"Seeing red" after pregnancy thought it was going to have a miscarriage, but the doctor said it was normal!

I have been menopause for 40 days. I tested it with early pregnancy test strips and became pregnant.Later, I went to the hospital to do a color Doppler ultrasound. In the uterus, I was relieved. The family was very happy and celebrated it deliberately.Who knows, after about half a month, I really found that "seeing red", and I was very anxious in my heart. I rushed to the hospital for examination.

Really directly asked the unit to leave leave, and to keep your fetus at home.The doctor does not explain much about "seeing red", and it is not a threatened abortion. What is going on?I really checked the Internet and said that it might be the "Qi Jing"; then I was regulated to go to the Chinese medicine gynecological clinic.Doctors explained that "early pregnancy, very few women go through monthly after pregnancy, and the amount is very small. Most of them are bloody women.

Periodic vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is indeed an incredible thing clinically. "Menstruation during pregnancy" occurs in the early stages of pregnancy.Generally, there is less bleeding, light color, and short days. Such conditions are different from the previous menstruation. It is not conventional menstruation, not all causes miscarriage.

Pregnant mothers can’t care about this situation. Not all redness is "menstruation". We must be alert to redness; immediately go to the inspection and discharge signs of abortion.

Why do women have cyclical vaginal bleeding during pregnancy?

Menstruation has a periodic, usually 28 days. On the first 12-16 days of the first day of menstruation is ovulation day. During this period, a mature follicles were produced by the ovarian, and it was discharged into the abdominal cavity.Can survive for 24 hours. If a strong sperm runs into the fallopian tube at this time, it is likely to get pregnant.

If the eggs are not fertilized, menstruation is about 14 days after ovulation.During menstruation, another piece of follicles began to develop again, and one of the follicles developed into an advantageous follicles, ready to be discharged in the next cycle.

If the eggs are successfully fertilized, the human body will regulate hormone secretion and keep the endometrium without falling off and discontinue menstruation.

After pregnancy, if the estrogen secreted by the luteal, the choric membrane promoter gonad hormone cannot convert the ovarian luteal into pregnancy luteal. The endometrium supports insufficient hormones and may be bleeding.Until the placenta is formed, sex hormones are secreted by placenta secretion, and the estrogen and progesterone in the pregnant mothers remain at a relatively high level. At this timeEssence

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