"Even if the smallpox you say is messy, I don’t want children."

A female friend once said such a paragraph: I don’t mind loneliness, I am ready to get old.I have no obligation to be a wife or mother who must be. Marriage and child having children in my life are not required. Some of them are very hard to live in life.

At present, there are not a few female friends or married women who have the same ideas as this friend.When parents get married and have children, they will be perfunctory, and when a friend asks to change the truth: No matter how small you are talking about, how warm you say about your parents and children, I don’t want children.

1. Do not want to bear the pain of pregnancy and child:

"The ears are afraid of pain and dare not fight, let me have children … save it." This is the original words of a friend.

Indeed, from the moment women become expectant mothers, it also means that dizziness, elevated intraocular pressure, pregnancy spots, blood pressure blood sugar, pregnancy vomiting, back pain can not fall asleep, leg cramps, joint pain, feet swelling, feet swellingNot far away.

However, compared with the last contraction pain, the pain of opening the ten fingers, the pain of the knife, and the pain of the stomach, the above symptoms are nothing.

2. No confidence in yourself:

The current marriage advocates freedom and autonomy, and adults make decisions by themselves.However, some people often enter a unhappy marriage because of incomplete minds or hasty.The unfortunate marriage, whether it is for yourself or children, there are more shadows in or less.

Especially after witnessing many unfortunate families, or after personal experience, some people completely dispel the idea of getting married and having children.

When they look forward to it, they are only worried that if they divorce in the future, the child will lose mother love or father’s love. There will be a lot of regrets in childhood.So I don’t want to take this risk to make a child suffering from the world, otherwise he will blame himself for life.

3. I don’t have confidence in my husband:

Many people have witnessed the similar experiences around them: after the blind date, they were urged to marry, urged their children to urge their children, and gave birth to a child for a second child. After the child was in school, the old man hoped that his mother would make money.After the child was born, Bao Dad would set up a handle. Later, he was looking at flowers, and when he was a man, he lamented: "Why do women get married and give birth to baby."

Giveting children really requires female friends to have a huge courage. This courage may come from the care of her husband, from the excellent family conditions, and from their desire for children.

However, many words can not be said too much, and some conclusions cannot be too early.Perhaps because he hasn’t reached the age, maybe he hasn’t met the husband who has not met you, but when you come to the world to experience the feeling of being a mother, especially when you feel that your child loves you, you may not feel that you will not feelThis life has been.

Mom, what was the determination to make your birth baby?Have you ever been afraid of marriage or fearing?Welcome to leave a message to share your true feelings.

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