to ask me: Shen Qing, are you making trouble?If you ca n’t go through, you can go to divorce. Who will make such a look?I asked you to take the watch that I repaired, where did you put it for me?Did you hide it for me?After so many years, you still can’t change your jealousy of Wan Wan.

On the other side of the phone was my sister’s voice: Congratulations to you Lu Feng, Shen Qing is dead, she will never be jealous of Lin Wanwan again.I died in a car accident.

That day, I quarreled with Lu Feng, just because I just found out that I wanted to share joy with him, but I had to go to accompany Lin Wanwan for a birthday.I don’t let him go, he said I was making trouble unreasonable.He said that for so many years, he was going to be with Lin Wanwan for a long time, and I would not marry him at all.I smashed the things at home angrily and vented all the grievances over the years.He couldn’t stand me.Shen Qing, I have given you face these years?There is no cold heart.At that moment, I died, and I turned and left.

Shen Qing, if you walk out of this house today, don’t come back, he threatened me later.As he wished, I really can’t go back.

When I left, I encountered a major car accident, and my sister came to deal with me.The news of my death did not tell Lu Feng, but my soul followed Lu Feng inexplicably after my death.Perhaps there are still obedience.

I watched that day he went to Lin Wanwan’s birthday.Watching him in every half year will prepare a small gift for her.Looking at Lin Wanwan’s phone, he would rush to accompany her as soon as possible.

Sometimes Lin Wanwan asked me with kindness: Is Shen Qing not back yet?Is it because of my reasons that your husband and wife discord.If so, I apologized for Shen Qing, which has nothing to do with you.It was her own.Lu Feng said coldly: Don’t care about her, see how long she can last, seven years of feelings.After all, I couldn’t leave a little bit of Lu Feng.Or maybe I shouldn’t appear in their world from the beginning, and I have no me.He still lives as usual, and I still have his burden and burden.

Just when I thought Lu Feng’s days would always live so indifferently.Until that day, Li Wanwan suddenly asked the watch she gave him, and he remembered me twilight.Then I called me impatiently: Did you make a noise?If you ca n’t go through, you can go to divorce. Who will make such a look?I asked you to take the watch that I repaired, where did you put it for me?Did you hide it for me?For so many years, you can’t change your jealousy of Wan Wan.The phone was answered by my sister. For a while, I didn’t speak, probably really got angry.

Can’t say a word for a while, is it dead?Lu Feng asked fiercely: Dead.My sister finally said two words coldly, what ghost you were talking about?I said that Shen Qing was dead. My sister said one word by word. Congratulations to Lu Feng, she would never be jealous of Lin Wanwan.At this moment, Lu Feng seemed to hear my sister who answered the phone, and her eyes flashed with a panic.

The next moment he said ironically, what kind of tricks Shen Qing is doing?how?She thought she would regret it when she died?You told her that either she came back obediently, or she really died outside.She died.I said that Shen Qing was dead, and my sister suddenly collapsed. She shouted loudly at Luofeng: She doesn’t need you to regret it, because your wolf heart dog lungs, enough to review, I don’t want to talk nonsense with you.Shen Qing and I don’t need to intervene in. You give the phone to Shen Qing, and my sister directly hung Lu Feng’s phone call.

I saw that Lu Qiangqiang was exposed. In these years, he has never eaten in my affairs. The quarrel between us is in the end. In the end, I compromised.He suppressed the anger and called me again.He said: You asked Shen Qing, I gave her a watch before, and she took it to help me repair it. Where is it now?I was anxious, I don’t know, my sister said coldly: I asked you to ask Shen Qing, Lu Feng, you should really be thundered by the sky.My sister gritted her teeth and said: She knows everything about me and Lu Feng, so she knows how good I am to Lu Feng.At this moment, Lu Feng’s behavior will make her hate so much.

In the end, you remember that the watch that Lin Wanwan gave you is important to you than Shen Qing’s life, is it?My sister’s voice seemed to have a choke and was worthless for me.Lu Feng hadn’t talked yet, and my sister said angrily: Shen Qing is really dead. I believe it or not, and I won’t answer your phone anymore. You will dirty Shen Qing’s reincarnation.

Lu Feng was hung up by my sister again. What I saw from his face was only angry, and I was so worried that I did not have a little worried because my sister said that I was dead.He should still be full of head now. Where did I hide Lin Wanwan’s watch to him?

For him, of course, Lin Wanwan gave him more important than my life.I still remember that the moment I had a car accident, I made a lot of money to call him, and he did not hesitate to hung me.At that time, how should I give Lin Wan’s birthday to Lin Wan at that time.It’s ridiculous, I started to doubt how I persisted in those years.Fortunately, I do n’t know if people are really unwilling to die. I still have a little feelings for Lu Feng. Even if Lu Feng is doing now, I do n’t seem to feel heartache.

I just floated in the air and looked at him indifferently.Looking at him, the irritability gradually became calm, and the whole person became dull after the calmness. He stood in place without moving, without any response for a long time.I don’t know what he is thinking, I don’t have any expectations for him.His phone ringing suddenly sounded, and Lin Wanwan beaten.

Today they have made an appointment to go out to climb the mountain together.The expression on his face when Lu Feng saw Lin Wanwan’s call at the moment he saw Lin Wanwan’s call, and a laughed was pulled out of the corner of his mouth. I also laughed, right?There will be no disappointment without expectations.

In the evening, his voice was gentle. For the past six months, I heard too much between him and Lin Wanwan. I seemed to have forgotten how indifferent he was.Afeng, have you going out?I am ready.Wait for you at home.Lin Wanwan said in a delicate manner: Go out right away, be careful to drive on the road for 20 minutes, Lin Wanwan sweetly tells Lu Feng to hang up the phone, turn around and enter the cloakroom. He looked for clothes in the cabinet.That set.He walked out of the room and shouted downstairs: "My 嫂, what about my GUCCI’s sportswear? The maid Wu Yan heard the sound and quickly went upstairs: Mr., your clothes, I have collected you in the cabinet.Which set do you say? "Lu Feng said impatiently: brown.There are two bars on both sides with many English logo on it.Wu Yan didn’t understand too much. She walked into the cloakroom and found Lu Feng.Is it this set?no.Lu Feng said angrily: I just found it, not here.In fact, the suit was placed at the bottom of the cabinet. He just didn’t have the patience to find it well. He would never waste time on unrelated things or people.I do n’t know, you are the servant of my family, responsible for my life, you ca n’t find my clothes?Lu Feng’s voice was high. Today Lu Feng’s temper is obviously larger than usual.Is it so anxious to see Lin Wanwan?Wu Yan was also embarrassed by Lu Feng.After a while, I gathered the courage and said, "In the past, your clothes were responsible for taking care of it. She said that you are particularly particularly dressed and I’m afraid I can’t get it well.What she does. "Lu Feng refused and said fiercely:" She is better to have the ability and never come back for a lifetime. "So in Lu Feng’s mind, my death was just playing means. He didn’t believe me really.died.He thought that I was still waiting for him to coax me in this way.

Lu Qiangqi found a set of sportswear, then picked up the car key, and quickly went out.He picked up Lin Wanwan and went to the suburbs together. They climbed the mountain together and said and laughed all the way.I have no impact on him at all.Lin Wanwan climbed halfway, and suddenly he was coquettish, A Feng, what happened to you today?How can I go so fast that people can’t catch up with you anymore.Lu Feng stopped and turned to look at her. If they wanted to rest for a while, they would sit for a while.

Lu Feng naturally took out a napkin paper, wiped the steps to Lin Wanwan, and asked her to sit on it, but she stood on the railing on the side and looked at the scenery of the mountainside.A Feng, "What’s wrong with you today? Why do I think you seem to have a heart? Lin Wanwan looked at him, you can tell me anything, I will share it together, nothing.The pressure of work is a bit high, I know that your work pressure is high, so you have to take you out and relax.

Lin Wanwan said proudly that her face seemed to be waiting for landing to praise her.Lu Feng unexpectedly kept silent, Lin Wanwan’s face was slightly somewhat, and quickly covered up and took a break.Lu Feng urged: It’s not early, let’s go, people can’t move, can you carry me back?

Lin Wanwan Jiao also said on purpose: I am only more than ninety pounds, and it should be a lot lighter than Shen Qing.I am really much heavier than Lin Wanwan, but I used to be very thin before. Later, in order to prepare for pregnancy, I made myself more fat for more than 20 pounds.What does she do.Lu Feng’s face suddenly changed. Lin Wanwan should never say anything so loudly to her. Sorry, Lin Wanwan quickly apologized: I don’t know if you quarreled again?no.

Lu Feng perfunctory: If you can’t move, let’s go down the mountain.But this is only half. It happened that I had a job to deal with it in the afternoon, and I went back earlier.Lu Feng took the lead and took the lead. I saw that Lin Wanwan’s face was hard to see the extreme. She gritted her teeth and kept up with Lu Feng’s pace. She went to Shanlin Wanwan to sit in the co -driver’s co -driving room of Lu Feng.She took the initiative: Afeng, let’s have lunch together, I was in a hurry to go back to work, so I didn’t eat together.People eat alone, Lin Wanwan looked at him with eyes, can you eat with me?I promise to go home obediently after eating, and never disturb your work.

After all, Lu Feng could not refuse Lin Wanwan, and agreed to Lin Wanwan’s successful smile.I have to admit that Lin Wanwan does have a proud capital in front of Lu Feng, and the car reaches Lin Wanwan’s favorite restaurant.Lu Feng rubbed his stomach when he got out of the car. Lin Wanwan also paid attention, and quickly asked: What happened, does the stomach hurt?Lu Feng nodded, then opened the storage box, took out the medicine box inside, and found that the stomach medicine was gone as soon as he opened it.Lu Feng has the habit of stomach pain.In the past few years, because his family had encountered some changes, he almost went bankrupt. In order to come back to Dongshan, he almost worked hard and fell asleep day and night, and he fell off the stomach problems over time.Later, after I was with him, I often cook porridge and meals for him. His stomach was raised a lot, but he could not be countered occasionally a recurrence of stomach problems at one time.In order to prevent him from being too uncomfortable, I will prepare him in the car in the car in advance. I will often check the situation of his stomach medicine, and I will make up for him as soon as possible.It stands to reason that Lu Feng should not take the stomach medicine so soon.Think about it for the past six months. No one reminded him to eat and give him meals.He often does not eat frequent recurrence of stomach problems on time.

Lin Wanwan took the initiative to put his hand in the place where his stomach was rubbed.Lu Feng stunned for a moment and then pushed Lin Wanwan: I should be hungry without having to eat.Let’s go to dinner.Lin Wanwan said with nothing, and said with a smile, Lu Feng and Minchun, and the two got out of the car and sat in front of the table.

Lin Wanwan has been ordering with the waiter, and occasionally ask Lu Feng. Lu Feng’s stomach pain is white, but he will not expose his weakness in the duck’s mouth, not to mention that he is still in front of his Xiao Qingmei.He wants to maintain his male god image.I looked at him so inexplicable and a little bit happy.

Lin Wanwan did not find that Lu Feng’s face was wrong and said with a smile: Lu Feng, I ordered your favorite boiled meat slices. You have to eat more for a while.After all, I looked at Lu Feng’s face, after all, how could people with stomach pain eat such spicy things.Lin Wanwan really didn’t notice Lu Feng’s body at all.I thought that at first I was a hot person who had forced Lu Feng to have a light diet for a whole year in order to help Lu Feng’s stomach.Suddenly I seemed to understand that it was not afraid of being favored, and I have just been on the table of cheap meals in Lu Feng these years.

Lin Wanwan still has some grievances: Do you don’t like the dishes I give you?How do you eat so little?I can’t eat spicy stomach.Lu Feng bluntly, I don’t know what to do?I’m sorry, sorry.Lin Wanwan criminally guilty and tears made her look pitiful.What Lu Feng can’t stand the most sadness is Lin Wanwan’s sadness to know a lightning lightning.Lin Wanwan cried at the other end of the phone: Lu Feng would drive to accompany her overnight.At this moment, he was afraid that he had to eat Lin Wanwan when he had a stomach pain, and gave him some boiled meat slices to show comfort.But as a result, Lu Feng only said lightly: Nothing, I have no appetite now, you eat slowly.I went back to the company first.Before Lin Wanwan responded, Lu Feng had already settled and left.Returning to his car again, the moment he started the car and left, he glanced back at the moment, and the empty stomach medicine was bombarded out for a moment.He did not return to the company and went home directly.So it’s still a little angry.

Lin Wanwan doesn’t care about his body?Of course, because I care about a talent, after all, when I was in a bad body, Lu Feng was indifferent to me, and I would be very angry, but I was used to it later.Sir, you are back, have you had lunch?Wu Yan quickly stepped forward and welcomed it.Lu Feng said coldly: How can you not eat it?The wife said that you have stomach problems, and you will hurt your stomach without eating.Wu Yan said with concern: I can help you boil some porridge.It was okay to eat porridge without appetite, and Lu Feng paused.In the end, he did not refuse.After half an hour, Wu Yan sent the cooked porridge to Lu Feng.During this period, Lu Feng was sitting on the sofa watching TV, but he kept pressing the remote control and looked very absent -minded.Sir, you are careful.Lu Feng responded, then picked up the spoon and took a slow bite.What is the taste of Mr.?Wu Yan asked Lu Feng to swallow the porridge and said indifferently: The taste of the porridge with Shen Qing was very much like his wife taught me.Wu Yan quickly said: The wife said that in case she had something to do at home, she asked me to cook porridge, so I taught me how to do it.Mrs. said that Mr. you have a bad stomach, you must make it sticky and soft.

The wife also said that Mr. did not like to eat vegetables, but liked to eat broccoli.So every time the vegetable porridge is replaced by broccoli.My wife is really enthusiastic about Mr., and always remember every preference of Mr..

Lu Feng said a lot, I can’t listen.It wasn’t that Wulin lied, or because it was true that it would make me feel that these are shame.The goodness to Lu Feng is what I have done the last regret in my life.Sir, you can pick up his wife back. My wife is really the best person in the world and the best person to you.

Wu Ye couldn’t help saying: Lu Feng seemed to be paused.I thought he would refuse as before, but kept silent at that moment.Lu Feng returned to the room and lay on the bed after eating porridge.From his face, the stomach should have relieved a lot.The sound of his mobile phone information kept constantly, and Lin Wanwan came over.I’m not good at A Feng, I don’t notice your physical condition.Are you better now?Do you want to go to the hospital? I will accompany you.Afeng.I don’t know you have stomach problems.I used to think that Shen Qing would take care of you very well.A Feng, are you angry?Why don’t you reply to my information.I was afraid that after reading the information, I suddenly got up from the bed and then left the room quickly.I couldn’t stop looking at her anxious appearance.How can I have deceived himself and feel that Lu Feng is just a care between Lin Wanwan.Because Lin Wanwan had no friends, her parents were indifferent to her Lu Feng just flooding her compassion.It seems that I am really a joke.

I watched her crazy to find Lin Wanwan, how could a person make that person a little grievance?I thought about how to comfort her when Lu Feng saw Boss Lin?Maybe the emotions are in place. Two people are really together.In the past six months, they have really nothing substantially happening. It is probably that they are afraid that derailment in marriage will not have a good impact on boss Lin’s people’s livelihood, so they adhere to the bottom line.I watched Lu Feng parked the car and rushed into the elevator and pressed the floor. She walked to the door and pressed the doorbell door and opened it.I was startled, because the person who opened the door was also at this moment.I noticed that this is not Lin Wanwan’s family. This is my sister’s home.

My sister closed the door without saying a word when she saw Lu Feng.Lu Feng’s eyes pulled the door of the room quickly, and the hand was clamped by my sister’s door.Lu Feng endured the pain.My sister endured coldly: What are you doing here?I won’t welcome you here, I will come to Shen Qing.Lu Feng was a little dull and depressed because of pain.Isn’t it clear that I said on the phone?Shen Qing died.You really want to find her and die, and you can see her when you die.

My sister said fiercely: Enough 172, the things between our husband and wife are not rolling, but Lu Feng’s embarrassment of my sister still does not believe that I am dead, then what do you come to me to do, you roll me for me.ah.Fortunately, what husband and wife, have you fulfilled your husband’s responsibility?You hurry up and walk away.I’m disgusting.You Lu Feng is not a very good person.We had quarreled before, and I suffered from her cold violence. At this moment, my sister was abused like this. Even if it was annoyed, I was just stuffy.I called the police!My sister threatened me wrong.Lu Feng suddenly said, and I was shocked, and my sister was shocked.When did Lu Feng feel that he missed it for so many years, even if I cried.She also felt that I was making trouble unreasonably.You let me see Shen Qing talk well with her, and Lu Fengxin took a long time.

My sister laughed.At that moment, my eyes were red. After all, did I die with ghosts?My sister said that Lu Feng, do you think you are worthy of Shen Qing in the past few years?My conscience was worthy of saying that Lu Fengyi said without hesitation: You and Lin Wanwan are so entangled and have a well -deserved concern.My sister couldn’t control the emotional out of control.Lin Wanwan and I were clear and innocent.What is called Qingqing and Pure?Do you really want to sleep on a bed, so do n’t you call it clear?

My sister roared landing.When Shen Qing is sick, you accompany Lin Wanwan and tease Lin Wanwan: Han Wen Nuan.When Shen Qing celebrated her birthday, Lin Wanwan went to find her with a phone call.When Shen Qing is pregnant, you choose to give Lin Wanwan’s birthday.Shen Qing is jealous because Lin Wanwan is still blame her not to be extremely honest enough.The more my sister said, the more she collapsed.Do you really think you are a qualified husband?How are you embarrassed?You have a well -deserved questioning of Shen Qing, and Lu Feng has not explained it.My sister said excitedly again: Don’t forget that you have nothing at first, Shen Qing accompanies you through the darkest life instead of Lin Wanwan.In the end, what did you give Shen Qing give Lin Wanwan again?I am afraid.When did Lu Feng feel that he missed me even if he was crying.She also felt that I was making trouble unreasonably.You let me see Shen Qing, and I talked with her.Lu Feng said with energy.Talking about my sister’s ridiculous.At that moment, my eyes were red. After all, did I die with ghosts?

Wang Wan and I were innocent.What is called Qingqing and innocence. Do you really want to sleep on a bed?I have a clear conscience, so you ask me to ask me to ask me to warm.You and Lin Wanwan are so entangled and have a clear conscience.My sister couldn’t control the emotional out of control.Lin Wanwan and I were clear and innocent.What is called Qingqing and innocence.What is called Qingqing and Pure?After drinking and drinking, after drinking and drinking, you ask me Lin Wanwan’s family to live, and you go to her.On the birthday of Shen Qing’s birthday, Lin Wanwan went to Lin Wanwan on her birthday and went to Shen Qing to Shen Qing to give Shen Qing a home. My sister laughed even more ironically.Which family widowed home?A husband who accompanied other women at all times is more terrible than the widow.Are you talking enough?Lu Feng was so angry that I promised that Shen Qing did accompany me through difficulties, but Lin Wanwan was not thin at me.When I was the worst money, Lin Wanwan sold a car and sold a house, filling me the loopholes.Am I grateful to her wrong?What did you say?

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