"Caiwen Network" stole unknown liquid, causing three people to poison and die!Official report!Women are invaded by university teachers?School response!

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Macro dynamics

Li Yunze is the secretary of the Party Committee of the State Administration of Finance and Administration

According to the CBRC, the State Administration of Finance and Administration held a meeting of leading cadres on the afternoon of May 10.Relevant responsible comrades of the Central Organization Department announced the central decision: Comrade Li Yunze was the secretary of the Party Committee of the State Administration of Finance and Administration.

According to the public resume data, Li Yunze was born in September 1970. He is now 52 years old. He is from Yantai, Shandong. He graduated from the National Economics of the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.He has many years of work experience in state -owned banks. He has worked in CCB for 23 years and has worked in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China for 2 years.

Director of the Banking Regulatory Bureau of many places went to Beijing to meet

The 21st Century Economic Herald reporter learned from the director of several CBRC on the 10th that they rushed to Beijing from all over the morning to participate in the relevant meetings held in the afternoon.At noon on the 10th, the reporter saw at the south gate of the CBRC that more people took photos with the "Bank of China Insurance Supervision and Administration Commission" in front of the CBRC.

Is the balance of social security personal accounts less?Shenzhen official response

The Shenzhen Municipal Social Insurance Fund Management Bureau today issued a explanation of the inquiry of Shenzhen Enterprise Employee Pension Insurance Accounts. On May 8, after the Shenzhen Social Insurance Information System switched to the Guangdong centralized system, some netizens found that "GuangdongThe amount of enterprise employee pension insurance account querying by the public service channels such as Guangdong Province is not consistent with the personal account amount found in Shenzhen public service channels such as "i Shenzhen".The actual amount of the insurance personal account has not decreased, and the personal rights and interests of social security are not affected; the reason for the difference in display amount is that the public service channels in Guangdong Province are different from the display rules of the public service of enterprise employee pension insurance.The display content of the Shenzhen public service channels is the principal of the personal account and the interest that the unit payment is included in the personal account of the elderly insurance.Guangdong Province’s public service channels are adjusting and improving the above -mentioned information display rules in Shenzhen, which will be launched in the near future to ensure that the insured service experience will not decline.

Li Xiaopeng is the secretary of the party group of the Ministry of Transportation

According to the Ministry of Transport, on May 10, the relevant responsible comrades of the Central Organization Department attended the meeting of the leading cadres of the Ministry of Transport and announced that the central government decided: Comrade Yang Chuantang no longer served as the party secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, and Comrade Li Xiaopeng was appointed as the party secretary of the Ministry of Transport.

Fujian Ningde comprehensively relaxed purchase restrictions: buying commercial housing in the central urban area is not limited by household registration and units

The Ningde Housing, Urban -Rural Development Bureau and other departments jointly issued the "Several Opinions on Further Promoting the Stable and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Market in the Central Urban Area" on May 8th to support rigid and improving housing demand and further boost market confidence.In order to cultivate new demands in the market, the Opinions clearly comprehensively relax the purchase restriction policy of commercial housing, and purchase commercial housing in the central urban area of Ningde City is not limited by household registration and units.

Xiamen’s first soil auction has soared this year, and 88 real estate companies shake a land.

Xiamen ushered in the first soil auction in 2023 today, and a total of three homes were transferred.It is worth mentioning that the two plots on Xiamen Island have attracted dozens of real estate companies including China Sea, Poly, China Merchants, Jinmao, Jianfa, China Resources and other dozens of real estate companies.There are as many as 88 subjects, and the number of registered main entities in sports parks is 34. The number of housing companies participating in the auction has reached a new high in Xiamen land in recent years.In the end, Hangzhou Yunchuan won the Wuyuan Bay plot at a price of 2.475 billion yuan, and the investment in the Sports Park for investment for 6.37 billion yuan.A total of about 10.1 billion yuan in the second soil auction.

Nanjing’s second batch of concentrated on land supply in 2023: 10 land attracts about 15 billion yuan

The second batch of Nanjing 2023 concentrated supply on May 10th.In this time, Nanjing’s total of 10 plots, with a total of 353,000 square meters, 9 of which are commercial and residential land and 1 resettlement land.From the perspective of popular land registration, there are 20 real estate companies in Baijiahu plot register for the shooting, and 15 real estate companies have registered for the shooting.In the end, all 10 plots were sold, and about 15 billion yuan were attracted, of which 3 were touched, 2 premiums, and 5 were sold at a reserve price.

Stealing unknown liquid, 3 people died poisoning

According to the news of the Weibo of Xiaoyi, the News Office of the People’s Government of Xiaoyi City reported that on the morning of May 10th, a preliminary judgment occurred at 2 kilometers of the Hushui Line (County Road) in Xiaoyi City.For criminal cases, the police have officially filed a case for investigation. Two key suspects were controlled, and the case was under further investigation.

The woman said that she had been invaded by her teacher to get pregnant, and Zhengzhou University responded!

Recently, some netizens broke the news that they had been taken two and a half years ago by a teacher PUA, a teacher of Zhengzhou University 11 years ago, and was brought to the hospital after being pregnant.

On May 10, Zhengzhou University’s official website issued a briefing that on the evening of May 9, the information about Wang Moumou from the Marxist Academy on the Internet appeared on the Internet.The school attaches great importance to the establishment of a working group for investigation as soon as possible, and will be handled according to law according to law and discipline according to law.During the survey, all the teaching activities of Wang Moumou will be suspended.The school always attaches great importance to the construction of teachers and morality, and has zero tolerance for the loss of morality. It is welcome to supervise the moral style of our school’s teacher.

The total liability of the Japanese government is over 127.0 trillion yen, a record high

According to the Kyodo News Agency on the 10th, statistical data released by the Ministry of Finance of Japan on the same day showed that as of the end of March 2023, the total amount of debt of the Japanese central government’s government bonds, government loans, and government short -term securities reached 1270499 billion yen, a record high.

Trump was ruled to be sexually assaulted and compensated female writers $ 5 million

According to the BBC report, a jury of the Manhattan Federal Court ruled that former US President Trump sexually abused a magazine columnist Carol in a department store in New York in the 1990s and had to compensate him for $ 5 million.It is reported that the jury ruled that Trump was responsible for Corol’s sexual abuse and slander, but they did not rule that Trump was responsible for rape.Trump slandered Carol in the post published in October 2022, and he said in the post that her allegations were "scams."

For sexual abuse, the jury was sentenced to $ 2 million to Corol, and a punitive compensation of 20,000 US dollars.For slander, the jurors sentenced to Trump’s October’s post to compensate $ 1 million, and then sentenced $ 1.7 million and $ 280,000 for the reputation of Corol’s reputation.This is the first time that President of the United States has been convicted for sexual assault.

In this regard, Trump posted that the jury’s ruling was "a downright shame" and said that this was "the continuation of the biggest political persecution in history."He also said he didn’t know who Corol was.

The Ministry of Land and Transport of Korea requires 5 car companies to recall more than 220,000 cars

The Ministry of Land and Transport of Korea announced on the 10th that due to the founding of manufacturing defects, 16 models of 5 brands made or imported or sold in South Korea, such as Asia, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz-Benz, in South Koreameasure.

Financial Institutions

The small loan industry slims down and improves quality, and has reduced 2670 in 5 years

According to the Shanghai Securities Journal, it is understood that at present, the small loan industry is facing two major situations: one is the "shrinking" of the number of companies in the industry; the other is that the Internet leader continues to integrate its small loan licenses.Throughout the country, the number of small loan companies and the number of employees in recent years have been declining.According to data from the central bank, as of the end of March 2023, a total of 5,801 small loan companies nationwide were "shrunk" from 8,471 at the end of March 2018, reducing 2670.Insiders believe that the current regulation is stricter and the industry is differentiated. The small loan companies must survive in fierce competition. It urgently needs to strengthen the company’s internal management and risk management, "fine cultivation" to expand business, and establish a long -lasting profitability and business model.

market data

The GEM refers to the bottom up of 0.73%, and the concept stock of new energy vehicles has risen to rise.

As of today’s close, the Shanghai Index fell 1.15%, the Shenzhen Index rose 0.14%, and the GEM index rose 0.73%.The broader market fluctuated and differentiated, and the Shanghai Index continued to adjust by more than 1%.On the disk, the track stocks rebounded collectively, the new energy vehicle industry chain rose, and nearly 20 stocks such as Tonghe Technology, Kailong Hi -Tech, Zhongtong Bus, Berteley, and Yaxing Cars rose.The concepts of composite integrated fluid rose, Dongwei Technology’s 20CM daily limit, British Federation and Pao Ming technology daily limit.The trend of AI concept stocks has been differentiated, China ’s high -department, vision China, and China publish daily limit, and the daily limit of Yinhai and rebate technology.In terms of decline, the large financial and Chinese -character stocks have been adjusted collectively. China Galaxy and Qingang have fallen in a limit, and CITIC Bank fell more than 7%.

Overall stocks rose more, and over 2,900 stocks in the two cities rose.The Shanghai and Shenzhen cities today’s turnover was 1020.1 billion, a shrinkage of 2017 million compared with the previous trading day.In terms of sectors, the vehicle, composite fluids, integrated die casting, charging piles and other sectors have risen, and banks, securities, ports, oil and gas and other sectors have fallen.

The financing balance of the two cities increased by 1.447 billion yuan

As of May 9th, the financing balance of the Shanghai Stock Exchange was reported at 800.17 billion yuan, an increase of 1.797 billion yuan from the previous trading day;1.447 billion yuan from the previous trading day.

Today, the battery -level lithium carbonate rose 4,000 yuan/ton, and the average price was reported at 216,500 yuan/ton

According to Shanghai Steel ’s joint data, today’ s battery -grade lithium carbonate rose 4,000 yuan/ton, the average price was reported at 216,500 yuan/ton, industrial -grade lithium carbonate rose 4,500 yuan/ton, and the average price was reported at 187,500 yuan/ton; nickel beans fell down;3100 yuan/ton.

Corporate dynamics

Taobao Tmall Group architecture adjustment is completed

At today’s Taobao Tmall 618, a reporter from the Caizhong News Agency was informed that this round of architecture of Taobao Tmall was completed.Different from the rumors of the three "industry development departments" before, according to the CEO of Taitian Group, the Taobao Tmall Group is divided into "SME Development Center", "Brand Business Development Center" and "Supermarket Business Development Center", Wang Hai, Liu Peng, and Liu Yiman are president.At the same time, Liu Bo served as the mother of Tao Tian Group Ali and the president of the market public relations, and Han Wenfei served as the general manager of the marketing department of Taitian Group.

Changan Auto: In April, the sales of new energy of independent brands increased by 111.77% year -on -year

Changan Automobile announced that in April, Changan Automobile’s sales were 18,1980, a year-on-year increase of 57.23%; from January to April, Changan Automobile’s sales were 789,788 units, an increase of 2.94%year-on-year.The new energy of independent brands in April was 22496 units, an increase of 111.77%year-on-year; the cumulative sales volume from January to April was 107,035 units, an increase of 102.08%year-on-year.

Gree: Meng Yuchong has left, and the personnel flow is normal

According to Red Star News, Gree Electric was renamed the "Pearl Feather Children’s Selection" in the live broadcast room as "Gree Pearl Selection". It responded that "Meng Yuchong has left and does not work in the company."Normally, thank the outside world for their concern.

Century Huatong Reception Annual Report Inquiry Letter

Century Huatong Announcement received an inquiry letter from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company prepared 5.428 billion yuan in the impairment of the Actozsoft’s gaming business asset group, which did not prepare for impairment of the Actozsoft asset group.The company is required to explain whether the amount of goodwill impairment preparation during the reporting period is prudent and reasonable.The company is required to explain the preparations for impairment of the impairment of business reputation when the net profit declined in 2021. However, in the first three quarters of 2022, the reasons and rationality of the reasons for the preparation of large -scale goodwill impairment in the fourth quarter of the fourth quarterEssenceExplain whether there is an act of using the current market environment to take a large amount of impairment preparation for performance "bathing".The inquiry letter requires the reason why the company’s R & D personnel have been reduced significantly, and whether the company’s production and operation capabilities, R & D capabilities, and core product research and development progress constitute a major adverse effect.It is required that the reasons for the specific composition of the company’s research and development personnel’s salary costs and changes in R & D policy.

Oya Co., Ltd.: Overseas R & D and communities in AIGC products are underway

Oya shares said during an institutional survey that AIGC Fab and Media Lab was established in Los Angeles in Los Angeles in the United States, which aims to optimize and iterate the development of AIGC products and the cultivation of Super Creator.At present, the overseas R & D and community construction of AIGC products is being carried out simultaneously.

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