"Eat more beans in summer", you need to eat these five kinds of beans, eat a little every day, and eat better in summer

Beans are common in our daily diet. We pay attention to "grains should be raised, and beans are bad." We have to eat more grain, but we cannot ignore this small bean.

Friends who do n’t like to eat meat or do n’t eat more meat because of their own diseases, you can use beans instead of a certain amount of meat; in addition, some friends who like to eat big fish and meat should pay attention to their gastrointestinal problems and excess nutritional surplusThe problem can actually balance the diet and eat more beans instead of meat.

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records "five colors into the five internal organs."

Let ’s share with you these five colors of beans. We all know these five beans. It’ s better to eat and eat it.

Red Enterprise: Red Bean

Summer is the season of "nourishing the heart". Red beans contain potassium. Eating more red beans can replenish blood, antioxidant, and blood vessels. In addition, it is believed that it has the effect of removing dampness and urine.

Recommended method: 【Red Bean Blossom Volume】

1. He Noodles:

Prepare 200 grams of wheat flour, put 3 grams of yeast and 10 grams of sugar, promote yeast fermentation, use water and noodles, add a small amount of several times, rub the surface together, knead it into a smooth dough, cover it with a plate, keep the normal temperature, normal temperatureFerment for 1 hour.

2. Steam the red beans:

Prepare a half bowl of red beans, soaked in advance in advance, pour it in the steamer, SAIC starts to steam for 15 minutes after the red beans is steamed, pour it in the pot to cool, add a spoonful of sugar after dryingEssence

3. Start production:

On the surface, the wind is dry, and the round surface is flattened, rolled into a round dough, and dug the right amount of red bean filling on the noodles, tightening the opening like a bun.

Put it on the chopping board and roll it into a beef tongue, turn it over to brush a little water to increase the stickiness, and then roll from a roller.Steamed more fluffy and softer.

4. Start steaming:

After boiling the water in the pot, after the water is boiled, put the fermented red bean rolls in the steamer, and steam it with a lid for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, turn off the heat for another 2 minutes. San Yiming to avoid the cold collapse of the flowers suddenly. A simple and delicious red bean flower roll is ready.

Green liver: mung beans

Mung beans are also very common ingredients. When nourishing the liver in spring, eating more mung beans can clear heat and detoxify and remove liver fire. When the weather is dry in summer and the temperature rises, eating more mung beans can reduce the heat and thirst, and promote the metabolism of the body.

When eating mung beans, pay attention to three "no": mung bean antidote, so you cannot eat it when taking medicine.Mung beans are cold, and women who are cold and menstrual periods cannot be eaten.Do not eat mung beans during an empty stomach, which hurts the spleen and stomach.

Recommended method: [Mung bean paste]

1. Prepare ingredients:

Prepare 500 grams of mung bean, pour the appropriate amount of water, add 3 grams of alkaline surface and stir, soak it evenly for three or four hours, add the alkali noodles when soaking, which is easier to cook and make the mung bean sand.

2. Cook the mung beans:

Pour the soaked mung beans into the high -pressure cooker, turn it on the heat to SAIC for 15 minutes, and boil the water.

After 15 minutes, take out the cooked mung beans and add 20 grams of rock sugar while it is hot. Friends and rock sugar can not be placed. Add an appropriate amount of cold water or mineral water.Essence

3. Start production:

Pour the mung beans into the pulp machine and break the mung beans and rock sugar until it is made of delicate, without granules.

Pour into the bowl after playing, put a few wolfberry to decorate, cover it with plastic wrap, put it in the refrigerator for half an hour, a bowl of green mung bean paste with cool heat and heat.

White into the lungs: white kidney beans

"It is advisable to nourish the lungs in autumn." White kidney beans can moisturize the lungs and nourish qi, and the lungs are the main fur. Eat more white kidney beans to nourish the skin;It also exists in the health products that are popular in the weight loss friends, because it contains amylase inhibitors and dietary fiber, which can block the body’s decomposition of starch and be conducive to weight control.

Black kidney: black beans

The black beans suitable for nourishing kidneys in winter are low compared to red beans, but it is called "plant protein meat" with high protein characteristics; in additionThe elderly can soak black beans, mainly because black beans can also protect vision and alleviate blurred eyes.

Recommended method: [Black Red Yama Puppet Cake]

1. First of all, let’s prepare the ingredients: 1 peeling of the iron rod yam, cut into a uniform long section and soak it in water; 50 grams of black beans, 50 grams of red beans are soaked in clear water one day in advance.

Small knowledge: Gloves should be brought when peeling yam to avoid skin allergies; soaking in water can prevent yam to prevent oxidation and black; bean soak can reduce the time of cooking.

2. Boil water in the pot and put the soaked black beans and red beans in the pot. After boiling the water, turn it on low heat and cook for 30 minutes. Cook the black beans and red beans to softly and soft.

3. Boil the water in the pot. Put the yam into the mule, boil the water on the high heat and steam the heat for 15 minutes. After steaming, take it out.Put the yam in a basin and press the spoon into a yam mud, add a little vegetable oil and mix well; add the cooked red beans and black beans and mix well; prepare a plate and spread a layer of plastic wrap for later use.

4. Apply a layer of vegetable oil to prevent adhesion on the chopping board. Take out the appropriate amount of yam mud and press it. Cut out different shapes with molds and place them in the dish.; Of course, you don’t like to eat cold, you can eat it directly after doing it.

Yellow spleen: soybeans

Soy beans are the most common beans in our lives, but what we don’t know is that it is called "longevity first beans".In "Materia Medica Words", it is suitable for the symptoms of poor spleen deficiency and poor digestion; in modern medicine, it believes that the lecithin it contains can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; soy isoflavones can prevent gynecological diseases.

Recommended method: 【Soybean Small Vegetables】

1. Prepare ingredients:

Prepare an appropriate amount of soybeans and soak it for one night in advance to allow it to suck water, which can reduce the stew time.Wash the soaked soy beans, put it in a high -pressure cooker, pour the appropriate amount of water without soybeans, add two spoons of salt into the bottom flavor, burn it on high heat first, then turn to low heat for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, open it. Open it.The pot lid let it cool for a while.

Prepare an appropriate amount of thread pepper and millet pepper into a ring; prepare 100 grams of chopped pepper sauce for later use; cut off onion, onion slices, and ginger shreds together; grab a small handle of peppercorns, and a few octagonal spare.

2. Start production:

When the oil is burned in the pot, when the oil temperature is slightly hot, pour small ingredients such as green onion, onion into the pot, and fry the heat slowly.Put three spoons of bean paste, quickly fried red oil, pour in chopped pepper sauce, continue to stir -fry for about 3 minutes, stir -fry the water in the sauce, the bubbles in the pot are getting smaller and smaller, indicating that the water is basically fry and dry., Pick out the cooked soybeans into the pot.

Stir -fry with a spatula, let the soybeans absorb the aroma of the sauce, add two spoons of salt, three spoons of sugar, one spoonful of chicken powder, 20 grams of raw soy sauce, continue to stir -fry the flavor of the soybeans, pour the scent of the soybeans, pour the flavorEnter the green pepper circle and continue stir -fry for 2 minutes.

Put 10 ml of height liquor and stir well. Baijiu can inhibit bacteria and prevent soybean sauce from deteriorating. The soy bean sauce can be stored in a water -free and oil -free seal container.Just do it.

(First Food Editor: Cao Cao)

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