"I was bitten by a dinosaur, is it useful to hit rabies vaccine?" "Maybe it may be amputated"

A headline number in a hard work ▲

People who look good are concerned

Xiaoku will talk friendlyly with friends when I sometimes chat

Q: When is the sweet love?

Q: When will we have money to play everywhere

Q: When can I have seven or eight young ladies and sisters to sleep with me


For the above problems

Xiaotu’s friends with a cold heart

They all answered like this:

Wash and sleep, there are everything in your dreams


Dreams still have

In case of realization

Of course

Too strange

Then it can only be a dream

In these days, there are not a few love beans.

In the dream, and Aidou have to say things.

@ @沫

My boyfriend told me that he had a dream. He said that he dreamed of Wu Yifan and called Fanfan to take a photo with me, but Fanfan left without hearing. As a result, the company opened it, so he fired Wu Yifan.

@85, one can for cola Mom

Dreaming of Lai Guanlin sitting with me, we were in love. He took his mobile phone and said he wanted to take a picture with me to upload the relationship.I was so scared that I kicked the phone and turned over a few meters, and then woke up, and then the phone was really a few meters away under the bed.

@包 小

I would like to make a dream of dreaming Quan Zhilong to propose and show off.

@半 半

Leslie Cheung.I dreamed that I loved Doudou and Mr. Tang playing badminton. I was picking up the ball and picked up a night ball.

@ @

I dreamed that Hua Chenyu chased me really, and I really chased me. I ran away and exhausted me.

@He is not fierce

Once I dreamed that Naza was sick and no one took care of it. I smashed the pot and sold iron to treat her. I felt uncomfortable when I woke up.


Guo Qilin and I went to see Guo Degang together, Guo Degang laughed well.

@Lly to become handsome chicken cake

Wang Yibo.I dreamed that Yibo and I had a car, I wanted to steal him, but he said that he wanted to play games, don’t bother him, and then gave a motorcycle glasses to another sister.

In those years, who has not yet played the upper body, the screenwriter attached.

In a dream, a good show, the gongs played.

@Don’t eat and sleep

Smuggling, selling old grandma, and transportation to the square dance abroad.

@ @李 李

Dreaming of a good friend in the Anti -Japanese War, because we played so well, let us really go to the War of Resistance.

@卜 卜

Dreaming of being bitten by a dinosaur, crying and asking others if it is useful for a rabies vaccine …


Dreaming about being caught into the MLM organization, the first day felt good, all of them were talented, and they talked nicely.The next day I remembered that the cat at home was not fed, so I went to the boss to negotiate, and the boss refused to let me go.I couldn’t bear it, performed a peerless martial arts, killed the boss, and went home to stun the cat.

@Tracy xu

There was a cold, and my nose was so easy to fall asleep. I dreamed that walking into a place like a mobile business hall. The teller asked: What business is it?Me: I want to open a nostril.Turner: 210,000.Me: Ah … I ca n’t afford it, let me strangle … Then I woke up sadly.

@能 能

I made a light work and killed the siege. When I met the robotic legion, I succeeded in the escape from the magic light wave. As a result, my mother took the feathers on the road to escape.

@ @岬 岬

Dreaming of the lady who was originally a national capitalist, later transformed into a state -owned state -owned state -owned, and she had to raise the original old maid in the family.It’s too dark.


My roommate murdered me to help her throw her corpse. She collected a lot of my fingerprints. If she didn’t help, I forged me into a murderer.

@小 小 泡 泡

Probably there was blood on the way home, and it continued to the door of the house. Then I found that behind my door, the staircase lying on the stairs was lying on the corpse for dozens of corpses.Search, let me stay in the house at night, don’t act lightly.


Seeing the Digimon and the Pig Man fighting, then I cheered in the past. In the end, the baby came over to help. The antenna baby won. I was beaten.


I dreamed that when I returned to the school during the Grand Revolution, a student in a class actively spoke about the reform. When it was my turn, I cried. They were all my ancestors.When they were crying, they coaxed me. I said that I came from the future, and then a person in a class was around me and asked what the future looked like. I said that the future is really good.


The strangest dream I have ever had the most strange dream was that the person who claimed to be the representative of the class was chased and then ran to my house. The key is that that class represents me at all, and then a helicopter who hunted him and a missile.In the end, I still had to pay a lawsuit with the pursuit of the hunting person to lose money. After losing money, I finally had the money to live on the villa I dreamed of.

Those weird dreams are like a bubble when they wake up. There are everything in my dreams.


Last night I dreamed that I couldn’t find the same table in school. I couldn’t find it. I went to school to have a strange dream today. He said that he had a strange dream and said that he had been hiding in me in the dream.


Dreaming of becoming a second -generation rich and breeding boy.But I am a fake rich second generation. I rented the villa, and I borrowed the car. Later, he found out that I asked me. I thought about good days.I just want to soak you.I thought he was leaving, who knew he said no, I love you, not because of your money.So we live together happily.Later, the dream woke up.


Dreaming of giving birth to a girl, the big eyes of Shui Lingling are beautiful.However, I have no object.

@学 力 力 力

Dreaming that the major of my studies is the breeding of giant pandas. The giant panda that I have to raise can have a baby panda to graduate, and my giant panda is a single cat.


Dreaming of him love me, go home with me to see my parents, and sleep on my bed at night.

@ @ @三

I dreamed of picking up money in the big and chaotic garbage dumps, I might be poor.

@小 小 日 小 小 小

I once dreamed of playing jumping on my bed, jumping from this end to that, and jumping to the clouds. Later, I jumped out of the beautiful sheep.

@萧 萧

Dreaming of my pregnancy left three packs of instant noodles.

Don’t see

At a glance

Xiaolu’s most strange dream by himself

It’s the armor of the armor warrior

Step on the sleigh in the clouds to slide

There are many people skiing in the clouds like Xiaotu

Sliding and slipping, they hit them and hit it and hit it

Xiaotu to pull the rack

As a result


What a strange dream you have ever had a weird dream

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