"12 weeks of pregnancy, my husband suddenly picked up divorce": Woman, must stay away from these three kinds of people

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Entering a marriage is because of love, and the end of a marriage is also because of love.Because only love yourself can you love others better.

A post titled "12 weeks of pregnancy, how to choose a better husband, how to choose better", attracted more than 1.7 million people to watch, and more than a thousand people left their comments.

The woman who posted was 32 years old. She lived with her husband for 10 years and married for 2 years. She is currently pregnant for 12 weeks. She has no job after pregnancy. She has no family support, but has a threat of divorce from her husband.

What is even more stuffy is that the former lover seemed to be thoughtful and gave his wife three options. In fact, it was just to block all the retreat of the wife.

And these three options have no exception to indicate:

Whether there is this child (preferably not, although the child is not an accident), you must leave.

At the moment when a woman should have longing for children and future family life, the divorce and careful countermeasures proposed by the husband’s sudden proposal were undoubtedly giving his wife a good stick.

Under the post, some comments have attracted a lot of praise:

"Ten donkeys who have changed their heart can’t pull back, not to mention the man is so urgent, so the probability of this marriage is to leave."

If you are not in the case of people, you have to make a decision, and delays and retention are actually meaningless.

Sadly, the woman in the post, after knowing each other for twelve years, saw a man clearly.

Marriage is a gambling.

Gambling is winning, marrying the right person is rebirth; gambling lost, marriage to the wrong person is suffering.

Rather than entering a marriage with a gambling mentality, it is better to polish your eyes before getting married.Don’t wait until the rest of your life before you find that you will not be entrusted.

Dare to give a promise man, even if you

In the recent issue of "Love of Love", a pair of lover of marriage came.

This pair of lover has been together for more than half a year. Every time the girl gets married, she endlessly.

Standing on the stage, the girl asked several times: "When will you marry me?"

Girls are aggressive, but they are just a promise to get her boyfriend.

But the boy did not respond positively, but just said: I love you, but the recent work is not stable, and the economic conditions are not allowed. I want to precipitate …

At this time, the judge Tu Lei spoke:

"Those who say that my material conditions have not been achieved. I hope to get the recognition of the family. I hope that it is stronger than your ex -boyfriend. I hope to have better material conditions to marry you again.

That’s all guise, so you don’t really want to marry her."

Think of a classic line in the TV series "My First Half Life":

Men don’t want to get married, they just want to marry you, and don’t want to marry you.Others are excuses.

Maybe a promise does not mean anything, but even a promise dare not give it, what reason believes that he will give you happiness?

The famous psychologist Robert Settenberg has proposed "the theory of love": intimacy, passion, and commitment.

Promise is the decision of one person who loves another, and it is also the guarantee of maintaining this love.

At the moment of making a commitment, there will be a positive force to maintain this relationship. There will be a desire to restrain the indulgence, and it will have a promising belief in the uncertain future.

A person who truly loves you will want to have a warm home with you. Even if you can’t marry you now, you will make a weight promise to make you feel at ease.

The poor man, stay away early

Some time ago, I saw a meaningful news.

A netizen in Yiwu showed a chat record, saying that her boyfriend wanted to help himself to repay the car, and 1,000 per month.

The reason is that my boyfriend should deposit more money as a wedding fund.The car was used by two people, and he came to get off work every day to pick her up.So let a girlfriend with a monthly salary of 4,000 yuan take out 1,000 yuan per month.

At first glance, it seems very reasonable.

But what’s not good to say, the man seems to bear most of the costs. What if he is separated?

The car is still a boyfriend. The girl has nothing. She made a wedding dress for later people.

No wonder some people say that sometimes men in love are more smart than women.

But after being savvy, a little hurt.

Poor men and women are not terrible. The most afraid of is poor.

The poverty alleviation love and marriage only have no restrictions. Once you ask for failure, you will also blame you.

A girl posted a Weibo saying that she was going to marry her boyfriend who had been talking about for 3 years. I originally discussed that the two parties had to buy a wedding room together.

But before marriage, the man’s family quietly bought the house in the name of the man’s single person, so that the woman was responsible for renovation and home appliances.

To say that you can buy a house together, but as a result, the house becomes a personal property before marriage, and the mortgage has to be carried together.

Lawyer, a big Weibo V, reposted Weibo and commented: "Girl, you are going to poverty alleviation."

In a word, the pan was exploded instantly.

The poor heart is the poverty of the bone marrow.

The poor man, don’t expect him to give you a better life. He is staring at the interests in front of him and his own interests.

The best way to meet such people is to stay away.

Men who have no opinion, can’t afford marriage

In the second season of "My Boy", which was broadcast some time ago, Yu Xiaotong and Chen Xiaoyi became the object of attention to everyone. However, the relationship between them was not optimistic about by many netizens.

In the show, Yu’s mother was very strong, and the show said the requirements for her son’s marriage at the beginning.

"Yu Xiaotong must until 35 to get married."

Yu’s mother said frankly that Yu Xiaotong was a bit early to fall in love, so that Yu Xiaotong would get married later.In love, she can’t control it, but when she gets married, she must control it.

After the girlfriend standing aside heard her mother’s words, she looked at Yu Xiaotong helplessly. Seeing that he had no intention of resistance, he couldn’t help but say, let’s scatter it.

Chen Xiaoyi is 5 years older than Xiaotong. If the man is 35 years old, Chen Xiaocao is 40 years old.How do you wait for a woman?

Yu Xiaotong in life has always obeyed her mother. Almost everything discussed with her mother, and her mother was taken care of by her mother.

He said in the interview: "I particularly understand my mother, because I have always been a child who has been in my mother’s heart. I estimate that I think so 35 or 40 years old."

In psychology, three characteristics were listed to Mom Baonan:

"My mother is always right", "Mom’s heart forever", "I and my mother are one."

But girls, you are not married alone, but a family.

If the boy has no opinion and responsibility in the marriage life, the other parents’ parents invade the life of the young couple too much, and many troubles with the dispute with mother -in -law and mother -in -law are inevitable.

Stay away from Mom Bao, because such a man can’t afford a marriage.

"Life is not easy, you have to learn to stop loss":

Life is not easy, why not learn to stop loss in time?

As long as you downs the sand that torture your mind, then you will be quiet and bright, your life will be full of hope, and life will regain happiness

In the marriage, if you hit your head all the way, you can pay back to the knife that wounds your knife, then the marriage should enter the stop loss process.

Married to the wrong person like a pair of shoes.Rather than dragging the bloody feet, it is painful, and if you don’t want to take off your shoes, how far is throwing.

It is often said that marriage is the second life of a woman.

None of us can choose our first birth, but we can decide the second life.

In fact, every woman who is born after the robbery will live wider.

It was the turn after the non -entrusted person, and that was the growth after the sadness, and it was a victory after confrontation with yourself again and again.

May every woman understand as soon as possible:

Entering a marriage is because of love, and the end of a marriage is also because of love.Because only love yourself can you love others better.

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