"Dysmenorrhea, a serious doctor calls me to have a child!" Can pregnancy really relieve dysmenorrhea?Experts say that

Reporter Wu Shuang Correspondent Jiang Jiens

Two days ago, a netizen on Weibo shared his experience in the hospital because of dysmenorrhea. The advice given by the doctor is to have a child.For a while, Weibo hot search topic”to see the dysmenorrhea doctor asked me to have children”caused heated discussion among netizens.

This statement sounds a bit "outrageous". Some netizens left a message: After I gave birth to a child, I did not have dysmenorrhea.Some netizens said that after two years after giving birth, they did not have pain. Now the child is three years old, and the pain is better than before. The doctor suggested that he had a second child quickly.

Can having a child to relieve dysmenorrhea?There are two types of dysmenorrhea

Is there a medical basis for "having children to relieve dysmenorrhea"?The reporter interviewed Feng Ting, deputy chief physician of the gynecological department of Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.Director Feng said that this should be identified from the type of dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is divided into primary dysmenorrhea (no organic lesions) and secondary dysmenorrhea (with organic lesions).If it is primary dysmenorrhea, there will be pain, swelling, or backache of the lower abdomen during menstruation, but this is not caused by disease, and it is more associated with congenital factors.

"Some girls may have dysmenorrhea because the cervical mouth is too small or the uterine is leaning back and folding back.Relief. "Director Feng mentioned that this situation is the most reasonable explanation of" giving birth to children can relieve dysmenorrhea ".

Director Feng added that if your dysmenorrhea is secondary, it is caused by endometriosis and uterine adenomy muscle disease, and there is no such thing as "having children can relieve dysmenorrhea".This is why netizens mentioned that "there is no pain after two years of childbirth, and later the pain is even more powerful": October in October and the breastfeeding period is relieved of dysmenorrhea caused by endometriosis.However, once menstruation is recovered, dysmenorrhea will occur again, and the symptoms will gradually increase.The characteristics of this secondary dysmenorrhea are that the symptoms will become more and more serious, and it can be understood that every dysmenorrhea will increase than before.

How to tell what kind of dysmenorrhea is dysmenorrhea?

Many women with dysmenorrhea may be confused when they see this: Is my dysmenorrhea primary or secondary?This requires going to the hospital gynecological clinic for diagnosis and treatment.Doctors will combine the symptoms and signs of the patient, while doing auxiliary examinations such as B -ultrasound in gynecology to confirm whether there are organic problems such as endometriosis or uterine adenomia.If none, it belongs to primary dysmenorrhea."Primary dysmenorrhea is also caused by many factors, such as emotional tension, too much cold food, or sudden severe exercise. Due to the high prostaglandin content, it causes greater pain." Director Feng explained.

So what causes secondary dysmenorrhea?Director Feng said that there is no clear cause of pathogenic diseases. High estrogen, blood circulation, and abortion surgery are high -risk factors suffering from endometriosis or uterine adenomy muscles.Clinically, for the treatment of secondary dysmenorrhea, mild analgesic control is controlled; severe illnesses can inhibit ovulation, reduce prostaglandin, and atrophic endometrium to alleviate dysmenorrhea through long -term oral short -acting contraceptives."Once the contraceptive pill is not taken, the symptoms will recur. If endometriosis and uterine adenomy muscle disease have reached surgical indications, they should perform surgical treatment in accordance with the doctor’s advice."

A good way to relieve dysmenorrhea must persist every year

What are the "natural enemies" of "dysmenorrhea", what are the good ways to alleviate?Director Feng said that first of all, a gynecological examination must be done every year, and the pain is unbearable in time. The doctor will treat the symptoms and can effectively relieve the pain.Secondly, pay attention to do not eat excessive cold and stimulate food in your diet, ensure good rest and mood, quit smoking and alcohol, and maintain yourself from your habits.

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