"Lotus seeds are not delicious!" It seems that you are misunderstood lotus seeds, so don’t buy "potion lotus seeds"

Two days ago, I bought some lotus seeds from the market and made lotus seed cuttlefish soup. As a result, the lotus seeds in it ate softly, and it was pink as soon as it was bitten. It was not delicious.I thought that the lotus seeds were like this, and I found out that this was not the case.But I bought the "potion lotus seeds".

The lotus lotus seeds are mentioned in chemical methods, soake the lotus seeds with chemical potions, and then add a little bleach, fluorescent whitening agent, etc.Usually this way is to deal with the poor lotus seeds, or the old lotus seeds. After using this method to lift the bleach, it seems that it is the same as the good lotus seeds.The body is harmful, we must pay attention.

How to identify is it "potion lotus seed"?

① The lotus seeds after soaking after the potion, or the lotus seeds after the fishy, the lotus hole will expand, so it looks like this lotus hole, it will be larger than ordinary lotus seeds.

② This lotus seed is very uniform, and the whole is pure white.

③ The expansion of the deodorizing part of the lotus seed is obvious.

④ After cooking, it will not swell. Usually, if we are natural lotus seeds, it will blew after stewing. If it is a lotus lotus seed, it has been soaked, so we cook again, it will not be cooked, it will not be cooked, it will not be cooked, it will not be cooked, it will not be cooked, it will not be cooked, it will not be cooked.Graduation will not swell.

⑤ This kind of lotus seeds have no fragrance, and even carefully smell it, and there is a taste of potion.

So what is the difference between the lotus seeds in our lives and handmade lotus seeds?

In fact, the lotus seeds were artificially peeled at the beginning and got the core.However, such a particularly time -consuming and labor -intensive development, with the development of science and technology, there is a kind of skiing machine, which is to grind the skin of the lotus seeds through the machine to achieve the purpose of eating.

Musch lotus seeds are the most common lotus seeds in the market. Most of the time, we buy grinding lotus seeds in supermarkets or markets. This is edible, but it does not have the good quality of handmade lotus seeds.

Determine whether it is grinding skin lotus seeds mainly from these three points:

① Observe the appearance, the machine to grind the skin of the skin, it will be rounded, because the shoulders of the lotus seeds on both ends will be flattened by part.

② Observe the color. When the skin is grinded, it cannot be fully grinded well, so there will be some red skin, which means that there is a little swollen skin. This texture will be more obvious.

③ Observe the appearance, you can grab this lotus seed with your hands. If you catch it, you will dip a layer of white powder on your hands, then this is the lotus seeds of the skin, because the lotus seeds are used to remove the peel.For powder, this powder will be residual.

Whether it is a handmade lotus seed or a leather lotus seed, you must choose regularly processing, so that the regularly processed lotus seeds you can remember the following features:

① The holes of the lotus hole are that the holes of the core are relatively small,

② Lotus seeds have a natural fragrance.

③ After the lotus seeds are cooked, it will swell, and the better the lotus seeds, and its expansion will be better.

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