"Stain sugar" has these abnormalities during pregnancy, which may be "hyperglycemia" for pregnancy

The health of pregnant women and fetuses is the most concerned about everyone in the family.Pregnant women with high blood sugar are getting higher and higher in my country, and if pregnant women have high blood sugar, they will inevitably show some obvious features, which requires family members to pay attention in time.

In fact, high blood sugar is mostly related to the usual living habits of pregnant women, such as eating desserts, drinking milk tea, fruit with high sugar -containing fruits, etc., which will cause blood sugar to rise in the long run.If the pregnant woman is not well controlled, the fetus and pregnant mothers will adversely affect.Overweight

During the pregnancy, because the burden on the body is relatively large, many pregnant women are unwilling to exercise. If the amount of exercise has always been low, pregnant women can easily cause excessive weight, and the sugar in the body will be converted into blood sugar, so that blood sugar will always accumulate for accumulation.In the body, it cannot be consumed.

Therefore, women must exercise appropriately during pregnancy, so as to help the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.I often thirsty and pee

Women must drink plenty of water during pregnancy. Drinking the amount of water every day should be kept at 1 ~ 1.5 liters.However, it should be noted that if pregnant women just drink water and feel thirsty, this shows that the blood sugar in the body is relatively high, it is best to measure it with a blood glucose meter.

In addition, the first characteristic of pregnant mothers with high blood sugar is that the skin is dry and more urine. For example, the number of toilets can reach more than 20 times within 24 hours, and the urine volume is 2-13 liters or even 10 liters.Always feel hungry

High blood sugar content can cause the body’s digestive organs to reject sugar, and some pregnant women do not eat for a while, and they will have a sense of hunger. HoweverHigh blood glucose.

Therefore, the diet of pregnant women must be regular, and eating too much or too little is worthy of the attention of the family.Body weight loss

If the number of pregnant mothers has a large amount of food, the weight will be reduced, which is a very abnormal phenomenon.It may be caused by the reduction of glucose in the body, insufficient protein synthesis, and accelerated decomposition. Similarly, the higher the blood sugar, the heavier the disease, and the more obvious the weight loss is.Impact on pregnant women

Pregnancy hypertension and eclampsia early stage

Too much amniotic fluid

Urinary system infection

Increase the probability of difficulty

In the future, there will be higher risk of diabetes.

Pre -pregnancy and early pregnancy

Hyperglycemia before pregnancy and early pregnancy will affect the normal development of the embryo, causing fetal malformations. In severe cases, the fetus will stop developing and eventually abortion.

Mid -pregnancy and late pregnancy

Fetal high insulin ledmia, huge child.Pregnant women’s blood sugar is too high, resulting in excessive insulin secretion, excessive development of the fetus, greater weight than 4000g or normal (such as shoulders and chest wide);Increase; after birth, the probability of newborn hypoglycemia and newborn jaundice is also higher than those of normal.

Long -term

If pregnant women do not control blood glucose in pregnant women, the fetus is huge, then these childhood childhood and adult obesity and type 2 diabetes are high, and the onset of diabetes is earlier.

Pregnant women should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, maintain reasonable weight, and regularly monitor blood sugar, so as to discover and prevent hyperglycemia during pregnancy in time.Pay attention to meals

Eat less meals and divide the food that should be taken every day into five or six meals. Special attention should be paid to the longest distance between dinner and breakfast the next day.Early, middle, and late energy control is 10%to 15%, 30%, and 30%of the total daily intake of total energy.hunger.Dietary fiber

Within the ingredients, you can take more high dietary fiber foods, such as brown rice, buckwheat noodles, oatmeal or grain rice, which can also be matched thickly.Increase the intake of vegetables, eat more fresh fruits, algae foods, do not drink drinks, etc.It should be noted that don’t eat fruit unlimitedly.Diet is mainly light

Control the amount of vegetable oil and animal fat, try to use fried cooking methods as much as possible, and choose cooking methods such as steaming, cooking, and stewing.protein

It is advisable that diet protein intake accounts for 15%to 20%of the total energy to meet the physiological regulation of pregnant women during pregnancy and fetal growth and development.Consult the nutritionist nutritionist to coach and manage the meals to control blood sugar.

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