"Dr. Wang, who was paralyzed after 4 months of pregnancy, was still paralyzed after the brain stem bleeding, but did not go to the hospital, but did this.

The blood broke through the blood vessels and dripped into the brain stem.The brain stem between the brain and spinal cord is to pass the brain signal to the center of the limbs. Cerebral hemorrhage is like a flood, and the "road" of connection consciousness and behavior collapses.

In 2013, the female doctor Wang Lei’s head broke out such a "flood", who was 31 years old.

Prior to this, Wang Lei obtained a doctorate degree and admitted to the second affiliated hospital of Nanchang University.After that, her face was paralyzed, and she lost control of most limbs. What survived was the brain, flexible right -hand finger, and the fetus in her belly.

Eight years later, 39 -year -old Wang Lei was trapped in a wheelchair and could not be a doctor.But in this long rest of her life, in the corner of the Internet, she was rebuilt a little bit to be destroyed by the disease.

Accompanied by a slow knock, Wang Lei built an elderly sick consultation forum with his right finger.She has multiple accounts in the forum. Some are called "Dr. Wang" and some are called "Dr. Lei". She uses these accounts to reply to netizens’ consultation, as if she is still "consulting."

In other free time, she knocked 200,000 words of romance novels, but after sending it online, there were few readers."Step in the street." She teased, and her voice came out of her nose first.Because the semi -tongue could not be controlled, Wang Lei was very unclear.After talking slowly, she pursed her mouth and smiled.The right eye without vision is blocked with a frosted glass lens, narrowing the left eye, and the eyebrows are relieved.

In this quiet room, there are rare bright moments.

On the afternoon of July 17, Wang Lei was in front of the computer. On the computer screen, she was founded by her forum homepage.Beijing News reporter Yuan Suwen

Online "Cong Medical"

The mouse and keyboard are Wang Lei’s new "limbs".

Wang Lei was sitting on a wheelchair, his head tilted forward, and the black chassis on the table blocked his side.Wang Lei’s father picked up the mouse and mouse pad and put it on the thigh of her fingers after her right arm was lowered.Ten centimeters forward are the keyboard. Wang Lei rolled the pulley with his fingers, mixed up 300%of the magnifying glass, and moved his fingers to the keyboard.

On the screen is the "Flower Armor Forum" (60OLD.CN) she created, and "Original column of this site -Senior Disease District" -The page is introduced at the top of the page.

Wang Lei recorded the administrator account. In just half a day, dozens of membership applications were added in the background.In the reason for the application, some people wrote: "My father has a cerebral infarction, learn to ask you", and some people write: "I am also a doctor. After reading your report, I was moved and wanted to help you."

This forum has been founded for five years, with a total of more than 3,000 members, but there have been hundreds of new applications every day recently, and the traffic has reached its peak.Wang Lei finished the new application in just a few seconds, and checked all.In her opinion, a large number of new applications poured in, which may be related to recent media reports.

The labels of "Dr. Female" and "Pregnant Women" have been reported by Wang Lei’s experience 8 years ago.At the beginning, people paid attention to the children in her belly.Now that the child is in the third grade, good health, the camera has turned to her own medical information website."Paralyzed Female Dr. Opening Forum" Consultation "-This is the title used in local media reports in early July.

Wang Lei’s doctor’s license has been expired.When she spoke, her words were in her mouth, and it was difficult to spit out completely.After Wang Lei was sick, he couldn’t walk, he couldn’t eat by himself, and couldn’t go to the clinic. "It can’t be done for patients." What I can do now is to slap the mouse and answer questions from netizens online.

This is her "medical" process.Someone posted, "Can the lower limbs spasm and paraplegia be used for a new crown vaccine?" Wang Lei raised his weak right hand and explored the typing on the keyboard.It took a minute to choose a suitable word in the input method box, and it took another minute.

The forum does not bring any income to Wang Lei. Online consultation is free. Instead, it pays more than 100 yuan in the domain names and other miscellaneous fees each year.

"Someone asked me about medical professional questions, and I would feel like it was like it. I answered as thin as the ice, because the doctor said it was responsible." She said vaguely: "I feel that I am still doing a responsibility."

When it comes to "responsibility", Wang Lei was a little excited.She said that the first forum was to see a lot of information on the Internet, but it was not very accurate. "If you do not have a basis (medicine), you cannot tell which information may be right, and which information may be problematic.of."

She said that she was a party member who studied a doctorate with a national scholarship. "Even if you are sick, you are basically a person who studies medicine.

Wang Lei said that she did not consider the results, as long as she did it.Talking about medicine reminds her of the past time. At that time, she was healthy and everything was full of hope.

On the afternoon of July 17, Wang Lei was trained at home, and the photos of the family on the wall of the opposite side.Beijing News reporter Yuan Suwen

Get my own illness

Wang Lei lived with his parents and his son, and the family of Sikou was in an old community in Nanchang.In the small living room, the height line is painted on the wall, and the desktop standing on the rehabilitation training is placed in the corner.The glass cabinet is covered with photos. The photo records the past of the small family. There are little babies who grow into little boys, some sweet smiles before Wang Lei, and a pair of people wearing wedding dresses and standing hands on the sea.

The bedroom is not large. The bed is lifted with an armrest. The bedside is covered with a call bell. The computer table is connected to the window edge. Wang Lei fiddled with the computer tired, and looked up at the window.

Through the window, you can see the white building of the Second Affiliated Courtyard in Nanchang, which is where she has worked.The distance of 1.4 kilometers is now close.

Wang Lei, born in 1982, was born in Huangshan, Anhui, and his mother was a village doctor.In 2001, she was admitted to the Bachelor of Clinical Medicine of Xiangya Medical College of Central South University for five years.After graduating from undergraduate, she abandoned the opportunity of Baoyan to other majors, admitted to the school’s five -year doctoral training program, and focused on neurology.

"Why should I learn this? Because neurology is the most difficult, people can change the whole body, but the head cannot be changed." Wang Lei said that at that time, she was young and thought it was challenging."Like stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, Parkinson, the disease that does not understand is all in neurology."

As the "general headquarters" of the human body, the brain is extremely complicated, and most of them are still unsolvable mysteries.Wang Lei mentioned an interesting topic encountered during his postgraduate entrance examination: "Close your eyes and touch the building blocks around him. In what ways do you know that the building block is square or round?" Behind the simple touch is the conduction of signals such as temperature and pressure.If the signal pathway is cut, people will lose consciousness.

Wang Lei’s bleeding near the brain stem blocked the signal pathway of most of her limbs. For example, her legs lost their consciousness, she needed to use vision to determine her existence. Speaking, she raised her left arm., I do n’t know the shape with a steamed bun, it ’s easy to crush it, and I don’t know how hot it is in hot water."

The sympathetic nerve pathway is also "stopped" in large areas.Wang Lei’s right eye appeared "Hoven syndrome". The pupils were narrowed, but the response to the light was normal, the eyeballs were in inherent, and no tears were.Except for her right face, right arm and shoulders, she could not sweat in other parts of her body. "Sweating is to discharge heat. If people do not discharge heat, it will be easy to heat up of heat stroke." Wang Lei could not go to places with high temperature.There was no tears in her right eye, and she couldn’t wash her eyes. This made her keratitis and eventually lost her eyesight.

"I can understand myself most." This is the disease that Wang Lei has studied. She has published a dozen related papers.Now, she "feels the same", and she really realized the "no feeling", "no strength", and "invisible" that the patient told during the consultation.But this is by no means a kind of luck.

When he was a PhD, Wang Lei had excellent grades and had obtained scholarships.In 2011, Wang Lei met the requirements of the paper and graduated on schedule, which was rare among the same classmates.

Wang Lei and ex -husband are college classmates. He is from Hunan. He graduated two years ago and only received a master’s degree.Wang Lei chose to go to Nanchang for employment, because this is the middle point of the two hometown of the two.Enter the Department of Neurology."Doctoral students do not need to be cultivated."

After putting on a white coat, Wang Lei went to take a photo.In the photo, she wore a dark red -frame glasses, and her short hair was also dyed dark red, which was scalded, capable and lively.She looked at the camera and smiled confidently.

Now this photo is posted on her disabled card.She was certified as a first -level disability.

Wang Lei took art photos in the past.Interviewee confession

"The heartbeat is gone when the onset of the disease"

Tang Zhenyu was a colleague of Wang Lei, and now he is the chief physician.In his impression, "Wang Lei has a strong clinical ability, has a good job attitude, and pays more time to the patient."

There were media reports that Wang Lei was the backbone of neurology at that time, and his working time was more than 60 hours a week.By the end of 2012, she was pregnant and was still responsible for consulting nearly 20 patients every day. The pregnancy response was fierce, and she continued to work after vomiting.

Afterwards, Tang Zhenyu remembered that when Wang Lei was busy with work, there were some small signs. "The eyelids on the left will occasionally fall, and the eyes will become smaller, but they will recover after a while."

In order to take care of her daughter, Ms. Chen’s mother, Ms. Chen, moved from her hometown to Nanchang. Thinking back to her daughter’s disease, she couldn’t help but blame herself to take care of herself.

It was December 13, 2012, and Wang Lei was almost four months pregnant.In the evening, she ended a 24 -hour continuous class and returned home.Ms. Chen said that after returning home, her daughter told her that "vomiting today, it feels uncomfortable, as if it is different from before." The daughter also described her: "The vomiting is like the kind of spray, and it is still water."

Ms. Chen recalled that after saying these words, Wang Lei fell in front of her.

"I lost my consciousness at the time, and listened to the doctor that my heartbeat was gone when I was sick." Wang Lei said that the parents told her at the time that the ex -husband who was at home pressed her as soon as possible and "grabbed" the heartbeat back.Essence

Tang Zhenyu, who was on duty, took the diagnosis of this young colleague.According to Tang Zhenyu, when he was taken to the hospital, Wang Lei "paralyzed the whole body and was accompanied by dyspnea. We immediately made her CT and got on the ventilator."

At first, she got on a non -invasive ventilator and "intubated from the mouth", but she did not improve after a week. She had to cut the trachea and install a ventilator.Wang Lei pointed his neck with two relief scars on it.

Bleeding from the brain stems is also a serious condition among patients sent to neurology.Wang Lei said that two -thirds of patients with brain stem bleeding died or died on the road to medical treatment."I am a brain bleeding on both sides, the most serious one, it is lucky to survive."

"The brain stem is the center where the human body maintains breathing and blood pressure. This place will be destroyed. If it cannot be controlled in time, many people will die immediately." Tang Zhenyu said that Wang Lei lay in the intensive care unit and lay on a ventilator and lay down on a ventilator.For nearly three weeks, there were many difficulties during this period, "including infection and continuous fever."

What is difficult is that Wang Lei’s belly is still with children.Because the heartbeat stopped, and the ventilator was also on, the children in the abdomen had the risk of hypoxia.The drug used also increases the risk of children’s sequelae.Ms. Chen recalled that when she learned that the child may have sequelae and relatives hesitated, she insisted that she wanted to keep the grandson. "I thought at the time that if I didn’t keep the child, my daughter would regret it. Even if there was a problem with the birth, I would also have a problem.You can be responsible for the end, "she said.

Everything is still inaccurate.Tang Zhenyu said that doctors must first keep adults and then consider whether they can take into account children."For children, many medicines cannot be used by Wang Lei, causing her treatment to be much more difficult than ordinary people."

The greater problem appeared quickly.Wang Lei began to have a fever, and the body temperature continued to be around 40 degrees Celsius. The infection was also followed by shadow. High fever would also affect the development of the fetus.

"This is different from ordinary fever. It is the temperature adjustment point of the body temperature." Wang Lei said that at the time, she had not recovered consciousness and did not remember the treatment process.According to her mother, Ms. Chen, her daughter was physically cooling at the time, sleeping on the ice plate, and passive recovery every day."Always cry, very uncomfortable."

Ms. Chen couldn’t help anything, but she could only change the method to cook.Wang Lei on the bed could not swallow, and he had to connect from the nostril to the stomach with a tube.Every two hours, Ms. Chen gave her daughter a meal with a needle tube, and the fetus developed normally.

On April 22, 2013, there were 4 weeks before the due date, the doctor gave Wang Lei a cesarean section. She gave birth to a baby with six pounds and nine two. The child was crying and normal.

A few days after the child was born, due to the blood transfusion of childbirth, Wang Lei’s blood pressure rose, which caused bleeding again on the right side of the brain.

On the afternoon of July 17, Wang Lei pushed his father from the bedroom to the living room.Beijing News reporter Yuan Suwen

Difficult cause

Like a broken vase, Wang Lei’s consciousness was gradually reinstated.She mentioned that her consciousness was still incomplete until after delivery. Others called her name. She could agree, but could not think about it, and could not answer the "difficult" question of "100 minus 7".

"I always feel that I am climbing a mountain. I just climbed to the top of the mountain. I have not had time to breathe, or at a glance, I have fallen to the cliff." Over the years, Wang Lei has always been unable to regret it.I regret that I have obtained my doctorate for ten years, I regret that I have only been a doctor for one year, and I regret my parents.

In August 2013, Wang Lei was stable and began to find the cause.Wang Lei said that she also vaguely remembered that her cerebral blood angiography lasted for two hours, and ordinary patients only needed to check for 20 minutes.

As the attending physician at the time, Tang Zhenyu said that he speculated that Wang Lei had dexamous deformities, which was a type of cerebral vascular malformations, but in the examination, no lesion was found."We also found an expert in vascular angiography at Tiantan Hospital, and did not find very obvious lesions of blood vessels." He said that this means that Wang Lei cannot solve the hidden danger of bleeding through surgery.

"I have an unknown cause. Now young people have to stroke, many are rare diseases." Wang Lei understood the limited medicine of medicine. "It is estimated that after I die, I will do it.

Ms. Chen was a little unwilling. When her daughter Wang Lei was ill, the media was concerned. Some lawyers came to help the lawsuit. "It was said that the hospital would definitely win.""Brain bleeding is not necessarily caused by overtime." Wang Lei said. A few months before the onset, she had drifted with her friends. The journey was exhausted, but there was no problem.

Data show that cerebrovascular disease has become one of the main causes of residents.Taking Beijing as an example, according to the "Health White Paper -2018 Annual Health and Crowd Health Status Report" released in 2019, the top three causes of death in Beijing are heart disease, malignant tumors and cerebrovascular diseases, respectively, accounting for a total of 70.9 of all deaths 70.9%.

Studies have found that compared with the elderly, in the head of young people, the condition of cerebral hemorrhage is even more critical.According to the "89 Clinical Analysis of Brain Bleeding in the Health" published in the medical magazine "Healthy Road". In the process of onset, young people have better blood flow rates, so when cerebral hemorrhage, it is faster and more urgent than the elderly.

new life

One year after the onset is the golden rehabilitation period of patients with sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage. Wang Lei actively trained and massaged every day, and suffered 20 silver injections.After being discharged from 2014, Wang Lei returned to the home that was in the past two years.She began to use a computer to disappear, watch TV series, typing with trembling fingers, and communicated with people through chat software.

In 2016, Wang Lei divorced, the house and the child belonged to her, and the ex -husband paid the maintenance of the maintenance month.Wang Lei said that after participating in the rescue, the ex -husband basically visited the hospital every day in 2013, and gradually alienated by 2014."I can only say that, I can understand him, but I don’t forgive me another thing." She didn’t want to talk about the reason and process of divorce, and that person.

It was in 2016, Wang Lei tried to establish an elderly sick consultation website. She taught self -programming technology and tried to buy domain names.The website was filing, and she asked relatives to help.Initially, she only cared about "irrigation". Later, a lot of harmful information appeared in the forum, and she opened a member review.

"Being a website is just like building a house. I want to buy a land. I want to build a house. The house is covered. I want to decorate it, just like a piece of land. I can open it after decoration.The expectation value is not very high. So as long as I do it, I feel that I have done one thing. "Wang Lei said.

This is very similar to her philosophy when she was reading."I don’t consider how much I must take the test. But I read this book, and I am very satisfied. As for how much you can return, it is another thing."

On July 17, Nanchang in the summer, the temperature during the day exceeded 35 degrees Celsius.At home, only Wang Lei’s room was turned on.At noon, Wang Lei’s father’s father was naked on his upper body and cooking in the kitchen. The old man was very silent and his hair was completely white.At home, Wang Lei’s father bears the vast majority of physical work, including moving her daughter’s body daily, putting her instrument’s shoe cover to assist in rehabilitation training.

Every morning and afternoon, Wang Lei maintains two hours each in front of the computer.The rehabilitation training was fixed. After the noon, the father hugged her out of bed, pushed her to the living room, put her on sports shoes, and then asked her to hold her standing frame. Pushing her in her waist, she left the wheelchair.At the moment of standing up, she used her strength to maintain a balance, her thighs kept trembling, and she was paralyzed at any time. Her father helped her waist, and the other hand hurried to find straps until she fixed her steadily on the iron.On the shelf.

Wang Lei was tied up for two hours, daily.

Children are already in the third grade, and mathematics can be full.The summer vacation came, and Wang Lei’s mother sent her grandson to the counseling class, Taekwondo class and the violin class.Wang Lei was worried about the child’s eyesight. When the child changed his way to play with his mobile phone, she had to stop.

For two hours of upright, the child will pull Wang Lei a song of woles, and will also be around the standing table to fight her poker."This is really inherited. I have also played cards and mahjong since I was a child." Wang Lei said, and did not forget to confirm the cards on the hand with his fingers., But never play.

Wang Lei has a small goal recently, to lose weight."Her parents are around, and she will never lose weight." She dragged her tail sound and wanted to express helplessness.Weight loss is for his father. The old man is the same age of the Republic. He lives in the factory for a lifetime, and his body is still tough.But after all, he was 72 years old. Wang Lei was worried that his father would never move her one day.

A few days ago, Wang Lei registered the public account with the name of the forum. She was still fighting another novel. The last 200,000 -word "fluttering street" failed to make her discouraged, "the next one will be better."

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