Give a healthy baby

I believe it is the most happy and happiest thing for every mother

But on this road

We often encounter various dangers

Today, let’s talk about [Those questions that affect pregnancy]

Before starting to talk about vaginitis, let’s know the vaginal environment of women together.

The vagina is an important channel connecting the uterine cavity and the outside world. It is a birth canal for fetal delivery, and it is also the main defense system for women.

The vagina belongs to its own small environment. Under normal circumstances, the vagina has a self -purification effect, maintaining the vaginal ecological balance, which is conducive to resisting the large number of "bad bacteria".

When the vaginal acidic environment (pH range in 3.8-4.4) is disordered, the inflammation of the female reproductive system follows.

1. Don’t pay attention to hygiene

In daily life, do not pay attention to personal hygiene.Especially when going out to stay in the hotel, it is better to pay attention to it, it is best to bring personal products by yourself;

2. Sexual life is too frequent;

3. Hormone and vaginal environment changes in the body;

4. The autoimmunity is low, and the germs take advantage of the potential to increase yellow and even black and darkened. It has odor and conscious vaginal itching, burning pain, tingling, etc.

When these situations occur, be sure to go to a regular hospital for related examinations, such as leucorrhea routine, vaginal mirrors, etc., especially menopausal women.

1. Bacterial vaginitis

It can be seen that uniform, thin, gray -white vaginal secretions, may have odor or fishy smell;

Leucorrhea examination can be checked and clue cells;

PH> 4.5;

Treatment method: Metronidazole can be selected.

2. Candida vaginitis

Most of the leucorrhea is bean slag -like or cream samples. The vulva itching is obvious. It can be accompanied by vulva and vaginal burning sensation, and the vaginal mucosa is swollen.

The surface of the vaginal mucosa is covered with a white sheet or condensed milk;

Inspetecoscopy can be checked and fake silk yeast (mold);

Treatment method: Preferred antifungal treatment, such as clubcimazole.

3. Trichomonas vaginitis

The leucorrhea is yellow and white thin foam, accompanied by itching and burning sensation of the vulva. The leucorrhea check can be detected;

Treatment method: preferring metronidazole.

Pay attention to this disease: The partner should be treated at the same time, and the clinical symptoms disappear and the leucorrhea for 3 months is negative, so that it can be called healing.

4. Elderly vaginitis

The physiological defense of the elderly women’s reproductive tract is reduced, the level of estrogen is reduced, the vaginal mucosa resistance is weakened, and the germs are easily invaded.

The leucorrhea is mostly yellow water, and when the infection is severe, it can be purulent or purulent;

Treatment method: Treatment of more estrogen ointment for treatment.

1. Those who are sick, take a doctor in time to dispel their own concerns;

2. Change the underwear frequently, keep the vulva clean, dry, panties, towels and other personal products dedicated to personal products. If necessary, boil water for 5-10 minutes;

3. Exercise and strengthen resistance;

4. Avoid using medicines, especially antibiotics.

5. After some abnormal performances, don’t be ashamed to open your teeth, seek medical treatment in time, and relax your mood!

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