10 -year -old girls are pregnant, parents don’t ignore these educational methods

Yesterday, I read the news yesterday. An article quickly came into sight. The 10 -year -old girl was 5 months pregnant. Yes, real news, I did n’t want to write these girls in the news, but after reading everyone ’s comments, I think I must have to beSpeak for girls, for education.

1. Restore ‘10 -year -old girl’ s 5 months of pregnancy ’

This is like this. My father took his daughter to the hospital. The number of obstetrics and gynecologists hung. When he saw the doctor, he said that his daughter was pregnant and came to perform abortion surgery. When the doctor registered the basic situation, he learned that the girl was only 10 years old.Later, I learned that the girl met a man on the Internet. It didn’t take long for me to meet, but it was raped by male netizens.Why do I want to speak for girls?

2. Strange comment

I found a very strange phenomenon, and I read a lot of comments.For example, a 10 -year -old girl was pregnant, and she was still losing a sandbag when she was 10 years old. She was pregnant at the age of 10. The physiological period was too early. The girl was really mature.Why are your attention so distorted and so unique, did you not see that the girl was raped?And only 10 years old. As you said, you only know the age of playing at the age of 10. She was raped. You did not blame the rape prisoners who were not as good as beasts.This pathological distorted social values are really worrying.

3. Everything comes from education

Whether it is this victimized girl or those who are disabled, these are related to education.Since you are 10 years old and have a physiological period, shouldn’t you teach your daughter’s knowledge of sexual health?Well, even if you are introverted, this kind of thing is inconvenient to speak, and the child’s mother will explain to the child.The purpose of doing so is nothing else, just to protect her daughter.

Remember to watch American dramas. Lucy of the single -parent family is also at the age of elementary school. When her mother washing her clothes, she fell out of her clothes pocket.What’s the situation.So I discussed privately and learned that the condom was sent by the school.

It is not to say that foreign education is more advanced, but from a small American drama can reflect the differences in education at home and abroad.

Besides, what are your sympathy for those who are distorted by brain disabled. Have you ever learned to distinguish between right and wrong. Can the heroes of the heroes and the evil of the wicked be distinguished?Still because you have been spoiled princes and princesses since childhood, you can do whatever you want.

Parents, wake up. Children’s education should start from an early age. Do not blame the education system. First of all, you must start with me. Cultivate children’s various good habits from an early age, establish correct values for children, and popularize health education.

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