"Seeking the History of Blood and Tears" for the first frozen embryo treatment, heparin, bed bleeding

The implantation frozen embryo is really different from the implantation of fresh embryo. Before implantation of fresh embryo, the body has been stimulated by ovulation needles, ovulation needles, and lutein.I feel very pregnant, so I will be particularly careful.But because I was a frozen embryo treatment of the natural cycle, I did n’t have an injection at all before. I only took estrogen, steroids, and aspirin. In fact, my body did not feel at all.Therefore, after implantation of frozen embryo, I really didn’t feel that there were four embryo babies in the uterus. The whole person wanted to run and jump.

I returned home at noon on the day of the frozen embryo. After dinner, I had to take the first pins and heparin at two o’clock in the afternoon. One needle a day was really nervous.I do n’t know if I do n’t know how many tens of stitches are hit by myself, I have never felt pain, but because many people threatened me to get heparin in injection of hydrochloric acid, or it was like being hit by a train. I know they know them.It is exaggerated, but I also know that it will hurt. I was originally a person who was not very afraid of pain, but I would still be timid before my injection.

The position of heparin is similar to that of ovulation needles. It is all under the navel and the left and right sides. The nurse taught me to pinch the meat a little thicker and tighten it a little bit. It was less painful.Sometimes there is air in the injection of heparin. In fact, as long as the needle is facing up, the air will run to the top, or gently bounce the air with nails, and then push the needle to push the air out.After simply disinfect the skin of the belly with alcohol cotton, prepare the needle.I do n’t know if the needle of heparin is thicker, so I need to use a little force to penetrate the skin. After the needle is lower, I must slowly push the needle. I count the medicines for 20 seconds.Honestly, it is really painful, but it is definitely not as exaggerated by the train. The feeling is like injection of saline. The area of the injection will feel tingling, and the pain will last about two or three minutes.In order to reduce the pain, after the needle is pulled out, the place where the injection is pressed with wine and refined cotton is 20 to 30 minutes, which will reduce the pain.In fact, my hand was a little trembling for the first time, because I don’t know how painful it will be. In fact, it is really okay, but it is definitely the most painful in the needle I have hit.There is a feeling of collapse.But every time I hit the heparies, I am as sweet as I am, and heparin is like my antidote. If it can end my torment in the past three years, this pain is count.

On the third day of implantation, it is necessary to go to the clinic, because some people have soared as soon as they implant frozen embryo thrombus, and they must be tracked closely.The blood was drawn on the morning. Fortunately, the blood data was drawn, and everything was normal, and the thrombus could not be verified.From the afternoon of that day, I felt that the lower abdomen was sore and painful, and it felt like the feeling of menstruation. It continued until the evening. I feel that I have experienced so many treatments.I treat the body as an embryo in bed. As long as there is no colic or hemorrhage, don’t be too nervous.

There was an enthusiastic immune mother chatting with me before the frozen embryo treatment. She was as low as me like me, causing excessive thrombosis and abortion several times. After receiving immunotherapy, the freezing embryo was successfully implanted.She told me a few precautions before and after the frozen embryo, and I want to share it with sisters who have the same thrombosis as me.

1. The diet must be light. Try not to touch red meat (beef, pig, sheep), eat more white meat (fish, chicken), especially fish can eat more, try to steam as much as possible.

2. Eat the original appearance of food, do not cook too much, eat less grilled and fried food.

3. Try not to touch the food with too many spices.

4. Drink plenty of water after implantation, because the use of lutein can cause thick blood, drink at least 2500cc of water a day.Observing your urine, if it is too yellow, it means that you do n’t drink enough. The faint yellow is acceptable. If the urine is completely transparent, you can drink too much.So after implantation, I prepare a large kettle. The kettle can be equipped with 1250cc at a time. I will drink two large pots every day or even exceed.And because you eat aspirin, estrogen, steroids after implantation, your body also needs moisture to metabolize these drugs.

5. Do not touch the supplements and Chinese medicine.

6. Keep your mood happily, stress and poor emotions will aggravate the immune response.

I fully follow this immune mother’s explanation. Before implantation, keep the diet light. After implantation, I only eat boiled vegetables, steamed fish, add a little salt, eat rice or noodles, and sometimes I want to eat heavy taste.Things, but when I think of thrombus attacking embryos, I don’t want to eat it at all.I bought a pack of potato chips and told myself that I can only eat a maximum of five pieces a day.Before eating, I will ask a doctor, experienced community mothers, and check information on the Internet.Honestly, I really eat very carefully, maybe too careful, I can’t satisfy the desire of the appetite, it is really tortured, but for the sake of children, this hard work is really nothing.So after implantation, my weight began to decline, reaching 63.7 kg, from the heaviest 67.4 to the present, it is also a benefit that this course brought to me.

There are only a little red dot where the pins that have been hit for two or three days at first. I forgot that the heparin was used for the first few days.There will be a lot of bruises, because I know that the heparin is easy to have bruises, so I don’t scare, but I feel funny when I see the belly that has been violent by the family.One day I lifted my clothes and let my husband look, because one piece of bruises was almost connected together, and my husband laughed and said that it seemed like a belt on the waist.The bruised place will harden, because it will fiber, so the lower needle is more strenuous, the skin is harder, and the needle should be more intensive to penetrate the skin, and the position of the lower needle cannot be found., Or where the lumbar meat is in the waist.

One week after implantation, the whole person really didn’t feel it. At first, he was a little suffering. He was afraid that he would fail. Abdominal distension, chest bloating, drowsiness, and taste changed.Because the body eats two steroids in the morning and evening, the face and scalp are very oily, and they will insomnia at night. I can’t sleep as long as I get up to the toilet. I wake up at three in the morning several times.Sleep, and then woke up at seven o’clock.I am tired during the day and wants to sleep, but I can’t sleep. The steroids are really powerful. The doctor recommends eating early dinner, so that steroids can also be eaten early, and it will be better to sleep at night.I took the medicine at seven or eight in the evening. I ate it before 6:30 in the evening. I could really sleep for a long time in the evening. Sometimes I could get up at the dawn, but I got up at more than seven.I really want to sleep until ten or eleven, or just sleep until the 14th day of the lottery.

Because I was afraid of thrombosis, I was very careful after implantation. I took blood every week and closely monitor the immune value.On the morning of the eighth day of implantation, in addition to thrombosis, I also pumped the HCG index.Because I think if I can’t check it, it is too early to test it, it is not too sad; if you check it, you can make yourself more careful early.After taking the blood and returning home, I wiped a little blood when I went to the toilet. I know that it should be bed bleeding. It is not nervous at all.At about eleven o’clock in the morning, I took the blood and received the report at 4 pm.There are two reports in total. The first report is the thrombosis value, which is great, less than 0.19, and it cannot be verified.The second report is the HCG value, the value is 27.9, and the bed bleeding just now, I think it should be appropriate this time.But don’t be too happy, now it’s time to be more careful.

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