"Men are pregnant", exciting

Recently, two "pregnant belly" that panicked by young people appeared on the Internet.

Ren Suxi from "Dear Child": It is not proportional to the body, which is not proportional to the body, and is covered with stretch marks.

The other is closer to the pregnancy image of the previous literary and artistic works. It is round and slightly bulging, and it seems to be just a pillow that is not related to itching.

The only problem is … it grows on a man.

Yes, someone’s brain hole, "If a man can get pregnant", someone finally photographed.

In the latest Japanese drama "The Pregnancy of Kentaro Kentaro", the male lead who is working hard in the advertising industry suddenly found that he was pregnant with his girlfriend’s child.

How many female netizens are like me. As long as they were previewed, they were prepared to disaster: "Can you still stand and speak without back pain this time?"

As a result, the positive film came out -it was unhappy at all.

(There is no key plot spoiler in this article, you can rest assured.)


Not only is it not refreshing,

Almost angry

It is not accurate to say that it is not so refreshing, at least at the beginning.

Although any man may be pregnant in theory, there are still a few pregnant husbands.

So when Yushan heard the doctor pointed at his B -ultrasound, he said, "This is a baby", the whole person collapsed.

And when he finally accepted reality and began to notify relevant persons -Please enjoy the large men and women’s confrontation scenes.

First of all, he and the child’s mother, Ya Ji, did not be in a stable relationship, just one of each other’s male and female friends;

So when Yoshan told her that she was pregnant, Ya Ji’s reaction was like this:

"Certain my child?"


As a workaholic Asian season, Ya Ji does not want to be delayed by the child, but it is not easy to say, first silently turning to pretend to be stupid;

After hearing Yoshan said, "I don’t want to give birth to this child", I nodded as if my breath was relieved: "So, of course."

Later, I talked to my friends, and Ya Ji was a little shaken.

When Yushan came to sign an abortion consent, she tried to convince him to leave the child: "So I do n’t need to produce, and I can have her own children."

Immediately look for the supplement: "How rare men are born, maybe this is a gift from heaven, we are really lucky."

"Of course, if you insist on wanting to do surgery, I also understand your decision very well."

Is it familiar?Yishan also feels familiar- ——

"How can your tone, how can you be the same as those scumbags!"

It is not just as scum as Ya Ji.

After pregnancy, Yoshan found that the women around him were scum.

For example, another girlfriend that had been dating before, congratulations to his first sentence after pregnancy:

"We can’t date in the future, because you are busy taking care of your children, and I can’t accept an object of pregnancy."

Another pregnant husband wanted to marry his girlfriend, but the other party said that he would reunite with his ex -boyfriend.

"How can she do this! What can the child in my stomach do?"

Young girls are "irresponsible" on the bright side, and middle -aged women complain in their backs.

Someone has taken care of since her husband’s pregnancy, but when the child has an unexpected miscarriage, her husband is lying in the operating room. She acknowledged that she "no longer has to bear the strange eyes, and she was relieved."

And another woman who gave birth to her husband brought a big woman, and finally said in a long time after many years:

"It’s not that I have to give birth to him. When he looked at me, it seemed that I gave him responsibility to him."

At this point, everything meets the expectations of netizens. Pregnant women become pregnancy and dumblings.But it’s cool, it’s not so cool.

Seeing the third episode, I announced that I had stood completely on Mr. Yishan.

Although he made a breakthrough in his career because of his "pregnant husband", compared with the reality of pregnant women, he was already a big plug -in.

But you still can’t help but be angry with others -how can you treat a pregnant person like this?

In fact, it is not as uncomfortable to show a large length of pregnancy.

Only the embarrassment of sweating under the armpit during a meeting, and the mental deficiency and discomfort of pregnancy.

The dangers in the second trimester, including urinary incontinence, are even more unbearable, but only rely on the lines to pass by.

But this weakened comparison is enough to get angry.

Here, because of the frequent leave of pregnancy vomiting and routine examination, Yoshan was considered to be unqualified at work.

On the other hand, as the writer, Ya Ji intends to use the "pregnant husband" as the subject matter of his next work.

When I saw her editor of the cooperation, "Do you know the pregnant husband who has been very hot recently? The child in his stomach is mine, is it very magical?"

It really makes people want to turn my eyes: "People who are pregnant are people, do you still want to make money?"

Later, the two discussed how to raise children, and it was Yushan who wanted to try to build a family.

As a result, Ya Ji refused the three unions -regardless of consideration, no thought, I didn’t mean that.

I found out that this is more angry, which has nothing to do with men and women.

"Just don’t see someone standing and talking without back pain."


"Only our pregnant husband understands the pregnant husband"

Many female audiences want to see the mentality of "men’s pregnancy". In fact, it is a bit like the popular childbirth experience in the past few years: "Let him eat a woman’s suffering once, only to know the distressed woman."

It is useless, they will only be glad that they are not women.

And the more I think the more and more I feel that Yushan is pitiful, it is precisely because it is the same person as him–

It is not a "man" or "woman", but a weak party under the existing system. It is used to being ignored and degraded by demand.

It is mentioned above that the "pregnant husband" is still very rare in the play.Therefore, the mainstream is still a man who is working hard and a woman takes care of the family.

Yoshan is in a male -led workplace environment, and is properly vested before pregnancy.

The colleagues on the wine table left the venue in advance because they wanted to take care of their children, and the boss seemed to understand it;

But in fact: "This important project is of course responsible for the two people (no family dragging)."

The pregnancy of Yushan faces the change of situation.

The physical strength and emotional instability caused by physiological factors made him a "dragging oil bottle" in the workplace.

The boss faced his emotional collapse, and said, "Everyone will spend it together";

But I just fancy the identity of the pregnant husband, hoping to use the influence of him and his children to make more money for the company.

As a woman, as a woman, in the relationship between the two people, it is more like the "annoying husband."

The job should be done, but it will show an impatient look from time to time.

Obviously promised to raise children together, become good partners and good mothers;

When facing a favorite work that needs to go overseas for two years, the phrase "refusal" is just impossible to say.

Those who can really understand Yoshan are those who have been ignored by him.

For example, the company’s big sister, he was arranged to move things before and label hundreds of gift boxes.

But when the Yushan suddenly had low blood sugar after the meeting was completed, when I turned the box and poured the cabinet to find a piece of sugar to eat;

It was also the first sister that he was uncomfortable, and he handed a piece of chocolate biscuits.

Or those who suffer cold eyes, such as other "pregnant husbands".

He will accompany him to exercise his body in the park, complaining that walking is too tired now.

He described the feeling of fetal movement seriously, "Grunting, a little place under the stomach, it is easy to ignore it without paying attention."

It is even suggested that he quickly find a career for the child: "If you can’t find it, you may have to resign."

There is a line of lines in the play in the play.

"Men’s proposal for granted has caused quite enthusiastic discussions because women’s voices have been ignored for a long time."

After speaking, colleagues lamented, "You have become feminists after pregnancy."

In fact, where is the understanding of a woman, it is obviously understood the situation of a woman.

Many products during pregnancy are particularly naive, but they are obviously used by adults;

The breastfeeding pads on the market are all pink, so that the pregnant women have no other choice.

These natural needs can really understand only when the demanders are themselves.

What is the sentence in the words of Daming Palace?"Putting a man in a woman’s situation, he becomes a woman."


Everyone may become "minority"

The biggest gimmick in this play is naturally "men and women swap."

But the more I saw, the more I felt that it wanted to say more gender.

More importantly, in a convergence of society, how should those who have less volume should be on their own and how should the outside world treat them.

Men and women have become the most insignificant differences.

I have to say that the setting of "men’s pregnancy" in the play is very clever.

It is designed as a random incident, and any man may get pregnant.

When Yoshan stared at the taxi driver who stared at his stomach, "Even if you are, you may suddenly get pregnant."

He is actually saying that everyone may be a person who is ignored and degraded.

If you just want to watch "men suffer" as I started, this setting was wasted.

Because even if it is a "sex swing scumbag" Ya Ji, changing the environment is also a weak party.

A 35 -year -old woman is not married, drifting in a big city, and no improvement at work. She has become a "shame of the family."

This is a more real and more dilemma than "men’s pregnancy".

There is a play that Yaya returned to her hometown to attend her sister’s wedding.Since she entered the door, Dad didn’t give her a good look.

"As a sister, getting married but letting your sister grab the front, you should be ashamed."

At the wedding, relatives and friends discussed how her life -long events seemed to be discussing how to sew a break.

"In Tokyo, men must have it."

"Who dares such a wayward woman, you have to find a way to choose a man."

"If you are at the age of having a child, someone will definitely choose her, isn’t it?"

After the wedding, the uncomfortable Ya Ji went to the nearby tavern to disperse.

As a result, a group of people discussed the phenomenon of pregnant husbands.

The men and women on the wine table are maliciously malicious for men and women on pregnant men and women who make men who are pregnant.

"It’s so sad, it’s nauseous to think about it."

It is for Yushan, for yourself, the Asian season that is silent in the whole process finally speaks:

"It is because there is such a prejudice that if you are pregnant, you can’t find someone to speak, and you will want to kill the child."

Of course, these words did not change anything.

Drunk people are still discussing how the duty of women is important and how terrible men are.

But when Ya Ji walked out of the tavern, she stood by the road and called Yishan.

"I think prejudice will not disappear."

"But if you are with you, you should be able to create a new thing."

It was the first time she truly stated that she wanted to raise this child with Yishan.

This is the moment when the whole drama moves the most.It is even more moving than every long discussion in the face of Yushan in the face of the media.

It was the weak and the weak, and a few and a few understand each other.

As if you are talking about how much ignoring, malicious, and pointers, people have the right to live in accordance with their wishes.

"If you feel difficult, let’s go together."

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