"Aunt" is too messy, can you still get pregnant?

Clinically, we often encounter such patients. We do n’t come for a few months, and we do n’t even need to get the medicine. Some patients do n’t leave the menstruation and cannot stop!Such patients are distressed and have no criterion, and the other is that they are worried that they cannot get pregnant and they can’t give birth!

Will "Aunt" affect having children?Can such patients still have children?

In fact, in clinical practice, there are many such patients. We can tell everyone certain that most of them can get pregnant.Most of the patients may only need a little help from a doctor, and a small number of patients may be more complicated!

The aunt is chaotic, clinically, we call menstruation disorders or menstrual disorders. Most of them are caused by endocrine factors, and a small number of patients are caused by organic lesions. For example, some patients with uterine fibroids, endometrium polypsIt is also endless menstruation caused by scar diverticulum formed after cesarean section. Such patients need surgical treatment to relieve. Generally, there are no other problems after surgery.

For those patients who do not come for a long time or have a long menstrual cycle, if the organic changes in uterus and cervix are excluded, we should consider the most polycystic ovary, and the polycystic ovary is a more common one for women in the childbearing age period.The main manifestations of endocrine diseases are menstrual disorders and ovarian polyspy changes. Some patients will be combined with clinical signs of antiaroxia hemophilia or histuria.

In addition, many patients with polycystic ovaries have a lot of ovulation disorders, and some even have insulin resistance and hyperglycemia. If there is insulin resistance or abnormal blood sugar, you need to go to the Department of Endocrinology to solve these problems.After the resistance, the reproductive doctor can properly use some ovulation -promoting drugs to solve the problem of ovulation. Patients with polycystic ovary solve the problem of ovulation and can get pregnant smoothly. Those who cannot get pregnant can consider artificial insemination or test tube baby!

Therefore, "Aunt" will affect pregnancy, but we have a way. "Aunt" is chaotic, we are not afraid!

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