"Pregnant women" is necessary?Five special products for pregnant women often buy in pregnant women are all intellectual taxes

Many mothers are frugal before pregnancy, and after pregnancy, they are willing to spend money for their children’s health.For the child’s health, my mother is willing to buy and buy.

And when they buy things, they still worry about it, will it affect the baby’s health?So when you buy a lot of things, you wondered if it is used by pregnant women?

If the things they buy are dedicated to pregnant women, many mothers basically do not look at the price, so they pay it directly.

In fact, the dedicated to pregnant women is likely to be the words that merchants are doing in order to confuse their mother. Many things for pregnant women are actually IQ taxes.Moms learn to distinguish, it is best not to spend a lot of money.”Zero plan”

The first is skin care products for pregnant women

In recent years, many cosmetics companies have seized the psychology of pregnant mothers and made some skin care products called pregnant women.

The ingredients in it are actually very simple, the cost is very low, but the price is not low.

A bottle of facial washing milk may be one or two hundred yuan, and one or two thousand in one set.Many pregnant mothers also scrambled to buy.

After pregnancy, I do n’t want to become ugly, so I still need to use some skin care products, but I am worried that I will affect the baby. When I see a pregnant woman with a cosmetics, my mother seems to see a pardon order.

In fact, cosmetics do not have the term for pregnant women at all.

There are no regulations on special cosmetics and skin care products in our cosmetics specifications in my country, that is, there is no foreign abroad.

So the pregnant woman you bought on the market is not recognized by relevant agencies.It’s just what the cosmetics manufacturer said.

Do you think it is credible?

Rather than buy a special cosmetics for pregnant women.

What kind of cosmetics can not help but use it during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers use cosmetics, remember that three uses and four are not used, pregnancy does not need to be sloppy

Clean cosmetics can be used

For example, shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, these are basic cleaning products.Choose a product of a big brand purchased in formal channels.There is no need to look at what pregnant women are dedicated.

Moisturizing cosmetics can be used

In winter, the skin is relatively dry. If you do n’t need some moisturizing cosmetics, the skin may crack or even feel itching, so it can be used at this time.

Buying some simple moisturizing cosmetics, not only can you rub your face, you can also rub your hands, you can even rub your belly, you can also relieve the itching symptoms of the belly

Sun -sunscreen cosmetics need to be used

During pregnancy, because of changes in hormones, there may be some pregnancy spots on the face. At this time, the mother’s skin will be more sensitive, and it may be easier to absorb ultraviolet rays.Use sunscreen facilities.

In addition to wearing a hat and umbrella, it is recommended to use some physical sunscreen.Physical sunscreen will be less irritating to the skin.

Whitening products do not need

Whitening products are likely to have heavy metals exceeding standards.

Do not use acne and shrink pore products

Acne products may contain vitamin A acid, and it is disabled during pregnancy.

Anti -aging wrinkle removal does not need

Products with efficacy may add some ingredients that are not good for mothers and fetuses.

Dedicating agent does not use

For example, some dyed hair, or nail polish, these dyed cosmetics are recommended to endure during pregnancy.

The second is the anti -stretch marks product

A small bottle of oil anti -stretch marks is generally hundreds of dollars in large, in fact, it plays the role of placebo.

A large number of studies have found that there is no kind of cosmetics that safely and effectively prevent or reduce stretch marks.

Because our stretch marks may have something to do with heredity.

The best way to prevent stretch marks is:

Pay attention to controlling weight

Moms do not grow more than 8 or two per week, and control it at about 6 or two, so the belly will be relatively slower.

The reason why the stretch marks long is mainly because our stomach is in the process of enlarged, leading to damage or breaks of elastic fiber and collagen fibers.

In fact, just like our balloon, it can be blown slowly and will not break it.But blowing this balloon can easily break suddenly.

The stomach slowly supports large elastic fibers and collagen fibers, and it will not be easily damaged, and natural stretch marks will be less.

Pay attention to moisturizing

The skin moisturizing of the belly can also prevent stretch marks from being too obvious.

If you really do n’t get used to stretch marks, you can also choose to do medical beauty.

The third special nutritional product or health care products for pregnancy

For example, a nutritional product for pregnancy will contain various nutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc and other nutrients required during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not sick. The best way to consume nutrients is to diet.

In addition to the early pregnancy folic acid, because the folic acid absorption rate in the diet is not high, we need to take extra folic acid tablets.

If we say that the amount of calcium in our milk and daily diet is high, we don’t need to add additional calcium tablets.

If there is no iron deficiency anemia, no need to supplement the iron through nutritional products.

Unless the mother is sick when she is pregnant, or if the overall nutrition is relatively poor, they need to eat some nutrients or nutrition packs during the doctor’s advice, or they do not need to buy it.

The fourth is the anti -radiation protection suit for pregnancy

A radiation protection suit is less than one or two hundred dollars, or even hundreds of dollars.

The radiation in our lives is everywhere, and small doses of radiation have no harm to the body.The radiation that pregnant women can prevent radiation clothing are not harmful to the body, and radiation in the harmful part of the body is basically unavoidable.

Therefore, radiation protection clothing is actually a special product special product for pregnant women.In summer, it is not breathable and hot, which will cause skin eczema and even affect the health of the mother’s skin.

The fifth is the electrical appliance for pregnant women

For example, the router, humidifier, hair dryer, air conditioner, etc. in pregnant women, in fact, does not have much effect.Most of them are gimmicks.

And the price and the dedicated to pregnant women will be hundreds of hundreds. If the electrical appliances in the home can still be used, there is no need to buy another electrical appliance for pregnant women.

Of course, if the electrical sound in the home is too loud and interfere with the sleeping mother’s sleep, you can consider buying a less sound of electrical appliances.

Pregnant women are likely to be IQ taxes, and her mother open her eyes clearly.

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