"Don’t dare to go home for the New Year!" The woman spent 9 hours dye her hair, and as a result … Netizen: Deep resonance!

Friends who love beauty,

A sense of ritual before the Spring Festival "three -piece set"

—— Make hair, nails, and eyelashes

Is the shape rising?

But everyone knows,

"Being Hair" is comparable to a game,

Can encounter a Tony, which can be online,

That really doesn’t know how many good luck it has.

Recently, a girl

It took 9 hours to dye a hair

But flip!car!It’s!

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On January 17, Alashan Zuoqi, Inner Mongolia.A woman spent nine and a half hours to dye her hair, and found that the color dyed was not matched with the selected color.After negotiating, the hairdresser finally retired.

The party, Aruna, said that she wanted to change her hair color during the New Year, and began to want to make a gray gradient color result that the hairdresser said that she could not dye, and then submitted a second set of schemes, slightly yellow.

As a result, I did it for nine and a half hours, and finally did not match the color I wanted. The hairdresser found various excuses, saying that it was the reason for her hair, etc. Aru Na felt that she could not go home for the New Year.The bleached Huang, after being struggling with the hairdresser, retired 400 yuan.

Aruna said: "Normally, it should be a full retirement, or give me compensation, but the New Year is over and over. Barber, don’t take the porcelain to live without the diamond."

In this regard, netizens have also teased

Tony’s technology is not closed

"Barber: The experiment failed …"

There are still many netizens who feel the same

It seems that they are all "injured" …

Some netizens explained that it was "not enough fades",

Some netizens said

It is indeed related to hair quality,

"Some people are like this,

Can’t dye this hair color "

Have a similar experience with this girl

And a girl in Zhengzhou, Henan

January 3,

The 21 -year -old Xiaoliang wants to go to the New Year to get perm for the New Year

As a result, it will become a "aunt" after the hotness

Xiaoliang said, she found a reference hairstyle picture

Want to scal the same effect ↓

The hairdresser was scalded and did not scal the rolls, so he made up for it, but he was burned into a "big aunt roll".Xiao Liang said that her parents and friends laughed at her, but she felt that the hairdresser was very hard from 5 pm to 12 pm, and did not plan to hold accountable.

Why is the perm hair dyeing so difficult?

Come and listen to Zhengzhou First People’s Hospital

Deputy Chief Physician Zhou Ziguang said

First of all

From outside to the inside can be divided into wool epithelial, fur,

Three parts of hair marrow quality.

The main component of the hair is keratin. Honoprotein is more sensitive to acid, alkali, oxidant and reducing agent. After contacting these substances under certain conditions, chemical reactions will occur, thereby changing the hair structure.

From a chemical perspective, the perm process directly affects the protein content in the hair, so the hair is fragile and easy to break after being scald.

The principle of hair dyeing is to first use ammonia such as ammonia water to treat the hair to open the hair scales of the hair, so that the dyeing agent is embedded in the middle of the body, and then the color reaction of the hydrogen peroxide and the dye agent intermediate body can be used to obtain the permanent dyeing effect.

In the natural state, the scales layer of the hair that is not damaged is tightly arranged, and it will cause damage to the hair of the hair after perm or hair dye.Perm wounds more hair than perm than hair dye.Frequent hot hair dye also increases the risk of cancer.

Precautions for perm hair dyeing

(1) Purchase qualified hair dye in formal routes.

(2) Dyeing frequency control, it is best to exceed 2 to 3 times a year.

(3) Perm and hair dyeing at the same time are not recommended or on the same day. The interval between the two is best for more than 3 months, and it must be perm first and then dyeing hair.

(4) To prevent allergies of hair dye, you can apply hair dye to the ear before dyeing to the ear to observe whether allergies.

(5) Pay attention to the exposure protection of hair dyeing agents, wearing suitable gloves and masks.

(6) These people are not suitable for perm and hair dye:

▶ People under 16 years of age;

▶ Women during pregnancy and lactation;

▶ Patients with allergic diseases such as bronchial asthma and urticaria;

▶ Tumor patients (including temporary healing);

▶ People who are acute rash, scars, damage, sores, and dermatitis at the head and face.

The end of the perm is straight hair

The end of the hair is black

Xiaobian wish everyone

You can find a satisfactory Tony teacher

The Year of the Rabbit is beautiful every day ~

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