"Popularization during pregnancy" once clarified: the "triangle relationship" of HCG, progesterone and abortion

After finding some signs of pregnancy, female friends are thinking about determining it as soon as possible to see if they are really pregnant.Blood HCG examination can accurately determine whether to be pregnant, and it is also the most accurate check -up method.

What is the normal value of HCG after pregnancy?

On the 6th day of fertilization, the nourishing layer of fertilized eggs forms and secretes a small amount of HCG.When the fertilization is 7 to 8 days, HCG can be detected in the blood, and its concentration increases with the increase of the gestational week.The amount of HCG is directly proportional to the number of nourishing cells. In the early stages of pregnancy, the amount of secretion increases rapidly, which increases by doubled every 1.7-2 days. At the peak of 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, it will rapidly decrease to 10%of the peak after 1 to 2 weeks.At the same time, it is necessary to dynamically observe changes in HCG, and judge the possibility of having a threatened abortion or ectopic pregnancy.

What is the normal value of HCG after pregnancy?The serum HCG value during normal pregnancy is directly related to the number of pregnancy weeks. Of course, the value of the HCG (IU/L) of different pregnancy weeks is of course different, and the trend of positive increasing changes.

During pregnancy, blood HCG changes

The B ultrasound is a method of diagnosis of early pregnancy.The vaginal B ultrasound can be seen in pregnancy sac at 5 weeks after the last menstruation.Only 6 weeks can be prompted to be pulled by the original heart tube. Only at 7 weeks of pregnancy, you can judge whether the embryo survives according to the unwillingness.

When the ultrasound is not yet clear for the end of pregnancy, the pregnancy ending is not yet clear.Because it has the characteristics of rapid rapid growth in the early stage, and then reaching the platform, and then decreased, it is necessary to dynamically monitor the changes in blood HCG, but it must be concluded for more than 48 to 72 hours.

What is the normal value of progesterone after pregnancy?

E progression is secreted by nourishing cells and luteum before 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, and mainly from the placenta after 8-10 weeks.The amount of progesterone gradually increased during the entire pregnancy, and the rise in the early stages of pregnancy was slow, and the mid -term accelerated, reaching a peak at a full month of pregnancy.Serum progesterone is quite stable within 5 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, and has little to do with pregnancy.

The change in the amount of progesterone is a reliable indicator to measure whether the luteal function and the development of the placenta.Due to the stable blood level in the early pregnancy, no continuous monitoring is required to provide doctors with a diagnosis basis earlier.

Let’s take a look at how the progesterone value changes after pregnancy.For example, the progesterone reference value (Ng/ml) of the 1st-3 week is 4.7-50.7; the average reference value (Ng/ml): 19.4-95.3 at the 4-6 week.The level of progesterone is related to the ending of early pregnancy. The serum progesterone level of women with embryos and ectopic pregnancy is significantly lower than those of threatened abortion and normal early pregnancy patients.

Periations are 15-25ng/ml. Its pregnancy ending is basically intrauterine pregnancy, but it is easy to occur early.The progesterone is less than 15ng/ml, and its pregnancy ending is mostly atomic pregnancy or abortion.Mogoone is greater than 25ng/ml, and its pregnancy ending is mostly normal pregnancy in the palace. Some of them have a pioneering abortion. Generally, most of the pregnancy function can continue pregnancy.

Therefore, we believe that the possibility of pregnancy failure when progesterone is less than 15ng/ml.Unfortunately, the level of progesterone is low, and it cannot be discerned that it is considered abortion or aborted pregnancy.This requires a combination of vaginal B -ultrasound to improve the diagnostic rate.

"Triangle Relationship" of HCG, progesterone and abortion

After successful pregnancy, the two data we often see when we go to the hospital are progesterone and HCG, and doctors also value these two data very much.Is HCG doubling or low progesterone, is the mother’s body or fetal problem?The answer is possible.Whether it is a maternal problem or a fetal problem, it may cause abortion.Let’s discuss the relationship between these three.


HCG doubles very good progesterone decrease

HCG doubles, and progesterone has decreased, which shows that the embryo is developing normally, but the function of HCG to promote progesterone is not good.If this situation is conditional, you can lie down and try to lie. As long as the progesterone is not particularly low, you can keep your fetus without replenishment.


Normal progesterone HCG has doubled

Weltone is normal, but HCG has doubled, and this is very small.Because HCG promotes the generation of progesterone, HCG is not good, and progesterone is generally not good.We specifically explain the following from two situations:

Weltone is normal, and HCG doubles "relatively" bad.What do you mean, that is, you go to test one day. The value goes up but it does not reach multiple. It is so bad that it is relatively bad.If your HCG is already tens of thousands of, then it is not so fast at first, and the speed will drop, it is normal.

Wilderone is normal, and HCG doubles "absolutely" bad.It is absolutely not good, that is, the value is in one range. For example, 8 days, only doubled, this situation is not very wonderful.First of all, to exclude ectopic pregnancy, and then there may be problems with embryos. Now many hospitals only supplement progesterone, rarely supplement HCG, because HCG is likely to be bad in the embryo itself, and the value of tire protection is not high.


Performatone drop HCG is not doubled well

HCG does not double but decreases, and progesterone is also decreasing. In this case, doctors suggest that you keep your fetus first. If you still have no improvement after taking tire preservation measures, you will suggest that you give up as soon as possible and do abortion.Because in this case, it is most likely that the embryo itself is not good, and it is meaningless to protect the fetus.If the fetus is forced to keep the fetus, even if the fetus is successful, the fetus will face more tests during the later pregnancy, and it will even encounter a fetal stop. When the abortion is done later, the expectant mothers will add a danger.

Common misunderstandings in early pregnancy

Condition: Brown discharge is bleeding

Misunderstanding: Go to the hospital to find a doctor to prescribe medicine to take medicine and supplement progesterone

The brown secretion represents the previous bleeding, which is likely to be bleeding caused by trauma when I was in bed. Later, it was normal as the vaginal secretion was delayed.

Pink, bright red, non -sticky, large amount of bleeding, or continuous bleeding need to pay attention to whether it is abortion.This brown discharge generally passes in two or three days, and it will not be available again.

About lutein ketone tire

In the early pregnancy, a large amount of progesterone is used, and the risk of malformations such as fetal spine, anus, and limbs can increase 8 times.If you use artificially synthetic progesterone (such as pyrone has a male effect), about 18%of female fetuses are masculine.

Under the normal circumstances of progesterone deficiency, the use of progesterone will not cause danger, so we must correctly understand progesterone, correctly understand the different factors of miscarriage, and correctly understand the fetus.

How to add progesterone

You must figure out whether the lack of progesterone.Indeed, those with insufficient luteal function, in order to conceive 3-4 days from the basal body temperature to ejected progesterone 3-4 days, and do not stop using it for 9-10 weeks, until the mother can secrete progesterone naturally.

Confirm that pregnancy is best to go to a regular hospital for examination

Because the test strip test is uncertain, if you want to confirm whether you are really pregnant, you still have to go to the hospital for more accurate examination!

★ Blood HCG test: This method is to check whether there are choric membrane gonadotropin in the blood. This is a method of earlier pregnancy tests earlier and more accurate, which is more sensitive and accurate than early pregnancy test strips.

★ B -ultrasound: The earliest test needs to be more than 5 weeks of pregnancy. When you see a circular halo in the uterus in the B -ultrasound, you can also check the pregnancy.Essence

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