"How to replenish nutrition without eating meat"?Replenish nutrition during pregnancy, and foods are also eaten in addition to meat

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After pregnancy, pregnant mothers eat alone, but provide nutrition for babies in their bodies and stomachs at the same time.Therefore, pay attention to supplementing nutrition during pregnancy, otherwise it may be unhealthy, and the development of the fetus will be affected.

When I met a friend who was just pregnant, she talked with me for a long time for a long time. From finding her pregnancy, her mother -in -law pulled her suitcase to her house. She made a table delicious every day. Most of them were big meat.Give her to eat her.

Before pregnancy, she didn’t particularly like to eat meat. After pregnancy, she even saw meat and smelled the meat. She wanted to vomit, but her mother -in -law also said, "How to replenish nutrition without eating meat" every day. She often eats a meal.Every day I saw my mother -in -law cooking every day, I started to be nervous.

Many people in life think that "meat is more nutritious and eat more meat if you want to replenish nutrition."But is it really like this?

I remember in a variety show, He Wenna and her mother -in -law participated in the show. At that time, she was during pregnancy. One period was that her birth check was found to be small. My mother -in -law was worried that her baby was not nutritious enough.Essence

At first I had to endure, but I still didn’t hold back or went to the bathroom to vomit.After the show was broadcast, her mother -in -law also searched for the image of "evil mother -in -law".

In fact, there are several facts in it, but many people enter the misunderstanding.

First: taste changes after pregnancy.

After pregnancy, because of the rise in hormones in pregnant women, the body of pregnant women will change and taste will change.

Just like many pregnant women become sour foods after pregnancy, some love to eat spicy food; some suddenly do not like to eat meat, but some are suddenly interested in meat; even some pregnant mothers have the taste of pregnant mothers become the taste of pregnant mothers becomeVery tricky, I always want to eat some foods that are difficult to do …

However, this is a normal pregnancy phenomenon. Neither pregnant mothers and family members have to worry about eating more appropriately. If you do n’t like to eat, you can eat less appropriately.

Second: Meat is nutritious, but eating meat is not the best way to replenish nutrition.

Meat contains a variety of nutrients such as high -quality protein, iron, and calcium. It is indeed nutritious food and food that many people like to eat.

However, it is not possible to think that "only more meat can be eaten during pregnancy to replenish nutrition."

Pregnant women supplement nutrition and pay more attention to nutritional balance. If it is only a single supplemental supplement, it will lead to insufficient intake of other nutrients and malnutrition.

Therefore, you can eat meat and eat meat every day, but you have to "eat correctly".

According to the suggestions of the Chinese Nutrition Society, the intake of the intake of "fish, poultry and eggs" that pregnant women eat every day are:

In the early pregnancy, the fetus was small, the amount of nutritional demand was small, and the various nutrient intake was basically similar to before pregnancy.

In the middle of pregnancy: The total amount of fish and poultry eggs is 150-200 grams, the eggs are 50 grams per day, livestock and poultry meat is 50-75 grams per day, and fish and shrimp are 50-75 grams per day.

In the third trimester: The total amount of fish and poultry eggs is 200-250 grams, the eggs are 50 grams per day, the livestock and poultry meat is 75-100 grams per day, and the fish and shrimp are 75-100 grams per day.

Pregnant mothers can eat meat every day. Eating too much is easy to be too nutritious. It will make you not control your weight and control your weight, and it will easily lead to a large fetus.

If you don’t like pregnant mothers who eat meat, you can add other foods containing similar nutrients, such as drinking milk, eating eggs, and soy products to supplement high -quality protein.

You can see a lot of meat in the supermarket or vegetable market, pork, beef, lamb, fish and shrimp, etc. What kind of good and how to eat for pregnant women?

▲ Choose fresh meat when buying.

That is to pay attention to the problem of food hygiene and safety, try to buy meat from regular places such as supermarkets, choose clean and fresh meat pieces to buy, it is best not to buy too much at a time.

Before buying it, rinse it under the flowing water before cooking.

▲ Eat it with tricks, it is best to eat it often.

That is to say, I often buy different types of meat to eat. One can change different flavors, make different delicious foods, and not easy to eat. Second, different meats can help different nutrition.

▲ Eat more lean meat and less fat.

The fat is mainly fat, the taste is good, but it is easy to gain weight, which is not good for health.

Therefore, pregnant women should eat more lean meat, such as red meat, fish and shrimp, etc. of pigs and mutton, and iron supplementation and protein are better.

In addition to lean meat, you can also eat some animal liver and blood clots appropriately. The iron supplementation effect is good, because pregnant mothers are prone to anemia after pregnancy. Eat more red meat and animal liver to help prevent iron deficiency anemia.

In short, eating meat after pregnancy is correct, not eating more to ensure nutrition and make the fetus develop well.

From preparation to pregnancy to postpartum breastfeeding period, you should follow such a diet principle. In addition to eating meat every day, you also have to eat other types of foods, staple foods, vegetables and fruits, soy products, nuts, etc.

Have you changed the taste during pregnancy? Do you like meat?Welcome to share your pregnancy diet, fun and experience during pregnancy.

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