"Female Family" vomiting during pregnancy, you have to know

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Vomiting during pregnancy, you have to know

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One day, a gynecological clinic took a patient with 8 weeks of pregnancy. The patient complained that the morning vomiting was obvious. The rest of the time was not good., Accompanied her to see a doctor, and did a series of examinations normal. The doctor explained that some precautions were allowed to go home.

Many pregnant women have experienced pregnancy reactions since 6 weeks of pregnancy, such as nausea and vomiting, anorexia, food selection, eosinophils, burnout, dizziness, etc., generally do not affect life and work.Pharmaceuticals, head tires, and elderly pregnant women are more common, and they do not need to worry too much, and mental tension can also lead to worse vomiting reactions.

If severe nausea and vomiting, dizziness and anorexia, and even eating in early pregnancy, it is a disease evidence. Chinese medicine is called "pregnancy malignant" and western medicine is "pregnancy drama vomiting".

Huang, 32, appeared serious nausea and vomiting at 7 weeks of pregnancy. He spit out when he entered, and even drinking water, dizziness, mental fatigue, decreased urine, and lighter weight than before pregnancy.Unable to eat for a long time will cause darkeration of pregnant women, electrolyte disorders, and decreased weight; insufficient nutritional intake can lead to increased metabolic acid poisoning in fat metabolism; patients with obvious weight loss, extreme fatigue, decreased urine output, increased body temperature, pulse pulse, pulse paceFast increase, blood pressure decreases; seriously leads to damage to liver and kidney, jaundice, creatinine elevation, and proteinuria occur.The deficiency of vitamin B1 may also cause central nervous symptoms such as visual obstacles, abnormal gait, slow spirit, and drowsiness. When the treatment effect is not good, even the pregnancy is needed.

Huang was hospitalized in gynecology and could not eat at the beginning. She supplemented her nutrition to her, and cooperated with traditional Chinese medicine treatment such as acupoints and applied acupoints. After that, they could gradually eat a little fluid.Basically relieved that the fetus has been growing well.Under normal circumstances, the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine can achieve curative effect and continue pregnancy.

In addition, severe vomiting during pregnancy also needs to exclude other problems, such as hydatiditic, pregnancy, acute appendicitis, pregnancy with acute gastroenteritis, and pregnancy.The hydrogen tires mentioned here are an abnormal pregnancy, usually nourishing cell hyperplasia caused by chromosomal abnormalities, with interstitial edema, forming a variety of blisters, named after grapes.Many patients with hydatidians will increase abnormal uterus, and the HCG level is abnormally elevated, which has caused severe nausea and vomiting very early. Such patients need to diagnose as soon as possible to clear the palace in time.Therefore, severe nausea and vomiting occurred in pregnancy. Don’t take it lightly. Please seek medical treatment in time and seek professional help of a doctor.

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