"Yang Kang" should be irrigated electrolyte water?These patients must be cautious

Recently, electrolytic water has become the new "net red" like canned yellow peach.In the "General Treatment" issued by the National Health and Health Commission’s "New Coronatte Pneumonic Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Ninth Edition)", "ensure sufficient energy and nutritional intake; pay attention to water and electrolyte balance, and maintain internal environmental stability."In the "Public Guide to Popular Public Prevention of Pneumonia infected by the Coronary Virus infection: Dietary Nutrition Temporary Guide" released by the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it also mentioned "appropriate amount of drinking water containing a certain amount of electrolyte".Therefore, many consumers are rushing to electrolytic water, and it is better to consider "security" at high prices.

What is the importance of electrolytic water?Is everyone suitable for drinking electrolytic water?In order to help the public understand the importance of maintaining the balance of human water and electrolytes, and correctly and reasonably supplement electrolytes, the Chinese Nutrition Society Drinking Water and Health Branch, the Chinese Physician Association Gastroenterologist Branch, the Physical and Health Branch of the Chinese Sports Sciences Society, and the China Prevention Medicine Society Health CommunicationBranch, Kexin Food and Health Information Exchange Center, and the China Health Promotion Foundation Health Communication and Promotion Special Fund jointly issued the "Joint Reminder of Electrolyte Balance and Health" (hereinafter referred to as the "Tips"), the principle of supplementary electrolytic supplements and suitable people, etc.Detailed interpretation.

Electrolysis balance is important for maintaining the health of the body

Water is an important substance that constitutes the body’s ingredients, accounting for 60-70%of the weight of normal adults. It is crucial in maintaining cell form, constituting the environment in the human body, maintaining the infiltration pressure of the body, the acid and alkali degree of pH, the electrolyte balance, and regulating body temperature.Physiological.The intake and discharge of human water maintains a state of dynamic balance to maintain appropriate hydrophilic state and normal physiological functions.Excessive or too much drinking water will cause the balance and osmotic pressure to be destroyed, which will affect the health of the body and even endanger life.

The "Tips" mentioned that the main component of the body fluid in the human body is water, followed by electrolyte.The body fluid is widely distributed in all parts of the human body, and is divided into extracellular fluid and internal cell fluid according to the distributed area.The electrolyte and concentration of extracellular fluid and intracellular fluid are large. The cationic ion of the extracellular fluid is mainly sodium ion, the anion is mainly chloride, followed by carbonate root ions;Ions are mainly ions, including bicarbonate ions and protein.Maintaining the electrolyte balance and osmotic pressure balance of the internal cell liquid and extracellular fluid. It is essential for maintaining the normal morphology and function of the cells and maintaining the normal physiological function and health of the body.

Electrolytic disorders endanger the health of the body.If the electrolyte concentration of extracellular fluid is lower than the concentration of internal fluid, the cells will continuously absorb water and exceed the expansion limit of the cell membrane, and the cells will rupture.If the electrolyte concentration of extracellular fluid is higher than the concentration of internal fluid, the cells will lose water and even die.Sodium metabolism disorders will experience symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, muscle pain; potassium metabolism disorders will have symptoms such as indifference, muscle pain, thirst, nausea, etc.Symptoms such as hand and foot convulsions; magnesium metabolism disorders will experience symptoms such as dizziness, muscle spasm, and exercise disorders.Severe electrolyte disorders can endanger life.

Some patients with some diseases need to be cautious with electrolytes

The "Tips" summarized several situations that need to be supplemented.In long -term or high -intensity body activity, or high -temperature environment operation, the body mainly regulates the body temperature by sweating and heat dissipation. With the large amount of sweat evaporation, moisture and electrolyte will be lost.In this case, not only the need to supplement water, but also the supplementary electrolyte.In high temperature environments, it is necessary to disconnect from the high temperature environment in a timely manner for physical cooling.If a large amount of water is simply supplemented without electrolytes, electrolyte disorders may occur, and even causing water poisoning in severe cases, life -threatening.Studies have shown that replenishing moisture and electrolytes can be supplemented by an appropriate amount of drinking electrolyte water before, middle, and after long -term exercise, which can improve the human body’s hydrophilic state and maintain electrolyte balance, help improve the performance of motion performance and fatigue recovery.

When continuous fever or high fever, electrolyte disorders may be caused by a large amount of perspiration. The common is low sodium, low potassium, and low calcium.In this case, the electrolyte should be appropriately supplemented under the guidance of the doctor or according to the physical condition.

For pregnant women’s groups, early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting will occur in the early stages of pregnancy. If severe vomiting occurs, it will not even eat normally, which will cause too little inorganic salts such as potassium and sodium, which will cause electrolyte disorders.Studies have found that for maternal during childbirth, appropriate intake of energy electrolyte liquid can reduce the occurrence and vomiting incidence of ketone disease in pregnant women.If severe pregnancy and unable to eat during pregnancy, you should seek medical treatment in time, and supplement electrolytes under the evaluation and guidance of professionals.

The vomiting after drinking will cause the human body to lose electrolytes and increase the effect of alcohol on myocardial function.Alcoholism may also indirectly cause kidney disease and electrolyte disorders and acid -base balance.

Moisture and electrolytes will be lost during diarrhea, and dehydration may occur and accompanied by electrolyte disorders, so the electrolyte is required properly.If diarrhea is severe, there may be hyponatremia, alpinemia, hypocalia, and hypocity.Therefore, diarrhea patients should not only treat the cause, but also pay attention to maintaining the balance of electrolytes.

It is worth noting that in some diseases, the electrolyte should be supplemented with caution.In the case of chronic renal failure, acute and chronic heart failure, endocrine disease and other related diseases, patients may cause electrolyte disorders due to physical function damage.For patients with the above diseases, they should seek medical treatment in time, and correctly correct electrolyte disorders under the evaluation and guidance of the doctor.

How to replenish water and electrolytes scientifically?

Electrolytic water is not as "the more the better" is as stated in some web articles.The "Tips" pointed out that adult men should drink 1700ml of water per day, and women drink 1500ml of water per day.The appropriate intake of daily drinking water for pregnant women is 1700ml, and the suitable intake of drinking water is 2100ml.

When performing physical activity, pay attention to the intake of water before and after neutralizing the body activity, and you can replenish 100 ~ 200 ml every 15-20 minutes; when the amount of physical activity increases, take 300 ~ 500 mL of water per day;When the weather is hot or the amount of physical activity increases more, the amount of drinking water should be appropriately increased according to the amount of perspiration, and the electrolyte should be supplemented as appropriate.

What ways can be supplemented by electrolyte water?The "Tips" recommends that according to personal circumstances, it can be supplemented through food, drinks, drugs, etc.

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to supplement electrolytes through food. Many foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, etc., which can effectively supplement electrolytes.For example, eating bananas, spinach and other foods can increase the intake of potassium ions; consumption of milk, soy products, fish and shrimp, etc. can increase the intake of calcium ions; dark green leafy vegetables, nuts and other magnesium ions.

Electrolyte or electrolyte drinks are beverages made of dissolving a set of compounds in accordance with relevant standards, which can supplement water and electrolytes.After a large amount of perspiration due to high temperature and exercise, an appropriate amount of electrolyte or electrolyte drinks can be supplemented with the lost electrolyte.Drinking electrolyte drinks after exercise dehydration is conducive to the supplement of the body’s water and the improvement of hydrophilic state.

It should be noted that people who spitting, fever, diarrhea or vomiting should standardize the doctor. Under the evaluation and guidance of the doctor, appropriately drink electrolyte water or electrolyte drinks to supplement the lost electrolyte.People who work under special environments such as high temperature can choose electrolyte water or electrolyte drinks, as well as timely water and electrolytes.

In addition, for patients who have lost too much electrolyte due to diseases, they need to regulate medical treatment, and supplement electrolytes under the evaluation and guidance of doctors.

(Reporter Liu Xiaoxiao)

Source: China Economic Network

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