"You can drink it as a water!" The anchor recommended the milk with milk mineral salt to the baby. Nutrition expert: affect health development

Recently, a net red live room has sold a milk containing "dairy salt".During the sale, the anchor emphasized that "let the baby drink water" and "children can drink" and "all for children to buy" and other misleading words.

Afterwards, the anchor studio apologized to fans, saying that the child was emphasized during the sale that day, but did not emphasize that infants and young children were not suitable for drinking. He expressed his sincere apologies and emphasized that the milk and young children were not suitable for drinking.

In fact, as early as 2009, the Ministry of Health has banned dairy mineral salt in infant food.In September 2012, Baby Dairy Baby Cheese was also removed from the entire network for being accused of dairy mineral salt.

What is the harm of infants and young children with dairy mineral salt?What ingredients do infants and young children are healthier?Sun Yan, deputy chief physician of the Nutrition Department of Changsha Central Hospital, answered.

Sun Yan introduced that dairy mineral salt is a nutritional supplement made of beef milk, which is made of processing, ultrafiltration and drying, which mainly includes milk calcium."Because cow milk is rich in lactose and protein, its absorption rate is much higher than other ordinary calcium. Therefore, the lactating mineral salt is indeed a high nutritional value and very high -quality calcium source."It is mature and unable to absorb high -protein and high calcium foods. If you eat dairy mineral salt, it may cause too much burden on the kidneys and affect healthy development.Considering that the digestive organs and kidney function of infants and young children have not yet developed, and they are fragile compared to adults, it is not advisable to consume products containing dairy salt for infants and young children.

Generally speaking, the baby is mainly breastfeeding before the age of 1, especially the baby within 6 months, and the formula milk with insufficient breast milk. "Milk has a lot of minerals, it is best to dilute and feed it." Sun Yan suggested thatBabies aged 1-2 can continue to feed with breast milk or infant formula, and gradually add all-fat milk or original yogurt.Children over 2 years old can drink more pure milk (all fat or low -fat) and yogurt without adding sugar.

The World Health Organization and the United States Pediatric Association believes that babies can start drinking milk after 1 year old; but the Chinese Institute of Nutrition pointed out that when children aged 1 to 2 cannot be breastfeed, it is still recommended to use appropriate children’s formula milk powder as supplements, which can be introduced to introduceA small amount of pure milk, yogurt, etc., as part of the supplementary food of young children, gradually try.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Mei Mei

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