"I don’t delay my job, you dare to resign, you will be AA." The wife directly changed the wedding room lock

Junjun couldn’t figure out why he was married for a year, why did he change his husband to the person like a person, and his temperament changed greatly.

In the three years they fell in love, they were in politics and affairs. Even if Jun Jun occasionally made small sex, Yu Zheng would coax her patiently and never fired at her.

Although Dad said that he did not believe that a man would have no temper, he thought that Yu Zheng must have a lot of conspiracy.But Jun Jun always stood firmly on his boyfriend to maintain the relationship between the two.

In fact, you can’t blame Dad’s thinking so.The economic conditions of the Junjun family are far better than politics.Dad opened a sanitary supplies factory with a small scale but good benefits. There are about 40,000 to 500,000 net profit each year.With more than ten years of assets, the Junjun family is also called a middle -class family.

In the past two years, Junjun’s mother died in a traffic accident. Dad was particularly picky about the only daughter of Junjun, the only daughter of Junjun, to choose the future son -in -law.In his opinion, the economic conditions in Yu Zheng’s family were average, and the young man himself was living in a living, and he was not an ideal son -in -law candidate.

Although not assured, she couldn’t help her daughter’s stubborn temper. Junjun’s father finally agreed with their marriage.The dowry is also very generous. Not only does the full model take a set of large flat layers to buy and decorate, but also given a car with a naked price of 500,000 to the small couple.

Unfortunately, after getting married for only half a year, Junjun’s father checked advanced lung cancer, and it was scattered in just 3 months.That is, from this time, Junjun noticed the change of politics.

After passing the father -in -law’s filial piety period, the first thing Yu Zheng did was to take his parents to live in the wedding room.Although this large flat floor is more than 150 square meters, it is not a problem to live in 4 people.But Junjun minded, why didn’t Yu Zheng discuss with himself in advance?

When Jun Jun ran to question Yu Zheng, he even showed a unhappy expression.

"Isn’t it normal to pick up my parents over and live together? Such a good house allows my parents to enjoy blessing. How can you be a daughter -in -law, how can you be ignorant at all?"

It is okay to live with my father -in -law, but this house is a wedding room I bought for us by my dad.Now that he just leaves, you will take it over without saying hello to me.

These sentences Junjun did not tell Yu Zheng in person.As soon as she didn’t want to quarrel with Yu Zheng in front of her father -in -law, she looked too stingy.Secondly, she just checked her pregnancy with a pregnancy test stick, and there was no need to destroy the relationship between the couple for a small matter.

However, after learning that Junjun was pregnant, although he looked very happy, he did not mean that Junjun had to resign at home to raise his heart.

After a month, Junjun’s early pregnancy response was getting bigger and bigger. When he went to work, he often had nausea for no reason, and his calf was swollen.

Considering that his physical fitness is average, Junjun follows the government and discuss: "Otherwise, I still resigned first. The reaction during pregnancy was too painful. After the child was recovered, I went to work again." "

Unexpectedly, when Yu Zheng heard it, his face was dark, and the response was particularly fierce: "No! If you are pregnant without delaying your job, don’t be agitated. We are so stressful now. If you dare to resign, your family costs AA!"

Junjun did not expect that Yu Zheng would be such a reaction for his thoughts of resigning at home!When you get married, the man who promises to take care of himself for a lifetime will become cold and passionate so soon.

At present, Junjun made up his mind.By the time of the weekend, while Yu Zheng drove to take his parents out of the surrounding rural areas, Junjun called the unlocking company and changed a door lock directly for the wedding room.

In the evening, Yu Zheng took his parents to eat and drink, and drove home with satisfaction. When he arrived at the door, he found that their things were thrown out and piled up at the door.

Yu Zheng hurriedly took out the key, but found that the door lock had been changed.In a hurry, he patted the door crazy and shouted Junjun to open the door.

Junjun inside the house did not open the door, only gave Yu political hair a few WeChat.

"I changed the door lock in the afternoon. I just cleaned up with your things. I gave you a chance, but you took your parents to take the green, eat, and take pictures of friends.I ’m a phone call and a clockwork WeChat, ask me how to do it, and I haven’t even thought about what I eat at home by a pregnant woman."

"It seems that my dad hasn’t read you right. I am really not as good as you in appearance, but why do you really marry me? It’ s because I saw my dad’s money? In this wayWe went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to complete the divorce procedures. I have asked a lawyer friend in terms of property and will make a reasonable division, rest assured. Children do not need to keep it. "

In fact, there are still some situations that Junjun did not tell Yu Zheng.When Dad checked the late tumor, he made all the arrangements for Junjun.

The factory transferred to an old friend, but retained 30%of Junjun’s shares.Several other real estate houses were transferred to her daughter, and the funds on the bank card account also transferred to the daughter’s card.Dad also specifically told him a few times. Do not tell Yu Zheng for the time being, and want Junjun to leave a retreat for himself.

Unexpectedly, I was unfortunately said by my father.

Yu Zheng is really not a man who can rely on, at least for Junjun.After 3 years of love+for 1 year of marriage, we can see the true face of the man.Fortunately, the timing of discovery is not too late. At the beginning of this period, this period was full of calculations from the beginning and re -set.

The only regret is that they have owed children who have not been born.But there is no way. In the face of such a situation, it may be the right decision to not give birth to the child.

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