"Junjun" Zhang Xinyu was pregnant but thinned his legs.

Just now, "Junxuan" Zhang Xinyu was taken by the media to be taken out of the street. From the photos, Zhang Xinyu’s belly was obviously raised and full of pregnancy.With a big belly, the parcels are very strict, and they also have dogs out of their hearts with dogs. Since becoming a military sister, the life of the spicy goddess Zhang Xinyu has become increasingly low -key.Power is really great.

Zhang Xinyu, who was out of the street, looked very leisurely. While playing with her mobile phone, she was holding a dog. It seemed that the identity of the star did not bring too much trouble to her private life.The black tight pants of the whole body and the black hat and sunglasses are not forgotten to keep warm in a checkered crisis to keep warm.However, netizens are really fiery eyes, and they can be recognized in this way. Xiaobian really admires the wisdom of netizens.

Seeing this belly is at least 5 months pregnant, the protruding abdomen is still very obvious.However, Zhang Xinyu’s limbs are still the same thin, and they can’t see the posture of a pregnant woman. It seems that the female star is still different from ordinary people. Even if she is pregnant, the figure management is still in place.But looking at Zhang Xinyu’s appearance, she really sweated for her.The Internet addiction girl must be careful when crossing the road, and she still does not look at the road with her stomach. Zhang Xinyu’s heart is really great.

As a female star Zhang Xinyu, the word of mouth has always been not very good. It may be because they are too beautiful, so they always receive a lot of criticism.Some people say that she is too much. Some people say that she rely on the way. After breaking up with Li Chen, she was also worthwhile by Li Chen.However, Zhang Xinyu’s psychological tolerance is really good. So many cutting her has survived her own.He was still married in August 2018, and he really married love.

It is really wonderful to say that Zhang Xinyu’s cause is really wonderful. She and her husband He Jie had a chemical response because of a variety show.As a partner in "" stars and dogs, facing the strict "physical training+police dog training" task in the military camp is also a very hard -working show.And her husband He Jie is one of the instructors of the program.At that time, Zhang Xinyu was criticized by the instructor three times because of his hair too long.Later, Zhang Xinyu resolutely found the instructor and cut off his long hair on the spot. Now it is really romantic to see it now. Fate is really doomed.

He said that his husband He Jie was born, but his face value was no less than the little fresh meat in the performing arts circle.He Jie, born in 1988, was one year younger than Zhang Xinyu, but he was already the rank of captain. As a armed police, he participated in many dangerous tasks such as anti -disaster resistance and counter -terrorism."Zhang Xinyu also came to the more beautiful, and married his own love.In the year of the pig, the pig will usher in the pig, and I wish the two to continue happiness and sweetness!

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