"Yang" mothers successfully gave birth to babies

Source: 【Zhanjiang Daily-Zhanjiang News Network】

"One was discharged from the hospital on the 15th, and the situation was gradually getting better, and it should be healthy to be discharged from the hospital soon." On December 18th, Feng Huijuan, chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Zhanjiang Central People’s Hospital (hereinafter referred to as the center doctor)Tell reporters that the two new coronary virus nucleic acid tests recently accepted by the hospital were very good.

A few days ago, the central medical isolation ward received a special patient: Ms. Li (pseudonym) who was 37 weeks pregnant was admitted to the hospital due to sore throat, and the new crown virus nucleic acid testing of the throat was positive and was sent to the hospital’s isolation ward for treatment by closed -loop management.

After B -ultrasound, Ms. Li had a pair of twin babies, and one of the baby’s umbilicals around the neck for 2 weeks.When I learned that I was infected with the new coronary virus and related symptoms, Ms. Li was very anxious: "I did thyroid surgery before pregnancy, and I had been taking medication during pregnancy.What should I do? "" Don’t be nervous, we will help you all. "Dr. Wu Tingting, a negative pressure ward, calm her softly.

After treating the maternal maternal, obstetrics, pediatrics, infection, and intensive monitoring department and other multi -subject linkage. Under the precise treatment plan and nurses’ meticulous care of doctors, the mother successfully gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix baby.What the "positive" mother and all medical staff were pleased that the current health of the two babies is good, and the nucleic acid results are negative. Ms. Li also recovered on the 15th."Thank you for your careful care, and my family and I thank you very much." She expressed her deep gratitude to the medical workers.

The reporter learned that in addition to timely appeasement, the medical staff also enthusiastically paid attention to her diet, sleep, etc., and helped her send her milk powder, clothes, urine, etc. to the ward in time.

Recently, the Central Medicine Hotels also came to a 39 -week pregnant woman Ms. Zhang (a pseudonym).With the efforts of medical staff, her baby was born healthy and safe, and nucleic acid testing was also negative.

"We hope that through the stories of these two mothers tell those mothers who are also pregnant, in the face of the new crown virus, pregnant mothers can neither relax their vigilance nor too anxious."While the mask is well protected, it is necessary to reduce unnecessary social activities for the health of the baby.If you need to consult an expert, you can go to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic in time, or conduct online consultation through an Internet hospital.

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