"Stealing Can’t Hidden" Fanwai 8

This article writes the story based on the end of the TV series "Stealing".

After watching it, I continued to go up. I like the characters in the play, Duan Jia and Sang Zhi’s two -way redemption, Sang Zhi Sangyan’s brothers and sisters, the siblings of Nanwu Shuanglou, and the tenderness of the Sang family.

Full of positive energy, sweet, funny, tender.

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"Stealing Stealing" 1-2: All of them have accumulated ash, suppressing the desire for many years, and out of control

"Stealing and Can’t Hidden" 3-4: Duan Jia promises, you are no longer restrained, you have to become an older brother

"Stealing can’t hide" Fanwai 5: Duan Jia promised, how did you grow like this?Male fox-fine!

"Stealing can’t hide" 6-7: Three boxes of protective cover, Duan Jia, you are too powerful!

Text: Linglong

I haven’t seen the treasure of 1-7, you can click the link above

Sang Zhi struggled and recalled, "I have been seen by you, I see what happened to you? This is fair. Every time you wear pajamas, you also wear parts of undergoing clothes, take off one after anotherThe light is dark again. I thought, I thought how much I couldn’t get it. "

Duan Jia was so angry that he pointed at his good figure with his fingers: "I can’t take it? Seeing your eyes, if I exposed it early, what should you do if you remember every day?What do you think of me? I am for you. "

Sang Zhi was speechless: "You are really narcissistic. It is smelly. We are in different places, if I am in the spring heart, I don’t know to find someone else."

"That’s not okay. You can only find me, you can only look at me, you can only touch me." Then he grabbed Sang Zhi’s hand and touched yourself.

"If my brother is exposed. What should I do if the meat is seen for others, there are too many peach blossoms, I can’t deal with it. Just give it to our family."

Under the love of love, …

Sang Zhi was hugged and the two walked to the bedroom.

Kiss gradually gently, rubbing his lips

… (A lot of delete)

"Is it a bit small?"


"There is a brother, sooner or later, it will become bigger."

Sang Zhi thought, did Duan Jia know about the treatment of breast augmentation, drinking milk, papaya?

"Are you still rich?"


Sang Zhijiao reached "You Stream. Gangsters", while patting the back of Duan Jia, who lightly patted Duan Jia’s back.

… (A lot of delete)

"Can you, …" Duan Jia asked, …

Sang Zhi covered his eyes with his hand, "You, you, you …"

Shy, difficult to affection.

"Just take a bite, okay."

"Okay, just take a bite." Sang Zhi

… (A lot of delete)

Duan Jia Xu gently kissed Xia Sang’s forehead, "…"

Sang Zhi felt that he was going to disperse all over his body, and he didn’t want to say anything.

After lying for a while, Duan Jia was rinsed to the bathroom.

"Why is it red here, and here …" Duan Jia Xu covered his mouth.

"Didn’t you bite it yet? Are you a dog?" Sang Zhi looked at him with silly and turned his eyes.

"Then I will lightly bite me next time. You look at me. You are also a puppy, Wang Wangwang." Duan Jia asked his clothes and did not forget to ridicule. Learn dog barking.

Sang Zhi looked at him, why is it so cute.

Bite and bite, I bite you anyway.

The two were finally tired, rushing to bed, and the fatigue after exercise swept away.Sleep very fragrant.

(To be continued)

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