"I am pregnant" "You intentionally! The cost of fetal tires AA system"

There is a playful words that have been widely circulated: saying if a man is responsible for a man, you will know it once.

Remember in "To Youth" Ruan Wan told Zhao Shiyong that I might be pregnant.He was so frightened that he was like earthy, and he couldn’t say clearly. He would only repeat it. No, we obviously took safety measures …

Xiao Fan did not expect that such a scene would appear on himself, and even her boyfriend was more scum than Zhao Shiyong.

Xiaofan was 27 years old. He graduated from graduate student. He wanted to jump out of the farmer’s gate. He has excellent grades from childhood. He has been busy with his studies in college. He has not talked about love once.

His boyfriend was a colleague of a company. When she first joined the job, he was warmly pursued.

The boyfriend was shaking in front of her, and she didn’t know where she heard the jokes, set to her WeChat, and "good night" with her every day.

He likes to speak sweet words, claiming that his family is doing business, his family is strong, and many girls also take the initiative to pursue him, but he fell in love with Xiao Fan at first sight.

Knowing that Xiaofan liked Murakami’s book, he also took the initiative to download the book on the Internet from the Internet, and the two also went to read "Norwegian Forest" together.

After a few times with him to date, she was tempted.

From recognizing that they were together, they lived in Xiao Fan’s rental house for less than two months.

At the beginning, he was also full of "boyfriend power", and he was very concerned about her. Even speaking was full of emotions. It was considerate, helped her tea to send water, pinching her waist and leaving her legs.A sense of responsibility.

Xiao Fan wanted to see that they were almost 30, and the family often called to urge marriage. He said a few times to see his parents. Boyfriends were confused. My father was on a business trip. Mom went to travel. In shortshirk.

Once, a colleague of the same company told Xiaofan the truth:

The boyfriend is not a rich second generation at all. Usually, he uses a credit card to borrow money to be dressed as a dog, but he is only from poor mountain villages;

He also pursued several other female colleagues with good conditions in the same way, but people ignored him at all.

He is a Phoenix man. He usually does not work seriously. He can be perfunctory and perfunctory.

Xiao Fan wants to have a job since Mu has become a boat.The boyfriend immediately became angry and accused her of not knowing the privacy of others.

The two were separated for more than a week. The boyfriend bought 99 roses and apologized to the door.

Later, Xiao Fan was pregnant unexpectedly, scaring her boyfriend almost didn’t faint, and asked her if she was wrong, and didn’t want to admit it at all.Say, you intentionally!I asked you to buy emergency contraceptives to eat. You did n’t take it seriously. This is all your fault.

When she learned that Xiaofan wanted to resign and gave birth to the child, her boyfriend was even thundered. She had to force Xiao Fan to get a fetus. She also said that if she insisted on giving birth, he was not responsible.

It was also disgusted that the daughter of the poor family could not match him at all, and the two of them were only temporarily hugging the heating.

Xiao Fan silently went to the hospital alone to get a fetus, resigned, and said, saying that I would never believe in love anymore.

Wu Jing once said: "To measure the standard of a man, do not measure from the appearance, but should measure whether he is a qualified man from this man’s temperament and his responsibilities and responsibilities."

To identify the scum man, don’t believe too much about your IQ, a fire eye can see through the other party, which is basically impossible.

Only through long -term observation, especially to enter his home, can we truly understand each other and test the character’s character.

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