"Battle" three -child pregnant women have a high incidence of age production rates, a lot

"Fighting" maternal maternals

Guangzhou Medical Third Hospital of Guangzhou Severe Maternal Maternal Cure Center: The proportion of third -child pregnancy accounts for less than 10% of the incidence of production.

Three tires are in progress

With the release of the national three -child policy, many older mothers also have the plan to "fight" three babies.However, for these pregnant women, this process is not easy, and many pregnant mothers even have to produce through caesarean section for the third time.

In order to give birth to a third child, what kind of twists and turns these mothers have these mothers?A reporter from all media reports conducted an investigation and interview recently.Professor Chen Dunjin, Director of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University/Director of the Institute of Guangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology, told reporters that of course it is best to be born before the age of 35. Three -child birth should be fully pregnant.

Hospital: The increase in the incidence of old age production is "willing to spend time with children" is a common prerequisite

Chen Dunjin is the director of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University/Director of the Institute of Guangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology and Director of the Creative Maternal Maternal Care Center of Guangzhou Medical University.He has been engaged in obstetrics and obstetrics for more than 30 years, and he is currently engaged in first aid, severe management and related technological research and development of severe maternal maternal women.

Just a few months ago, a 52 -year -old pregnant woman was successfully produced by Chen Dunjin’s conditioning treatment.He said that judging from the case of having a third child in the past, the group and economic conditions of the three babies were not necessarily positive."It is not to say that the better the economic conditions, the stronger the willingness to give birth to a third child. Those groups that have three babies have a common feature, that is, they have a strong willingness to fertility, and they are willing to spend time to accompany their children to work and live for themselves to work and live.The impact is not so concerned. "

Taking his department as an example, the proportion of third -child pregnancy accounts for less than 10%.Although the proportion of pregnancy over 40 years of age is not high, compared with the past, the incidence of (older production) is still much higher, as the age of pregnant women’s production age increases, the incidence of fetal malformations will also increase.

Chen Dunjin introduced that there are several main cases of old age production, one is a planned old age; the other is a planned old pregnancy, such as the problem of infertility problems, and a woman who has been working hard for many years; there is another part ofOld age chooses, such as many women are now married late, and they are already old women when they are born.

Mother -old third -born mother: I still choose to give birth, "I like children and my husband and I like children"

On December 21, 2021, a 30 -year -old Zhang Zijuan (a pseudonym) gave birth to a baby boy in the Third Hospital of Guangyi. She was also diagnosed by Chen Dunjin."The three -child policy is a national policy. Of course, I must support it. My husband and I like children." Zhang Zijuan said.

When the reporter interviewed Zhang Zijuan, her body was a bit weak.She said that compared to the first two children, the various pregnancy reactions were much larger when preparing for three pregnancy. Every time she was struggling, she did not want to eat all day; and sleeping at night was very torment for herIt is often dawn in the process of constantly turning over and changing sleeping positions.

Because there was too much bleeding before production, Zhang Zijuan said that the production of three -child production was really risky for himself.During the production, the doctor asked her if she had given birth, and she chose the delivery firmly.

Zhang Zijuan had 3 children in 6 years. For 6 years, she has been bringing children at home for almost 6 years. This is not easy for her who was used to working hard in the workplace. Until September last year, the boss went to the first grade of elementary school. Zhang Zijuan’s mission’s taskIt’s slightly easier.

In Zhang Zijuan’s view, his family conditions can only be regarded as medium."Many things do not say that the conditions are completely available. If you think too much, it may not be possible." She said with a smile. Before giving birth to a three -child, the mother kept giving her to her: "The three children are born, but it is not to addDouble chopsticks eat together. "

Zhang Zijuan also frankly said that before giving birth to a third child, he did not consider how much burden will the child bring after birth, because she feels that adults do not have to provide a good environment for children to grow."I can eat full meal, not hungry, and my parents are with my side. I think it is good." So before giving birth to a third child, Zhang Zijuan had no concern.

Substantial third child: The first two babies were cesarean section but still decided to "fight"

Among the many mothers who are preparing for three babies, 32 -year -old Mei Ling is a more representative category -she respects the traditional concept of "multi -child and blessing".Transfer to the department of Chen Dunjin from the outer hospital.

Meiling told reporters that except for the elders in the family, there were not many friends around her.Meiling added some pregnant mothers. In these discussion groups, although there were pressure from their family members, some mothers said they would not continue to give birth.Knowing that Meiling was pregnant with her third child, many people admired her.

In 2015, Meiling married her husband and gave birth to her daughter in the same year. In 2017, Meiling gave birth to a second child and was a son.

Meiling frankly said that because she was a caesarean section when she was born, and the third pregnancy was dangerous if she was pregnant on the uterus scar.The doctor told her that once this happened, she needed to stop pregnancy immediately.So from the moment she was admitted to the hospital, Chen Dunjin paid close attention to her symptoms."Once the water is broken for 15 weeks, the fetus is difficult to keep." Chen Dunjin said.

Meiling told reporters that she still decided to fight."The doctor told me after watching my previous two pregnancy records that because the fetal position was not positive when the baby was born in the first two times, it was only possible to have a caesarean section, so my third tire cesarean section was more likely.","

According to Chen Dunjin, in general, the more often the caesarean section, the higher the risk of surgery.Therefore, for pregnant women like Meiling, care must be strengthened.

The old three -child mother: Dabao Erbao was 46 years old and she decided to have a third child

In addition to three women like Meiling and Zhang Zijuan, Chen Dunjin also often exposes some cases of three -year -old pregnancy.

Liu Mei was 47 years old. Last year, she gave birth to a son through a cesarean section. This is also her third child.Her eldest daughter has been in college last September, and her younger son has also been in junior high school.

Liu Mei’s family conditions are good. Her husband is doing business. Before that, because the three -child policy did not let go, Liu Mei had never given birth to a third child. Now, her eldest daughter has been in college and her younger son has lived in school."From the moment my son lived in school, I suddenly felt that the burden on my shoulders was unloaded. And the policy was liberalized, so I decided to have a third child."

Liu Mei said that he was fully prepared before preparing for the third child."Now I have enough time to accompany the child. And with the experience of bringing the first two children in front, I believe that when we bring Sambo, I will be more calm.Take a detour. "

Liu Mei’s husband was in his 50s, and the couple started pregnancy after learning that they could have a third child.Because she had experienced a caesarean section before, Liu Mei’s pregnancy was very detailed.She specifically invited Chinese medicine to regulate her body, and her husband also abstained the wine and exercised every day under the supervision of Liu Mei.

The doctor told Liu Mei that because it is an elderly mother, it will increase the possibility of the baby’s congenital defects and the possibility of unable to survive, so you must be careful when preparing for three babies.

At the moment she learned that she was pregnant again, Liu Mei was mixed in her heart.But when she told the two children, they were very happy.This time, her pregnancy examination was very dense. Every time she was very nervous before the doctor’s notification results, Liu Mei kept her feelings happily.In the end, she produced her son at 38 weeks.

Liu Mei told reporters that because she had three old -fashioned births, she had made the worst plan at the time.Among the people she knew, she was more than one more than one of her 45 -year -old, but she was the first to be implemented."After I successfully produced, some of my girlfriends said they would have to give birth."

Three -child mother’s voice: I hope to increase the number of holiday days with spouse

For many third -born mothers, although they are risky, they think of children who are about to be born, and they instantly become strong.For them, it is even more hoped that the state can further improve the relevant policies of encouraging three -child childbearing.

During the time of the quasi -three -child mother Meiling, her mother was busy.In addition to giving a 6 -year -old granddaughter to school every day, the elderly also take care of the 4 -year -old grandson to the kindergarten. Once they encounter a child with a cold and fever, they will inevitably be busy.

For the children’s father, the three children are also "sweet burdens."The parenting expenses of Meiling’s couples increasingly increased, and the burden fell on her husband’s shoulders."There is no way. After the birth of Sanbao, it is even bigger, but now it can save it."

Meiling admits that with the arrival of the three children, the burden of the whole family is much more heavy. She hopes that the country can have more support in the three -child supporting policy, such as increasing the number of holiday days; as a third -born mother, Zhang Zijuan also has the same as Meiling as Meiling as Meiling.Hope.Originally, she planned to return to the workplace after Erbao Kindergarten, but as the three children were born, the idea had to be temporarily put on hold.In her opinion, it is worth making such a sacrifice for the three children.

In addition, Zhang Zijuan said that if the state can give the spouse more paid to accompany maternity leave."The husband can also play a great role in the process of bringing the baby. When the child establishes a close relationship with his father when he was a child, it is good for his growth."

Expert suggestions: It is best to make a good strategy before the age of 35

Although she has been in contact with many mothers of "fighting" three -child, Chen Dunjin said that it is a good choice in a suitable age pregnancy."Before 35 years old, three babies are the best. Born every 2 to 3 years is a better rhythm."

He told reporters that the probability of the occurrence of fetal malformations after the age of pregnancy was already high, and the probability of accidents such as premature birth and intrauterine distress during production would also be much higher."It is recommended that the elderly mother first find the hospital to understand before pregnancy and make a good strategy. It is necessary to adjust the body to a state suitable for pregnancy to prevent some serious complications."

Last year, Chen Dunjin was diagnosed with a pregnant woman with a hypertension with pulmonary arteries. "If there is a pulmonary hypertension, pregnancy will cause the cardiopulmonary burden, which is harmful to pregnant women and fetuses. There are also some pregnancy and genetic diseases, which is not suitable for pregnancy."Chen Dunjin said that the country has issued a three -child policy, which is in line with the physical conditions of the three -child physical condition. It is a good thing to actively prepare for pregnancy under the country’s encouragement of fertility policies.(Xiao Huanhuan, a reporter from Guangzhou Daily All Media)

Source: Guangzhou Daily

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