"I am 29 years old and divorced as soon as I was pregnant.": It is more terrible in marriage than my husband derailed. This is this

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If love is talked about the soldiers on paper, the marriage is a real gun.

In the recently popular TV series "My True Friends", Zi Hui and his girlfriend Connie love have encountered new resistance.

Because Zi Hui was from the countryside, he had no money to buy a house in Shanghai, and had to rent a house. He cheated Kangnie’s mother. This was the property he bought.

In order to let her mother agree with their marriage, Connie even pretended to be pregnant.

As a result, after the lies were pierced, Kangnie’s mother jumped like a thunder and resolutely disagreed with her daughter to continue to associate with this rural young man.

Parents are reluctant to suffer after marriage, her daughter is reluctant to love, her boyfriend can’t afford the reality of the room …

Because this plot is too real, it quickly appears on the hot search.And caused another round of heated discussion among netizens:

Can I get married if I can’t afford it?

I saw a girl asking questions on Zhihu:

What should I do if my boyfriend can’t afford a room?She is a single -parent family and has no sense of security without a house.

Unexpectedly, the following answers were spitting one side.

"The sense of security and the house is not the same thing. If your security feels a house, it can be exchanged. To be honest, it is too cheap."

"When you see the words of security, you are disgusting. What kind of security needs to be linked to the house? Is it your name to add your name? In case you divorce, can you divide the sense of security?"

Everyone seems to express one meaning:

This person is going to hold hands with you for a lifetime. Your future bitterness, sorrow, sorrow, bitterness and bitterness will have a lot of connection with him, but you stare at a house with your eyes only, no, just stare at a down payment.

As for whether he is upright and kind, he can form a happy family with you;

Whether he is independent and thoughtful, he can respect you and trust you;

Is there morality and ethics, and can resist the temptation of Yingying Yingyan around him?

It is not important for you to test whether a person can become a qualified husband.

At first glance, it seems quite reasonable, but if you think about it, it is full of loopholes.

People are fickle and loveless. Although it is a bit vulgar, it is really only a house.

There must be many people who will refute.

You see, when Bao Wenjing married Bao Bell, did Bayer have money?Is there a house?Aren’t they rented a house?

Now, people are more happy.

So Mo Bullying the young.

But I want to tell you two points:

1. They are celebrities, and they may not be in front of us may not be the most authentic state of their marriage.

2. Take a step back. In real life, the couples who are as good as Bao Bao Wenjing, who are together, are a minority after all.

More, it is like the gambler He Hongzhang, Fei Huang Tengda betrayed the original wife;

Or like Lu Xun’s writing, after being unemployed, he told Zijun that he no longer loves her, and he has to seek a new way for a new life, and throw off Zijun alone to die.

The wife of the charm is always abandoned, and the poor couples are declining.

This is a real story.

The girl married a poor boy because of love, and the expenses after pregnancy increased. They also had to take care of the elderly parents. The rent was deducted every month.

On the day of production, the girl suddenly had a postpartum bleeding unable to give birth, and the adults of the children were in danger at any time.

But the boy could not even get the money of 2,000 yuan.

Girls and unborn babies died in this way, and the girl was only in her early twenties.

Sometimes love can’t even keep life, what about security?

I have a very close cousin and a naked marriage.

After the marriage, the couple rented a house. Within one year, three landlords defaulted three times and moved three times.

Then, my cousin was pregnant.

As a result, the landlord was a phone call, saying that his son was about to get married, and the house would not be rented.

The cousin who endured various early pregnancy reactions finally collapsed and proposed a divorce.

She has enough time to live in uninterrup, and she has enough her husband to be willing to be unwilling to go in the status quo;

She didn’t want her children to come to this world and follow her parents to discuss life, and even kindergarten was difficult.

Seven -year feelings were defeated to a naked marriage for 1 year.

Voting on Weibo: "No house is not married" won overwhelming victory

When telling me the news of her divorce, my cousin could not say:

"I didn’t understand why my mother always said that she had to find a house with her husband. Now I can really understand her mood …

I thought I could endure the days when I was running around, but the reality finally defeated us."

Those who say to marry love have not tasted the suffering of no bread.

After all, hormones are only responsible for falling in love at first sight, but life is chai oil and salt.

Without the protection of material, why is the spiritual and sorrowful feeling of spiritual anger and sorrow?

Focusing on a living first, then love, this sentence is fine.

Girl, as a man, I can tell you responsible that those who really love you will not let you wander out.

Remember the lawyer friend I mentioned in the article before?

He comes from the countryside, and his parents are honest farmers, and there is no savings.

When he was in college, he met his current wife.

The girl distressed him, and knew that his family was not good, and even told him:

The house, when you can afford it.

But my friend told her very seriously: there was a house to be a home.

Other college students ran without a trace as soon as they were on vacation, but he used time to find an internship in a law firm.

After graduating, he was directly admitted to a domestic top law firm because he accumulated many experiences that his peers did not have.

No matter how busy his work is, he will take out one afternoon on the weekend to summarize a week of work:

Is the work satisfactory last week?Where can I improve it?Is the plan completed?

Then formulate the plan next week.

In his eyes, the first task of the present is work and saving money.

In this way, we can live up to the girl who accompanies him along the way.

After two years of doing it, in December 2017, he finally saved enough down payment, although it was only enough to buy a "old -fashioned".

That Christmas that year, he was a little guilty, and proposed to her with a real estate certificate and a bouquet of roses.

"In the future, I have money, and I will find a way to change."

The girlfriend looked at the real estate certificate with her name, crying.

Earlier this year, friends upgraded to be a father, and gloriously joined the ranks of the super -dad.

Last time he called me, telling the "hardship" of Yangwa:

"You don’t know, I accompany my wife to buy milk powder, good guys, every hundred; diapers are also hundreds of; and children’s small clothes and toys are not cheap …

Fortunately, with my hands, I can support her."

Although it is "Tucao", from his tone, he can’t hear a little complaint at all, and some are full of happiness as a husband and father.

As an emotion blogger said:

If love is talked about the soldiers on paper, the marriage is a real gun.Those blueprints that have been depicted for her should be figurative with their own efforts every day in the future.

In fact, women are far more independent than before.

Earlier this year, a set of data on the Internet showed that young female home buyers have accounted for nearly half of the total number. Among them, many of them are still unmarried.

There are still many who ask for buying a house before marriage, and they will not have the full money. Instead, the man pays the down payment first, and the remaining part of the two people will pay it together.

I know a few such girls.

In order to share the pressure of her husband, they are willing to quit the addiction to buy clothes, and the cosmetics have been reduced from the fairy water to Dabao;

For those who did not stick to the spring water, they also learned to buy food to see the labels, only to pick up the season;

After visiting the supermarket at 8 o’clock in the evening, because there were many discounts at that time.

Is it bitter?bitter.

But isn’t the two people trying to live a better life together, is it the best state of marriage?

Many times, girls are not afraid of "juvenile poor", but "juveniles have been poor."

What she was afraid of is not "suffering", but "no hope, no see tomorrow."

Maybe you can’t afford a house now, but you have to give her at least hope and give her confidence:

I will work with you, and I will strive for our future.

"Because you love you, you must be responsible for you. I may not give your villa mansion, but at least I will cast only our home for you."

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