"21 Days before Marriage" exposed He Wenna’s flash of marriage, pregnancy sucking second -hand smoke, mother -in -law is too strong

Recently, a star couple reality show "21 Days before Marriage" made everyone watch the mixed flavors. In the latest episode of the show, the details of He Wenna and her husband have also been widely discussed by netizens.

He Wenna and Liang Chao were couples formed by flash marriage, which means that before they got married, the two did not fully understand each other.Therefore, after marriage, the contradiction between the two people is increasing.In the recent show, the problem of Liang Chao’s smoking in the room caused a contradiction.

It can be seen from the show that Liang Chao publicly smokes in the living room. You must know that He Wenna is currently pregnant. Liang Chao smoke will inevitably affect the baby’s development. He can see that He Wenna’s expression of Liang Chao after smoking smoke is very bad.

Later, He Wenna complained to Liang Chao, saying that she had smelled the smell of smoke, and the second -hand smoke was not good for pregnant women. Let Liang Chao not suck. Then because the smell of smoke was too strong, Liang Chao had to take out the flower dew to eliminate the smoke to eliminate the smoke.taste.

However, in the interview, Liang Chao obviously expressed dissatisfaction with He Wenna’s approach, saying that He Wenna was too capable, and it was a trivial matter, but she insisted on making it big, just like Tang Seng.And bluntly that her dog didn’t smell it, but He Wenna smelled.It can be seen that there are still a lot of life between the two people.

And this is not the first time that netizens have complained that He Wenna’s flash marriage is very pitiful. In the previous show, she was preparing for the wedding. He Wenna was repeatedly spit out by her husband.When He Wenna was in a place of marriage, she thought that Liang Chao would agree to her wedding there. I did not expect Liang Chao to directly call He Wenna’s wedding planning too creative, and it seemed too rustic.

At that time, He Wenna’s expression was very uncomfortable, and netizens also said that Liang Chao did not understand the woman’s mind, and at the time He Wenna was still in pregnancy. Because of the preparation of the wedding, He Wenna also burst into grievances and cried.

Another time, He Wenna accidentally twisted her waist when she was pregnant. At that time, she hinted to Liang Chao several times in a row, but Liang Chao sitting on the sofa did not notice He Wenna, still watchingTV, which made He Wenna particularly unhappy at the time, Liang Chao was obviously not so detailed about He Wenna.

And if these are small frictions between the small couple, then the insertion of Liang Chao’s mother makes He Wenna look particularly pitiful.He Wenna’s mother -in -law is also a strong person. When He Wenna was pregnant, she cooks for He Wenna, but He Wenna may not be able to eat the meat made by her mother -in -law, and bluntly said that she could not eat so much.

However, her mother -in -law still did not follow, so He Wenna insisted on eating it. Then He Wenna ran out to the toilet and spit out because she ate too much. Netizens said directly that Liang Chao’s daughter -in -law was too difficult.

At another time He Wenna was told that the fetus might be small, and she cried blame at the time, but after learning the news, her mother -in -law not only comforted He Wenna, but her face was particularly ugly.Liang Chao directly let him not put too much pressure on He Wenna.Obviously in this family, the relationship between He Wenna and her mother -in -law is not particularly good.

Compared with the relationship between He Wenna and Liang Chao’s husband and wife, another pair of Fu Shier and her husband looked particularly sweet.Although she has been married for 10 years, the two people are still loving each other. When she learned that Fu Shier wanted to travel, her husband directly put her P on many famous attractions, saying that she had taken her around the world.Although this approach looks very funny, it all reveals the sweet love between the two.

It is said that marriage is a major event for women, and choosing to get married must be cautious.From the "21 Days before Marriage", although the invitations are all star couples, they can also present various problems that ordinary couples can occur. If there is a problemIn late, the relationship will slowly break.

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