"Chao Shoes Rivers and Lake": Line up with a tent, and the pregnant woman with a big belly waits all night

Source: Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yiyi

"College students’ stir -fried shoes annually" 500,000 yuan "," Boy’s wall, comparable to a house "," Stir -fried shoes earning down payment "… At present, various" fried shoes "topics have attracted much attention among young people.Why are anyone so obsessed with the moisture shoes? How much is the profit margin of the fried shoes? What kind of potential risks are there in fried shoes? Today, the Qilu Evening News · Qilu launched a special report to reveal the "tide shoes rivers and lakes" for you.

At two in the morning on August 30, hundreds of people lined up in front of the Ginza Mall gate on Jiyuan Street, Jinan.In order to pass the long night, some people set up a tent, some brought folding beds, some people simply paved something to sleep on the ground, and some people sat on Maza and brushed their mobile phones.Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yitian reporter Xu Jianli

Many tide shoes enthusiasts did not expect that one day, their favorite will appear on the Internet hot search in this way, and even various "shoe lists" appear, and they can live on the second -hand trading platform.

However, although there is only a word from the tide shoes to "fried shoes", the topic of the shoes has now clearly exceeded the scope of personal hobbies, which means the meaning of commercial speculation and capital speculation."AJ’s wall, a house in the city." Such ridicule also attracted many outsiders to pour the "fried shoe ring" with the wind, which triggered a wave of waves to snap the tide.

The limited sale of the tide shoes trigger the queue at midnight

On Friday, on Friday, for many tide shoes enthusiasts in Jinan, this day is destined to be "calm."At 2 am that day, hundreds of people have been lined up at the entrance of Ginza Mall in Jiyuan Street, Jinan, and have turned several bends.

The reason why they are so "excited" is because of the limited sale information of a tide shoe.At 6 pm on August 29, the WeChat public account of a sports goods store in Jinan Ginza Mall released information, limited to the sale of several sneakers, and issued 300 lottery cards on August 30.The news was quickly spread in Jinan’s "tide shoe ring".

According to the process, 300 signs will be released on the same day.Only by the signing can exchange for the registration card, can they be eligible to participate in the lottery on August 31. This is the second level.However, it should be noted that you can get a card when you line up. You must hold your ID card and credit card of the same name and TopSports members to receive it.

At 11 pm on August 29, Cui Ming (pseudonym) came to Ginza Mall located on Jiyuan Street, Jinan.He is 20 years old and is a student of the junior in Shanshi. This is the first time he has been in love with buying shots.Speaking of "playing shoes", Cui Ming admits that he usually loves to play basketball. He is curious at the beginning of brand -name sneakers. Of course, it is also attracted to the fashionable and handsome of high -end sneakers.

"If there is a demand, there is a market. In the summer of 2016, I was pulled into a QQ basketball group similar to a reward. Many golfers in the group desire to have a good pair of good sneakers. In 2017, under the introduction of a friend, I added it again.A sneaker area exchange group was probably at that time. I started to line up to buy shoes consciously, mainly wearing it myself, and occasionally hanging on the Internet. "Cui Ming said.

If the receiver is testing the perseverance of queuing, then the lottery is relied on personal luck.Cui Ming said that his third lottery was drawn, and it was "AJ1 Tiffany".

Cui Ming’s "AJ" is the abbreviation of the well -known sports brand "Air Jordan".This time, his goal is "AJ1 Obsidian".

Someone put on a tent, and someone brought a folding bed

In the evening, it is not only energy, but also physical strength. Maza is a must -have equipment, because not only can it be rest, but it can also be used to occupy a place when leaving.

At zero, people in the queue could not bear the hunger, so they called for takeaway.People who group the "night row" spread a layer of plastic paper on the ground. The taste of fast food can be smelled on the road.

At 1 am, the tired people started to "eight immortals cross the sea and show their magical powers" in order to rest.Take a tent, folding bed, air bed, and some have prepared blankets.Someone who did not prepare these beds, some sitting on Maza leaned on the elevator to the east and west, and some went around to chat and play poker.

The first place in the team was resting in the tent. According to the person behind, the person came to line up when the specialty store was off work on August 29, so he took the "first".According to the notice of sale, the number will only begin at 9:30 am on August 30, so many people wait more than 10 hours.

There is a 24 -hour convenience store at the sale point not far away, and the store also provides a free lease of Maza services.The owner of the shop said that many queuing people brought a portable Maza. There were only four in his shop. Usually used it by themselves. When someone came to borrow it, he only needed to pay a deposit of 35 yuan to borrow it. When he returned, he returned the deposit.

This year’s senior Li Liang went to school on the West Coast New District of Qingdao. He came to Jinan to find a girlfriend to play while the tail of the summer vacation.And return.Li Liang came to line up at 3 am this time. He said, go to Zibo to buy, send 150 numbers, draw more than 30 pairs, send 300 numbers in Jinan, draw more than 100 pairs, and queue up in Jinan.Essence

Among the queue people, Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yitian reporters also met two students who graduated from high school. One was going to college immediately, and the other was high school.Because you need a credit card to buy shoes, they said that when the qualifications are qualified, they all use the parent credit card.

Five or six months pregnant also came to the "night row"

At 9 am on August 30, a long team had been lined up at the scene.Xiao Liu, a tide shoes enthusiast, told reporters that he arrived at the gate of the silver mall at 1 am and only got No. 140. Those who came from the first 100s came the day before.

Unlike Xiao Liu, another graduate student who arrived at the scene at 7 o’clock was not so lucky."There are 3 numbers, and the 300th is just in front of him. It’s a pity." Mr. Yang, a shoe friend he knew, said that this was the second time that he had not ranked for the second time.Under normal circumstances, you can get the number at about 7:30. He thought he could get it in advance this time, but he did not expect that there were so many people, and it was empty again.

According to the clerk, this is the third time that the store has been released since August. Many people who come to line up each time are the most exaggerated. There may be a reason for college students to start school.

In addition, the reporter noticed that in addition to young groups such as the "post -90s" and "post -00s", there are some middle -aged figures.Some parents were to buy their children. Several pairs of mother and son, father and son were in line.In addition, a young couple is also very eye -catching. His wife has been pregnant for five or six months, and the pregnancy belly is very obvious. The two got two 110 signs, and they started to line up in the middle of the night.

At more than 10:30 that day, the "winning card" was finally over."It is a common thing to queue overnight, and it is also a trivial matter. Tomorrow is the highlight. As long as it is drawn, this place is not tossing." Xiao Liu, who changed the registration card, said that he hoped that luck would come.

It feels like it is not cost -effective, sixty or seventy people abandon the visa

August 31st is a day of joy and sorrow.They are either lucky to be smashed and loved their shoes;

Just after 9 am, the door of the store was blocked by the person who came to draw.A total of four shoes were released on the day, namely "AJ1 Obsidian" and "AJ4Fiba" men’s and women’s models, ranging from 899-1399 yuan.At 9:40, the lottery started. At the release site, the staff was centered, forming a huge fan -shaped, which was full of fried shoes enthusiasts waiting for the lottery.

As the staff shouted the number of Chinese signing numbers, the crowd sent a burst of exclaiming, and the winner held his signing number to go to the staff to register.Those who did not win, looked at it with envy, then looked down at the signing number, looking forward to the next winning number announcement.

On the same day, it took 3 hours from drawing to shoes.However, the Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yiyi reporter found at the scene that when the staff announced that the "AJ1 Obsidian" men’s and women’s shoe codes were all sold out, a large number of tide shoes lovers chose to abandon the sign and leave the scene, and another "AJ4Fiba" is stillThere are many shoe codes.

Why would tide shoes enthusiasts choose to abandon the visa? Xiao Gao, a tide shoes enthusiast with a tide shoe brand store experience, explained: "Now on the market, AJ1 is fired more popular.To it, the remaining AJ4, except for those who really like it, they will buy it, others will not start. "

"Because the AJ4 market is not very good, it is easy to buy it, even if it is sold, it is not cost -effective." Xiaogao counted, a pair of AJ4 was bought at 1299 yuanFour or five hundred yuan.If you sell shoes, you may not even make a shipping cost. It may not be able to make a 200 yuan. It is not worth tossing at all. It is better to discard the visa directly.

Although there are sixty or seventy people abandoning the sign before and after, there are also shoe friends who like AJ4, waiting for the end of the lottery.According to statistics from reporters, more than a hundred people signed out of the 300 signs that day.

However, a shoe friend who often came to this shop lottery said that it was not so easy to sign, and in general, the probability of winning the Chinese signing was about 10%.This time, it is a bit special. The four shoes are released at the same time. The shoe code is full, the shoes are large, and the winning rate is high.

I bought it there to sell it there, and the shoe dealers received the shoes on the spot

At the end of the lottery, a senior student who bought the "AJ1 Obsidian" was particularly excited: "Like dreaming, I won’t I wake up yet?" He said, when playing basketball from high school, he liked it very muchBasketball shoes, I started to buy AJ after college, and participated in the lottery for a dozen times. This is the first time to win.When the "AJ1 Red Silk" was released last time, I lined up all night, but it was not in the signed. I was so discouraged about this queuing lottery. I did not expect this time.

After the payment, the lucky child who signed the winner was lined up in front of the Nike store waiting to receive his own shoes.After some people get the shoes, they will immediately find a corner, take out the shoes, play with it, try the foot, then turn on the photo mode, satisfy the face, and even some people directly put on new shoes out of the mall.

Xiao Gao said that at first glance, these people really liked shoes and bought them for themselves.However, there may be some people who may not be so simple.

The reporter saw a man at the scene with three pairs of AJ1 men’s shoes in his hand. From time to time, he asked other shoe friends who bought AJ1.Xiao Gao said that this man is a shoe dealer, and he often sees him at the release site.However, there are fewer and fewer people who have changed hands on the scene now. Everyone knows that it will be higher in selling the price for a while.

"Now, more and more people have joined the team of ‘fried shoes’." Xiao Gao said, from the end of June this year, he felt more and more people who came in line.Join the shoe grabbing team."Most of the shoe -friendly hobbies are personal preferences. In this way, if the virtual high, the damage is still consumers. The cost pays is getting higher and higher.in."

The temptation of tide shoes is the foam of fried shoes?Expert: Participants may become another "leek"

On August 31, in a sporting goods store in Ginza Mall, Jiyuan Street, Jinan, a tide shoes enthusiast was signed and obtained the qualification to buy shoes.Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yitian reporter Zhou Qing first took pictures

As a business culture, "Tide Shoes Culture" stimulates the prosperity of the market for the market through customization, joint name, limited edition and other concepts.A selling shoe platform has compiled the three major indexes of "fried shoes" according to the transaction amount of the past 24 hours: AJ Index, Nike Index and Adidas Index. The market transaction price of some limited sneakers has increased by more than 100%compared to the release price. Individual shoesThe increase is even tens of times.The trend of fried shoes has intensified, and it has become a "big business".

In 2000 yuan to buy pair of shoes, he sold 20,000 when he turned his hand

On August 31, Nike’s "AJ1 Obsidian" was released, and the popularity at the release site was popular. Even if it was queuing overnight, it was still difficult to find a shoe.The "AJ1 Obsidian" sells for 1299 yuan. At 22 o’clock on the same day, the price of 42 yards for a shoe platform is 3669 yuan. If it arrives within two days, the price is 4399 yuan, which is 3100 yuan higher than the pre -sale price.It is 238%.

At the release site, the Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yiyi reporters observed that a considerable number of shoe buyers did not want to buy themselves, but wanted to sell the difference.Due to the limited sale, a total of more than a hundred pairs of popular tide shoes in Jinan’s stores are also purchased from others or from other people’s hands or from tide shoes trading platforms.

After getting "AJ1 Obsidian", a guy first checked the quality of the shoes at the counter, and then talked to his friends: "It is estimated that it can make a pen, this is the gold code."

He said that he is a "AJ fan", and he will actively participate in the sale activities. This time he was selected 43 yards and planned to be sold."My feet are 46 yards, the edge of the comparison, the price cannot be fried, it is only 2,000 yuan. But 42 and 43 yards belong to the gold code, and the price will be relatively high.When you buy dual 46 yards, you can wear it, and the rest of the money is made. Now the profit of fried shoes is too high. My friend bought a double ‘AJ5 ice blue’ for 2000 yuan a few days ago.I earned 18,000 yuan. "

The reporter’s investigation found that in the "tidal shoe ring", the situation of "selling" shoes is very common. Even the real tide shoes enthusiasts often participate in the "fried shoes" team.

Xiao Gao, a senior enthusiast of tide shoes, also said that the method of playing shoes is called "raising shoes with shoes". Some people have no desired shoe codes because they get themselves, but the opportunity cannot be wasted, so choose someone elseShoes code, then sell it at a high price, buy back what you want, that’s it, the shoes are upside down, and the price has followed the virtual high.

In addition, the more serious is shoe traffickers. They hired people to queue up to buy them. After grabbing shoes, they pressed the goods for a while, and they would not be sold until the price of the shoes was fired to high.

Buy at a low price to sell at high prices, tide shoes become an investment

It is understood that as early as August 31, the pre -sale price had exceeded 5,000 yuan before the "AJ1 Obsidian" was released."Because it is released today, the quantity is relatively large, and the price has declined." A senior fried shoes player said that when it comes to the increase, the most exaggerated in the near future should be "AJ5 ice blue".By "20,000+", even so, someone is still accepting it.

In fact, not only AJ5 ice blue, like the "AJ1 Red Silk" released some time ago, as well as many tide shoes such as "Bai Dou" and "Black toes" of AJ1. The current market transaction price is much higher than the release price.The increase of more than 200%.

Senior player "Iron Cow" showed reporters his good goods on the "NICE" APP. Within more than 10 pairs of AJ tide shoes within a year, the market price rose nearly 10,000 yuan."Iron Cow" said that the shoes I bought are all old models, and they are not popular at all. The increase is very small.If it is a popular model, it can increase tens of thousands of yuan a month.

"The tide shoes that start generally will not take the shot immediately. You have to press the goods and sell it when you rise to the expected high price, so that you can make a fortune."A kind of investment, buying at a low price, selling at high prices, eating this profit.

According to the price list of leisure fish in July, the "AJ1 inverted hook low gang" issued price of 849 yuan, July idle fish price of 6100 yuan, an increase of 618%; the top three of the annual "shoe king" potential list is "AJ1 invertedHook "" Converse 1970s "and" Yeezy Black Angel ";" AJ1 inverted hook Pachel Li Li ", which was issued at 2399 yuan, sold for 89999 yuan in July, an increase of 36.5 times.

Such a top -up shoe list and increase make the market tremendous market, which also makes many tide shoes enthusiasts lament "too magical".

The circle is speculating outside the circle, and the situation is becoming more and more exaggerated

In fact, "fried shoes" is not a fresh word, but for a long time, "fried shoes" has always belonged to a small circle that loves basketball.In recent years, with the prosperity of the tide shoes market, "fried shoes" has intensified. Especially in June and July this year, a few large orders in the global sneaker market have exposed "fried shoes" in the public’s field of vision.

"As early as 2018, I felt a large number of newcomers constantly poured into the sneaker market." An old player who had faded out of the ball told reporters that suddenly many people noticed the sneakers last year.The addition of "poison" and "nice" and other sneaker trading platform apps, the sneaker market has changed a lot.

"Now ‘Stir -fried shoes hot’ are mostly concentrated in the younger generation. After all, it is still too young, irrational, and the phenomenon of follow is serious." "Iron Cow" told reporters that now some variety shows or traffic stars have too much effect, which also leads to leading to it, which also leads to leading to it, which also leads to a leading effect, which also leads to a result.The reasons for the more serious stir -fried shoes.But in the final analysis, the most important reason for people to be so rushing is high profits.The threshold of fried shoes is very low, and there is no need for capital investment. Line up all night to buy shoes at the sale price, and you can sell thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of yuan.

"I feel that I can’t control it anymore. Now the more fried, the more exaggerated, and the circle is frying outside the circle." A tide shoes enthusiast said that the greater the snowball, the higher the price of the tide shoes, and the person who really loves this shoeI can’t afford shoes.

The publisher "hungry marketing" makes the shoe market be in short supply

The reporter saw on a shoe -selling platform APP that there is a market analysis of the trendy shoes in the app, the financial guidance of buying shoes, and even the three major indexes based on the transaction records of the past 24 hours., Nike Index and Adidas Index, and use this to provide market information dynamics for shoe speculators.

Some analysts believe that the sneaker culture has been formed behind the sneaker consumption, and it emphasizes that pursuing different pursuit from wearing a tide card.In addition to the spiritual satisfaction brought by the product to consumers, the important promoters of this sneaker culture are also brand vendors. They have always maintained higher attention through limited sale and subsequent series of operations.At present, the industrial chain of fried shoes has basically taken formed. The brand publisher "hungry marketing" has made the shoe market in short supply. The second -level trading platforms such as shoe trafficking and shoe selling platforms will operate from it.Buy.

"It is difficult to believe that a product such as a tide shoes that does not have the potential of hard currency will begin to have the characteristics of futures and stocks." An analyst of China Securities said that "things are rare and expensive" are a foundation of fried shoes.But the tide shoes can be imitated and do not have appraisal.At present, no professional institutions in the market can accurately identify tide shoes and high imitation products and issue identification certificates.The scarcity of tide shoes is unavailable at all, and the hype in the market will be even more unscrupulous.In the face of various speculative capital, participants are likely to become another "leek".

In the face of whether "fried shoes" are suspected of excessive "hunger marketing", some merchants have responded one after another.For example, AJ officially wrote the slogan "Not for Resale" in the shoe gang released; some clearly informed the authorized dealers to cancel the queuing and lottery of non -co -famous products.

Some people in the industry believe that behind the popularity of tide shoes, players are also expressing a feeling of feeling for idols, full of will to overcome difficulties and toughness, and the market is willing to pay for this consumption.The important reason for people is also one of the driving drivers for the formation of the current shoe market.But it is worthwhile to be vigilant, but this has become the hype and harvesting point of the "fried shoes".

In the face of all kinds of chaos, many people lamented: When tide shoes are only about the price of hype, and it has nothing to do with sports spirit, how much does this pursuit still make?

(Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yitian Jian Xing Xing Xu)

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