"Popular science" has a disorderly menstruation after the sun, and three cases are checked in time in a timely manner!

Many people have been Yang in the past two months. When the immune system is crazy, the aunt suddenly drove, and it was a double crit.What is even more anxious is these changes that appear menstruation:

My aunt can’t run away from home or half a month earlier

Endless, endless for more than ten days, for more than ten days

The quantity has become very small, all "high fire and juice"

… …

Many people go to shoot CT after Yang Kang to confirm whether the lungs are healthy. Is it necessary to check the menstruation?Come and listen to what the gynecology department of our hospital wishes Dr. Mei.

The wall of the uterine body is roughly divided into three layers, and the inner layer is endometrium.The endometrium changes with the periodic changes of estrogen hormones secreted by the ovaries, and periodic drops and bleeding occur, which forms menstruation.

Normal menstruation is like this:

● The first day of the two menstruation is 21-35 days, with an average of 28 days;

● The menstrual period is generally 2-8 days, with an average of 4-6 days;

● The total amount of each time is 20-60ml, at least 80ml (a bottle of raising is about 100ml), and at least not less than 5ml (about the capacity of about one mineral water bottle cap).

If the menstrual cycle, menstrual period, and menstruation are abnormal, it is the "menstrual disorders" we often say, which is also known as abnormal uterine bleeding.

Menstruation delayed, advanced menstruation, multiple menstruation, low menstruation, unclean menstruation, and amenorrhea are all within the scope of menstrual disorders.

The causes of menstrual disorders are mainly divided into two categories:

1. Organic lesions, such as endometrium polyps, uterine fibroids, adenocular disease, etc.;

2. Non -organic lesions, such as ovulation disorders and abnormal coagulation function.

Among them, the most common causes are ovulation disorders. This type of disease is mainly related to endocrine, such as more common polycystic ovary syndrome, hyper -prolactin ledmia, premature ovarian failure, etc.

Excluding pregnancy and organic lesions, the probability of menstrual disorders is caused by fluctuations in endocrine levels.

When we are Yang, because of fever and pain in the body, we often ca n’t eat meals, do n’t sleep well, and irregular diet and daily life. At the same time, some pressures are psychologically.Emotions such as anxiety, depression.

The changes in these living rests and stress emotions will cause hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis, affecting normal ovulation, and causing menstrual disorders.

It is the same reason that we are stressful or easy to work when we are busy with work.

However, these menstruation changes are usually temporary. Waiting for our body and daily life, work, and work to return to normal, menstruation can slowly restore its regularity.

Professor Yang Xin, chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Peking University, also said in an interview with the National Health and Health Commission: So far, there is no evidence that infection has impact on the reproductive system.

Menstrual disorders during the new crown infection can be observed in most cases.

Of course, it is not possible to completely exclude the recovery period of the illness. It happens to encounter the organic lesions and release the signal through menstruation. Therefore, everyone does not need to be too nervous, but at the same time, we must pay attention.

Dr. Shengzhu Mei said that there is a change in menstruation after the sun, as long as you remember the following points:

01 First exclude pregnancy, you can detect the early pregnancy test strip at home early pregnancy, or you can go to the hospital to draw blood HCG to eliminate it;

02 The following three cases, no special treatment is required for the time being:

(1) Penalized advancement, clean within 1 week;

(2) Delay of menstruation and exclude pregnancy;

(3) Suddenly "high fires" or menstrual flow or menstruation is significantly reduced.

03 The following three cases, it is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible:

(1) The amount of menstruation has increased significantly, like opening the faucet, or a sanitary napkin in 1-2 hours, and even causes dizziness, fatigue, fainting, etc.;

(2) Menstruation is not clean, such as ten days and a half months;

(3) Continuous menstruation for three or four consecutive months.

Hangzhou Women’s Hospital Menstrual Disease Clinic

Mainly diagnosed diseases such as menstrual disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, amenorrhea, hyperculin ledmia, dysmenorrhea, and preliminary tension syndrome.

The gynecological endocrine professional team of our hospital will provide comprehensive health education, comprehensive physical examination and special examination of gynecological endocrine, and formulate individualized diagnosis and treatment plans.


Medical Audit 丨 Sheng Zhu Mei

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