"CCTV Goddess" Dong Qing: The wealthy dream is broken, where should I go?

The female star’s marrying a giant means that it can be worried about food and clothing in the eyes of the public. However, the giants are not so easy to be. Although there are bright and beautiful on the surface, when the husband has an accident, the female star cannot do it.Being outside.

The wealthy husband of Dong Qing, the former "CCTV Sister", suddenly disappeared for more than three months last year. In addition, the situation of his listed company was revealed, and a rumor was rumored for a while.

Now Mi Chunlei also returns to the public vision, and his company has also announced that he is about to re -control.

What do Michun Lei, a billionaire in Shanghai Beach, lost contact?What happened during the loss of contact?All of this puzzle pointed his finger at Miya’s wife -Dong Qing.

When it comes to Dong Qing, people will think of the intellectual women who gather beauty and talent in "Lang Readers" and "Chinese Poetry Conference". She is as light as chrysanthemums.Like the same painting, it is such a woman who has a promising future. After marrying Miya Lei, everything has changed …

As a sister of CCTV, the most spitting is nothing more than to go to the United States with the public.

In 2014, Dong Qingming was going to the United States to study. In fact, she went to the United States to have children, and her son had American nationality as soon as he landed.Which nationality for children to have is personal freedom, but Dong Qing preached the patriotism while letting his children have American citizenship. How can netizens accept such a dual -standard behavior?

As a result, netizens began to condemn Dong Qing’s hearts, and the child’s father was also picked up. At the age of 25, he founded the well -known entrepreneur of Nanhai Group, Mi Chunlei.

In 2009, the two met at a party. The intellectual beauty of Dong Qing made Miyanglei only glance at a glance, and at a glance, with his pursuit, the two determined their love relationship and often dated sweetly. Who knows who knows?Netizens exploded …

It turned out that when Mi Chunlei and Dong Qing were together, they were still married people, and they already had a pair of twin children. For a while, Dong Qing’s remarks about the marriage of others’ marriage.

In 2013, Mi Chunlei divorced his wife and entered the marriage hall with Dong Qing in 2014. During the pregnancy of Dong Qing, in order to allow her to have a better living environment, Mi Chunlei scolded huge sums of money to buy Dong Qing in the United States.A mansion.

At that time, Dong Qing enjoys the kindness of Mi Chunlei for himself, and he couldn’t notice it. The man in front of him would have a huge impact on his career …

On the Internet, Michri was forced to execute 719 million. As the founder of the Blue Sea Group, the first responsible person must be borne by him. With the loss of Di Chunlei, Dong Qing also began to fade out of the public.In the field of vision, the host "Lang Reader" was also suspended. Is it that the couple are ready to run?Everyone talks about it.

In 2017, Dong Qing launched the first program "Lang Reader", which was the producer. Once the show was broadcast, it was well received.Stop, and Michri lost contact in January 2021. Many netizens speculated that it was because of Mi Chunlei that Dong Qing’s career was affected.

Just a while ago, some media broke the recent photos of Dong Qing. The once bright and beautiful on the stage is now vicissitudes, her eyes are godless, and the whole person’s mental state is not very good.What can you find the same glory when you look like a thin bone?

However, Mi Chunlei appeared and was about to return to work, that is, their careers would show signs of rejuvenation. Dong Qing believed that everything would get better and better. In any case, she hoped that she and her husband could get out of this dilemma.””

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