"Three years pregnant"?Pregnancy will not make you stupid, stay up late, you will

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A while ago, the Chinese Association of Science and Technology released the scientific rumor list of 2021, "0 sucrose is sugar -free", "weight loss should refuse to eat staple food and oil", "the higher the content of the fruit, the higher the content of the fruit, the higher the content of the vitamin C".

Among them, the "one pregnancy silly three years" in daily life has also been stamped by the list as rumors, causing a large number of netizens to participate in the discussion.

Many people directly cited an example in the comment area, saying that during the pregnancy of themselves or relatives and friends, there were indeed many "IQ arrears" performance.It is also analyzed that pregnant women are facing huge mental stress during pregnancy and struggling. "Silly three years" is normal. What are the rumors?

There is no doubt that pregnancy will cause a lot of changes in expectant mothers, and these changes are also to better welcome the arrival of newborns.Regarding whether pregnancy will make people stupid, scientists have found a reasonable explanation through experiments.

Entering the uterus from the embryonic bed, the expectant mother’s body began to undergo a series of changes. Some changes were obvious and strong, such as fatigue, vomiting, and greater belly.Living habits.

The brain, as the most important and most complicated organ of human beings, will naturally make corresponding adjustments in order to welcome the arrival of new life.

In 2016, the research team in the Netherlands and Spain used MRI to study the brain changes of pregnant women with MRI.They compared the MRI images taken by women before and after childbirth. They found that pregnancy would reduce the gray quality of the brain, and after giving birth, it would last for at least two years.

The so -called gray quality is actually a gray pink nerve tissue. It plays an important role in the central nervous system, which is equivalent to the brain’s command center.

In our subconscious, the reduction of the gray quality of the brain seems to be harmful, representing the lack of function, but research shows the opposite result.

Researchers compare the changes in the teenager’s brain, and find that the reduction of this volume can be understood as a fine -tuning system of the neurobe connection system.In other words, this change may help optimize the brain circuit of pregnant women and make it more efficient.

The researchers also pointed out that the most contracted gray -quality area has a great impact on social cognition and care behaviors, and it will enhance women’s ability to appreciate others’ feelings and ideas.

Newborns can’t speak, but the brain teach mothers how to understand.When the novice mother sees the photos of her child, the related areas of the brain will quickly become active, helping them to take care of their children better, understand what the baby’s cooing and 嘤 嘤 mean.

After the child is born, the mother’s empathy has exploded, and they become sensitive and more likely to fall into extreme emotions.Some novice mothers said that they must not involve the film and television plot of their children’s loss or injuries, and even seeing the child suffering in the news will cause emotional out of control.

However, the strengthening of social cognitive ability may mean that other brain functions have made corresponding sacrifices. Many women involved in the study have experienced memory recession after pregnancy.

Researchers believe that this is because in the late pregnancy, expectant mothers’ brains and bodies make adjustments in order to take care of newborns. At that time, memory was not a very important skill, and it was naturally left behind.

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So, will the novice dad’s brain change similar changes?In 2014, a study published by the National Academy of Sciences confirmed this impact.

In this experiment, the researchers arranged nearly a hundred new students to watch the video they interacted with their children and used MRI to record their brain activity response.Researchers have found that parents who play an important role in taking care of infant activities are often more active.

The almond core is located deep in the temporal lobe of the brain, which is related to memory storage and emotional treatment.We know that the novice mothers who have the gray quality of the brain have special advantages in identifying the emotions of the baby, and letting the almond nucleus active is a matter of pushing the boat.

As for the novice dad, they lack the condition of pregnancy and activate the almond nucleus to rely on themselves.

Researchers have found that the more novice dads take care of babies on weekdays, the higher the activation of the almond nucleus, and the closer to the mothers’ brain reactions.This shows that not only the process of pregnancy and childbirth can change the brain, raise and take care of children, but also make people similar changes.

There are also some views that fertility does affect women’s memory -but it is influenced in a good direction and helps them forget some of what should be forgotten.

A study published in "Physiology and Behavior" in 2004 speculated that during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, the oxytocin secreted by the body may clear their painful memories, help them remember the good part, and make it easier for them to experience it again in the future.Essence

Perhaps the suffering caused by fertility has never been raised, but it is forgotten to help the mother forgotten torture and pain. It may not be a child, but the response made by the brain.

In addition, changes in lifestyle during pregnancy also have a direct impact on parents’ memory.Excessive stress, mental fatigue, and lack of sleep are one of the important reasons for the recession of memory.As the childbirth approaches, the postpartum hands are busy, and the quality of sleep will become worse and worse, and it will become increasingly unstable.

Normal adults need to sleep for 7-9 hours a night. If novice parents do not distinguish between day and night, they will only sleep intermittently for 3-4 hours a day, and the memory will inevitably show a straight line.

In any case, if you feel unforgettable and mentally scattered during pregnancy, don’t worry too much.Pay attention to sleep and keep relaxing. The brain is just preparing to update to the parenting version, which does not mean that it is downtime and downgrade.

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