"Doctor said" what can’t you eat during pregnancy?


What foods can I not eat during pregnancy?

1. Avoid foods infected by Listella infection

Including cold processing meat such as lunch meat, cooked chicken, ham, raw seafood such as sashimi, salad, squeezing milk, soft ice cream, soft cheese, meat sauce such as foie gras, etc.Essence

This type of food is likely to be polluted by Listera.Liszt bacteria can cause sepsis, meningitis, and even abortion.

However, it should be noted that it is not necessary to eat these foods.

Also emphasize it:

Be wary of all kinds of sprouts (soybean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, radish buds, Dutch bean sprouts), and hearty eggs.Among them, bean sprouts not only contain Salmonella, but also occasionally see Liste bacteria, but also simply cleaning, almost not to remove these bacteria.

Second, alcohol

Various wines, including beer, red wine, liquor.Drinking during pregnancy will not be good for the health of the fetus, causing the fetus to be thin and deformity.It may also lead to abortion and premature birth.

Ban alcohol is needed throughout pregnancy, because alcohol may affect the fetal brain and nerve development.For the rice wine/cooking wine that we add during daily cooking, because the amount is very small, the harm will not be too large. On the one hand, alcohol heating will volatilize. On the other hand, if you eat it, the pregnant mother eats only a part of the addition.The dishes of the wine, so the intake should be very small.

However, it should be noted that drinking alcohol during pregnancy does not have a "safe dose". If it can be avoided, try to avoid taking any form of alcohol.

Third, avoid smoke

Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 toxic and harmful substances, which have potential damage to various organs of the fetus, especially the respiratory system.If you smoke or contact the environment of cigarettes during pregnancy (including second -hand cigarettes, three, four -five -six -handed cigarettes …), it will increase the chance of allergies and asthma after birth.

Fourth, avoid food

Including raw fish fillets, prevent pregnant mothers from parasitic injuries, maybe you feel that you usually eat it, but after pregnancy, the body hormone will change, and the resistance is not as good as before.The problem brings too much risk and is not worthy of adventure.

Fifth, limit the amount of large meat food sea fish food

Large meat sea fish usually contain high -level mercury. The following fish intake should not exceed 150 grams (three or two) within two weeks, and if you eat these fish, avoid eating any other fish during this period.This type of fish includes:

Shark Shark (Flake)

Wunfish Marlin

Swordfish Swordfish

Broad -mouth duck BroadBILL.

Daoyu King Macker

The following fish should not exceed 150 grams of intake within a week, and do not eat other fish in the week after eating.These fish include:

Atlantic chest spine bream Orange Roughy


*American FDA believes that catfish is a very low mercury fish, but in the food standards of Australia and New Zealand, catfish is a mercury risk of mercury risk during pregnancy.The reason may be that catfish is a large category and there are many types.Most of the types of catfish live in the United States, and there are many types of catfish in Asia and Africa.The types of catfish in Australia can live in fresh water.

6. Restriction of caffeine intake

During pregnancy, you don’t need to completely abandon caffeine, but you need to restrict intake.If you take too much caffeine, your baby may have low weight, which will lead to a series of health problems after birth.Excessive doses of caffeine may also cause abortion.

In addition, the metabolism of caffeine during pregnancy will also become slower, which may affect your sleep; phenols in such beverages will also affect the absorption of iron.Therefore, drinking less coffee, cola, black tea and other caffeine -containing drinks during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, it is recommended that daily caffeine intake cannot exceed 200 mg.

Seven, control sweets

Personal mothers who especially love sweetness should pay attention to, during pregnancy, especially in the later period, your sugar metabolic ability will become worse, and you should be restrained to eat sweets to avoid pregnancy diabetes.Try to avoid drinking sugary drinks, do not drink fruit juice, eat less high -sugar and high oil foods such as West Point, Fried West, fried.From 24 weeks to 28 weeks of pregnancy, diabetes screening during pregnancy.

8. Do not take any plants and herbs as a drug

The safety of many botanical medicines is not completely clear, and some plant components may affect the fetus.

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