"White Niangniang" has a cold?This morning, the 2 -meter white snake on the roadside of Hangcheng was rescued.

This morning, the "two snakes" caught the attention of Hangzhou people.

One is the albino red tail discovered by the green belt on the small river of the science and technology city in the future, and the other is the corn brocade of the "Maker Space" single apartment in Cangqian Street.

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Now they have been sent to Hangzhou Wild Zoo.

Baihua red tail is discovered by Master Yang, a greening conservation worker.

"When catching the snake in the morning, it seems to be frozen, and it is motionless on the ground."

Master Yang is 58 years old and has his hometown Sichuan. When he worked in rural areas, he also found a python and grabbed the snake with his bare hands.

(Master Yang)

Master Yang knew the snakes like pythons, and knew that such snakes were non -toxic.

However, this kind of albin snake Yang is also the first time. The workers who are green together are old uncle. Everyone thinks it is strange to watch. I haven’t seen it in my life.

Li Jianqiang, a wild animal rescue worker, rushed to the scene to check and recorded it. He drove to Hangzhou Wildlife World for assistance with "White Lady".

On the way, Li Jianqiang told the hourly journalist, "self -epidemic occurs, and we have more situations of wild animals than before. During this time, there have been animals such as peacocks, little foxes, minks, crickets, pheasants, snakes, etc.Some people need to be rescued, and some are not. For example, falling from the nest, the big bird will handle it, and there is no need for human help. "

It was more than 12 noon to arrive in Hangye. The prince Xiang of the Dynamics of the Zoo is waiting for us. Everyone did not eat meals, and quickly sent the two snakes to the snake.

After the Snake Museum breeder Dong Jun checked it, he told the hourly journalist that the big one was the albin red tail, the small one was the corn brocade, and the red -tailed 蚺 we had one here, but there was no albin.Essence

The state of the albuminum is not very good. I heard that it was found outdoors. Dong Jun speculated that the snake might have caught a cold.If you do n’t eat it next, you may need to take medicine for medicine for treatment.

Because of the limited space, Hangye has only 1-2 snakes displayed to the public. In fact, there are more than 80 raising. Heating in the house, snakes curled up in their own small boxes.The biggest is a mesh python with more than 100 pounds.

"You see this is a red tail, next to the golden python, their heads are different from the tail, and there are red ring -shaped patterns on the red tail tail."


We brought this albinistic red tail, and Dong Jun judged that it was a public snake."You see that the body below the anus is gradually becoming thinner, and the mother’s anal will be thicker."

I heard that the rough corn brocade of chopsticks had been in the plastic tank for more than a month.

There is also an adult corn brocade in the snake hall. The patterns and colors are deeper than the small snake. Like the python, the corn brocade is also non -toxic.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News · hour journalist Shi Wen

Source: Qianjiang Evening News

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