"Pingxiang a pregnant woman takes Chinese medicine after taking Chinese medicine and hemorrhains" follow -up: two sides reconcile, pregnant women have been compensated by 20,000 yuan

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In September of this year, "City Live" reported the news of the hemorrhage of Ms. Zou Zou after taking Chinese medicine in Pingxiang’s pregnant woman.According to Ms. Zou, a Chinese medicine prescribed by a Chinese medicine prescribed by the People’s Hospital of Pingxiang City had problems with her condition, which led her to the fetus for 7 weeks, so she filed a compensation of 150,000 yuan to the hospital.On November 25th, the people’s mediation committee of Pingxiang City Medical Disputes organized both parties to negotiate again.

On August 14 this year, Ms. Zou found the Pingxiang People’s Hospital because of irregular physiological period and asked a traditional Chinese medicine expert to prescribe traditional Chinese medicine to condition her body.After the doctor put the pulse, he prescribed some Chinese medicine preparations to Ms. Zou. However, Ms. Zou started bleeding after eating 4 the day after day, which eventually caused the fetus in her belly to not be kept.

It is understood that the traditional Chinese medicine preparations prescribed by Chinese medicine practitioners contain 12 medicines including safflower formula particles, black medicine formula particles, leech formula particles.The reporter consulted many Chinese medicine experts in the province. They said that the efficacy of this traditional Chinese medicine is mainly to promote blood circulation. If it is only for women’s physiological period, it is a common symptomatic medicine.

After the "City Live" reported the incident, Pingxiang People’s Hospital communicated with Ms. Zou and his family, but the dispute was not resolved.The hospital believes that when Ms. Zou was diagnosed with the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she was pregnant for 37 days and did not tell the doctor truthfully.As a Chinese medicine practitioner, when Ms. Zou also came to menstruation in August, she could not judge whether she was pregnant through the way of pulse, and then avoided pregnant women’s ban.

On November 25th, the expert consultation opinion issued by the Pingxiang Medical Development Commission held that Ms. Zou was too short for pregnancy and could not reflect the information of the patient’s pregnancy.In terms of diagnosis and treatment, doctors did not consider comprehensiveness. Without exclusion of possible pregnancy, the Chinese medicine particles that were disabled and used with caution were issued, and there were some shortcomings.Under such opinions, both doctors and patients reached an agreement, and Ms. Zou’s family said that they could accept the mediation this time.

At present, the two parties have signed a mediation agreement. Pingxiang People’s Hospital has no opinion on the mediation of the dispute and compensated Ms. Zou 20,000 yuan.This incident also reminds everyone that when you seek medical treatment, you must describe your situation clearly.When diagnosing doctors, pay attention to standardized operations and comprehensive consideration.In this way, we can prevent that unexpected in case.

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