"Hidden pregnancy" becomes a helpless choice for women, calling for the cost co -share mechanism

Author: Tang Wei

"Try to wear clothes as loose as possible." After pregnancy, Faye Wong (a pseudonym), an employee of a company in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, did not share the good news with company colleagues after pregnancy, but chose to conceal."Previously, some colleagues were all deducted because of pregnancy, so they could conceal as much as possible. After the performance was evaluated at the end of the year." That’s it. Until 22 weeks of pregnancy, "I can’t hide it."It’s right.Faye Wong said that from the experience of previous colleagues, the company’s performance assessment at the end of the year was very unfriendly for pregnant female employees and basically could not get performance assessment awards.In recent years, more and more women in the workplace, like Faye Faye, have chosen to conceal the pregnancy in the first few months after pregnancy. "Hidden pregnancy" has become a lasting workplace survival strategy for women.

Out of the consequences of being reduced, fired, affecting the consequences of the probation period, and promotion and salary increase, many workplace women will conceal the fact that she is pregnant.In this way, there are great safety and health hazards to make the female workers who are pregnant, but also increase the uncertain cost to the employer.And corresponding care for employees after pregnancy.The reason behind the "hidden pregnancy" phenomenon is worth analyzing, and it is urgent to find a practical solution.

The most fundamental cause of this phenomenon is gender discrimination.For the consideration of controlling costs and avoiding risks, many employers have conflicts with female employees who are pregnant, and some have adopted the means of postponement and salary reduction to respond, leading to the infringement of the rights of female employees after pregnancy.

In the "2020 China Women’s Workplace Investigation Report" released by a recruitment website, 58.25%of women encountered "asked about marriage and fertility during the application process".%Of professional women believe that "fertility is a burden that women cannot get rid of."Among the typical cases notified by courts at all levels, there are many examples of testimonially due to pregnancy, salary reduction, and deduction of performance.It is a large number of examples that have made many women in the workplace have a sense of fear, and concealing pregnancy has become a conditional reflection.

As a result, the pregnancy employees are accusing the workers who are not honest, or that the employer is not close, and they are not fair.When choosing an employer, the employer will have a consideration of benefits. The work that the female employee is not on the job shall be borne by others. These explicit cost expenditures, coupled with the various uncertainty costs in the management process, all make the employer’s unit.He is scared to female employees.Therefore, the problem of solving the problem of "pregnancy is a bottleneck of professional women’s development" must be made by multiple parties. Employers need to do a good job of work arrangements and system design within the company to balance the management costs brought by female employees during pregnancy.It should also be included in the category of maternity allowances in time.

More importantly, under the new situation of encouraging fertility, the cost generated by the labor -employed duration of female employees should be reasonably distributed between workers, employers, and countries, especially considering the cost burden of women’s fertility to employersYou can introduce corresponding preferential policies, give some tilt policy support in terms of taxation, parenting subsidies, etc., reduce the burden of employers, allow fertility to get out of the category of families and employers, and strengthen the "publicity" of fertility.In this way, we can establish more cost and risk sharing mechanism, so that the rights and interests of female employees can be truly guaranteed.(Tang Wei)

Source: Guangming.com-Time Review Channel

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