"Eat ginger in summer, Shengliang Fang", you must know how to eat ginger in summer, simply stir -fry, drink and eat again

Ginger is a commonplace for family kitchen. As a common ingredient, it can remove fishy and taste, and can also make ginger, brown sugar ginger tea and other foods. In fact, the use of ginger is far more than that. As the saying goes, "Winter winterEating radish summer and eating ginger, do not work doctors to prescribe medicines. "It can be seen that ginger has many benefits to the human body. In the early summer, it is the season when the tender ginger is listed in large quantities. The tender ginger in early summer is strong.It is tasted that tender ginger is a type of ginger. It has a tender texture, more water, and less fiber. When ginger can only remove fishy and taste, tender ginger can be used directly to cook.

The tender ginger, also known as Zai ginger, its color is white and lighter, the skin is smooth, which can help conditioning the spleen and stomach, warm stomachs, and cold. Compared with ginger, it has few fibers, no silk, no gluten, and delicious and tender.The spicy taste is not so strong, and its nutritional value is also very high. It is rich in trace elements such as vitamins, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., which has the effect of promoting the metabolism, promoting blood circulation and cold.It is hot in summer, and many people have a loss of appetite. Ginger contains ginger Suwan Su can stimulate saliva and gastric fluid secretion, thereby accelerating gastrointestinal motility and enhanced appetite.

There are many practices of tender ginger. Common vinegar ginger, tender ginger fried chicken, tender ginger fried meat, etc. The following is a common dish with tender ginger fried beef.It is a kind of meat with high protein and low fat. It is especially suitable for summer. It is matched with ginger, and wine and meals. Friends who like it can try it!

[Raw materials] tender ginger, beef, green pepper, edible oil, salt, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, oyster sauce, white sugar;

[How to stir -fry beef in tender ginger]

1. Prepare the required raw materials, tender ginger and beef, the proportion and number of ingredients do not have a fixed requirements, decide according to your preferences;

2. The prepared beef is cleaned, cut into slices or shreds against the lines, so that the fried beef is more tender;

3. After cutting the beef, pickle it, add a little water, grab it well, and let the beef absorb the water. The fried beef will be more tender.After that, add a little starch, grab it again, and finally add food oil, grab it well, seal the water in the beef, put it on one side and marinate for 10 minutes;

4. Wash the prepared ginger, cut it into shredded ginger, and cut a little less green pepper to make the color look better. After all ingredients are ready, you can start cooking;

5. Heat the pan, add a little more edible oil, add beef, stir fry on high heat, stir fry until the beef discolored, about ten seconds, when the beef is cooked, the pan is out of the pan;

6. After the beef is out of the pot, add some edible oil in the pot, add ginger and green pepper, stir fry the flavor, stir fry until the ginger becomes soft, add a spoonful of salt to season;

7. After the ginger is seasoned, add the beef, stir -fry for about more than ten seconds, and mix the two ingredients better. Add a little sugar to fresh sugar before the pan and mix well.

8. The tender ginger fried beef that is delicious is completed. After the pan, it smells appetizing. The beef is smooth and tender, the ginger is slightly spicy, and the salty fragrance is particularly appetizing.

Summary of the practice of tender ginger fried beef:

1. Once the ginger at home starts to rot, there will be a camphor. This substance is toxic. Even if the rotten part is cut off, it is not available.

2. Edit with tender ginger to avoid getting angry.

3. It is best to eat ginger in summer, which can reduce the situation of getting angry. This is particularly important in the hot summer.

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