10 maternal 9 back pain!How to prevent back pain after birth?Three suggestions for experts to Bao Ma

There is a saying that "10 mothers and 9 back pains" sound exaggerated, but it is basically true.Moreover, in recent years, through some parent -child parenting programs, it can be understood that the troubles of the Baoma who have suffered from back pain after giving birth have not escaped.Ballad back pain should take medicine to sleep …

Back pain is very common during pregnancy. In general, pain will be reduced within a few weeks after childbirth.But when Baoma starts to hold her baby every day, her back pain may recur again.In addition, with the growth and weight of the baby, it may also lead to severe back pain.

Because holding the baby will increase the pressure on the back of the mother, especially when the baby is raised, the pressure on the spine is the most. At first you may only raise a maximum of 50 children with 3-5 kg every day.When your child is 1 year old, the child you hold up will reach 8 kg.Two years later, you will pick up a 10-15 kg child.In addition, many Baoma bend over to take care of the children for a long time and maintain this posture for a long time.

The mother who has back pain after giving birth is really not easy. When the pain occurs, sitting in good sitting, not standing well, and not sleeping well.What is even more annoying is that while postpartum waist pain, the baby crys and wants to breastfeed, and it is too collapse when the mother has to be called.

Fortunately, here you can have many ways to prevent back pain, for example, to strengthen your spine by changing your activities and exercise.

The following is the method of reducing low back pain for Baoma. Many of these methods are also applicable to Bao dads.

1. Daily exercise

(1) Ask your attending doctor, when can you start to exercise again?Which exercises are safe for you?And discuss the goal of restoring you before pregnancy and exercise level.

This largely depends on the difficulty of your pregnancy and childbirth.If you give birth through caesarean surgery, you may start exercising later.

(2) When you restart exercise, you can try to restore your hips and back flexibility by stretching and yoga.

The baby’s nap time is also a great chance of exercise.Because young and overweight women have high risk of lumbar and back pain, recovery exercise after pregnancy is particularly important.

2. Learn to learn these 3 postures

What really wants to worry is that some daily posture after giving birth to some daily posture is wrong. In the long run, it will only make the back of the mother’s waist more and more painful.Below, I will give some suggestions from the mothers from my daily posture.

(1) Hold your baby

When you hold your baby from the floor, you should bend your knees first instead of bending down first.Then squat down, shrink your abdominal muscles and raise your leg;

Don’t stretch your arms to hold your baby.Before holding his baby, he should hold him tightly in his arms.And avoid distorting your body to hug your baby.

(2) Feed baby

In order to avoid the pain caused by breastfeeding, do not bend over when breastfeeding, you should get your baby close to your breast.And placing one or two pillows on your thigh will help you hold your baby;

When you are taking care of your baby, you should sit on an upright chair instead of a soft sofa;

When you put your child in a child’s seat or take him away from the chair, remember to remove the hand armrest tray of the chair, instead of pulling the child out of the chair, because the bond of the limbs will be used larger.strength.

(3) Take your baby out

When you walk, don’t carry your baby, which will increase the pressure on the back muscles.You can consider using the "baby back bag" on the chest to bring your baby;

Don’t stand outside the car and think about holding your baby into the car seat.You should kneel on the back seat first, and then put your baby into a car seat.Because the safest place in the car seat is in the middle of the rear seat, you can also sit next to the car seat and put your child on the car seat.Considering that your car is a four -car door, it will be easier to hold your child into the car seat;

The baby’s baby seats are heavy, and the overall weight will become heavier as the baby’s weight grows.Rather than holding the baby on the car seat, it is better to consider fixing the seat in the car first, then bring the baby to the seat alone, and then put him or her on the car seat.

Bringing a baby is a long -term project, and postpartum back pain is not caused by overnight, and there are still many causes of postpartum back pain. Improper breastfeeding posture, decreased calcium deficiency, weight, hormone level, etc. When you have severe back pain symptoms, you have delayed symptoms of low back pain.When it cannot be relieved, you still need to seek the help of a professional doctor as soon as possible.Moms should not force themselves to do things, and learn to take care of themselves to take care of their babies better.I hope that Mom Mom can have a healthy body and state!

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