"Return" Qin Mingyu Duan Roufan 52 (Duan Rou dizzy seeing the doctor for pregnancy)

The story is purely fictional, and it is not easy. Thank you for your support!

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After the banquet, Qin Mingyu was about to return to Qilin the next day, and his ten -day holiday passed.

That night, the two lying on the bed hugged each other tightly, Duan Rou was reluctant to go back, and Qin Mingyu couldn’t bear to leave, but he couldn’t help it.

Duan Rou didn’t want to pass this night. She approached his ears and quietly said a few words. Qin Mingyu’s eyes immediately exuded a dazzling light. Looking at Duan Rou’s eyes, she couldn’t wait to remove her into the abdomen immediately.

Qin Mingyu bit her earlobe and punished her like to lick and bite constantly, while Duan Rou killed her mouth with her back to prevent himself accidentally screaming, and was heard by the son who lived in the next room.

Qin Mingyu saw that she was uncomfortable, and finally stopped biting her earlobe. She used her tongue to top the roots. "Little bad guy, actually cheated me for a few days. No matter how you ask for mercy tonight, I will not let you go!"

After speaking, she kissed her lips deeply and swallowed her coquettishness into her belly. A fierce battle had opened.

Qin Mingyu said that he would not let Duanrou go, but after a end, he saw that she was tired of sleeping, and couldn’t bear to toss her again.

He cleaned up for her before entering the bathroom to continue solving his vigorous energy!

Early the next morning, Duan Rou was still asleep. Qin Mingyu got up lightly and prepared breakfast for her son Xiao Nan and her.

When everything is ready, he is about to leave. He came to Xiao Nan’s room and woke him up. He told him to obediently care and help him take good care of Duan Rou.Wait, remember to eat.

After speaking, let him continue to sleep for a while, then return to Duan Rou’s room, squatting beside the bed to watch her quietly sleeping, put away the reluctance in her heart, and left a note for her: 【Wife, I went back to Qilin. I will come back immediately when I have a holiday. You take good care of yourself and Xiao Nan.I love you!Yu]

Put the note under her mobile phone, and then glanced at her deeply. She took the luggage she had long been packed long ago and turned without hesitation. He was afraid that he would be reluctant to leave.

When Duan Rou woke up, Qin Mingyu had left for almost two hours. She sat up and took her mobile phone and just saw the note he left, and her eyes were reddish.

After reading the note, she carefully put it in the drawer.

After she cleaned up her mood, she walked out of the room and found that Xiao Nan had sitting on the sofa with a book. When she saw her out, she immediately greeted her big smile: "Mom, good morning!"

Xiao Nan’s smile rushed to a little bit of sadness. She walked over and sat down.

"Mom, I know, I just read the book for a while. Dad put the breakfast in the pot before leaving, and I will come to you."

Xiao Nan was thinking of standing up and was held by Duan Rou.

"Return" stills

On this day, both of them stayed at home and did not go out at home, and even takeaway for lunch and dinner.

After they had dinner, Duan Rou received the information of Qin Mingyu returned to the team safely. Duan Rou knew that he was tired of driving and did not talk to him. He just let him rest early and tell him to pay attention to the task.Safety!

After Qin Mingyu returned to Qilin, Duan Rou also returned to his life from nine to five.

On this day, on the third day of Qin Mingyu’s departure, Duan Rou had just seen the customer and signed the investment contract. When he was going to bring his assistant Xiao Cai back to the company, he felt a little dizzy when he stood up.Fortunately, Xiao Cai was agile and immediately held her.

The assistant Xiao Cai scared a cold sweat, and quickly helped her to sit down. "President Duan, are you okay? Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you want to send you to a doctor?"

Duan Rou closed his eyes and rest for a while. After feeling the dizziness disappeared, he opened his eyes and saw the assistant’s anxious expression.It’s. "

Xiao Cai was still uneasy. Duan Rou just felt a bit scary. She suddenly thought that President Duan had just got married, wouldn’t it be …?Intersection

"President Duan, let’s go to the hospital to see! The dizziness can be big or small, or it’s more assured to check it."

Duan Rou shot the assistant’s hand, "I’m really okay, I’ll sit for a while, don’t worry."

"President Duan, that …"

Duan Rou looked at the assistant who was talking and stopped, and it felt strange, "What’s wrong with you?" Say it directly. "

Xiao Cai swallowed, "President Duan, then I said directly, you … are you pregnant?"


Duan Rou stayed suddenly!Her head is a bit embarrassed. She calculated it carefully. Isn’t her routine vacation come a little last week?IntersectionThe next day is gone. If it is not count, she seems to haven’t come to a holiday for almost two months.

Isn’t it really pregnant?IntersectionShe hasn’t thought about it yet. Although she was ready to prepare a child, she didn’t think of the child so soon.

Xiao Cai paid attention to Duan Rou’s expression change and felt that she was right, and couldn’t help but be happy.

"President Duan, there is still time now. We will know if we go to the hospital for checking. If it is really, then you need to pay more attention to take care of your body."

Duan Rou immediately decided to go to the hospital for examination.Xiao Cai accompanied her to the Maternal Maternal and Child Hospital, and after consulting the nurse, she was registered. After waiting for more than half an hour, it was her turn. The doctor asked Duanrou’s approximate situation and directly gave her urine testing and blood test.Slip.

An hour later, Duan Rou showed the result to the doctor. The HCG value was as high as more than 20,000, which was basically determined that he was pregnant. Then the doctor gave her a B -ultrasound.Essence

After confirming that after pregnancy, the assistant Xiao Cai was happy to help Duan Rou to pay the fee. Duan Rou had not returned from the doctor’s congratulations, so she was helped away by her.

She is pregnant!Really pregnant!She is going to be a mother!

"Return" stills

Duan Rou put his hand gently on a fairly flat belly, his face was full of joy.

She took out her mobile phone and opened the contact person who opened the top. She just called a few words. Suddenly thought that there was still a check tomorrow. Let ’s talk about the results of the inspection. Then I deleted the words and exited the dialog box.

"President Duan, congratulations!" Xiao Cai was really happy for her, Duan Rou was very good to her, and taught her a lot of things.

"Thank you, don’t talk about my pregnancy for the time being. There will be a check tomorrow. You will come directly to the hospital and wait for me tomorrow morning."

Her assistant is still reliable, her mouth is tight, she will not talk nonsense.

"I know, President Duan, you can rest assured, we wait for you to announce good news in person."

That night, Xiaonan found that her mother felt very good today. She smiled all night. He curiously asked her what good things had, and could she tell him.

Duan Rou simply said that she signed a big order today, and she sent Xiao Nan to send Xiao Nan. She held back the idea of sharing joy, or wait until the B -ultrasound.

She suddenly felt that there was a small life in her body, and she had an indescribable feeling, and she felt amazing!

(To be continued)

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