17 -year -old high school student was pregnant, and was ridiculed by teachers and students and relatives, but the principal praised her courage.

The protagonist of the story today is a 17 -year -old girl. Her name is Gabi, from Washington, USA, with excellent academic performance. She is friendly and very capable. In the eyes of teachers, classmates, and family, she is the proud girl of heaven. Everyone likes it very much.she.

However, Gabi was pregnant when she had not graduated in high school. The image of her arrogant girl collapsed instantly. The classmates and teachers began to look at her with strange eyes. They talked about her behind her. Some people even poured dirty water on her body.Dirty, so Gabi has changed from a good student to the object of everyone’s bullying.

Even Gabibi’s relatives thought she was the shame of the family, and added to her.Gabi silently bear the pressure of all parties from classmates, teachers, and relatives.

When Gabi was 6 months of pregnancy, she appeared on a podium of the whole school together with her pregnant belly. She picked up the microphone and took out her fake belly in public. The teachers and students of the school were shocked by the truth.

It turned out that Gabi was doing a social survey. By pretending to be pregnant to investigate the campus bullying, only her parents and boyfriend knew that for the sake of realism, she deliberately made the vomiting action of pregnancy., Fake truth.

Gabi told his experience of pretending to be pregnant in the past 6 months, cursed by relatives and friends, cold violence by teachers and students, and even her clothes splashed with dirty things by some boys.

After listening to Gabi, many classmates and teachers in the audience began to cry.The principal Greenne said excitedly: "I admire her, admire her courage, creativity, and strength."

After reading this report, I reminded me of one thing that happened when I was in junior high school. It was about 1995 and 1996. During the summer vacation in the first day, a girl in our school was bullied by an old man.The things were full of storms.

During that time, the streets and alleys were talking about this. Parents also strictly told their children a few words. From the serious expression of the people around me, I felt the serious situation.

The bullied girl and me in the same grade different classes, I don’t know her.After the beginning of the second year, the classmates in the class began to talk about the girl in the back. They talked about which village the girl was, what the situation, what the old man who bullied her.Bai is unbearable.

Every time I do exercises during the big classes, the students will stare at the class where the girl is located, pointing out, "It is her, the one wearing a black pants plaid shirt" "she still has a face to go to school, it’s really shameless""Maybe it won’t be long before giving birth to a child." Sometimes three or five students ran to the class where the girl was located to recognize people.

It didn’t take long for the girl to drop out of school. Listening to the people in the same village, her mother was going to marry her to the country and say that she stayed at home and couldn’t afford this person!

I don’t know how this girl was later. After reading the story of Gabi, I can be sure that the girl is under tremendous pressure. This was not her fault. She should have been protected and got the sympathy of the people around me.

But everyone was falling into the well. Perhaps this was more terrible than being bullied. What was more chilling was that her parents also felt that she was a disaster and thought about driving her out of the house as early as possible.

In the process of everyone’s growth, I have encountered "misfortunes" more or less. Perhaps now it seems that it is not a big deal, but when we were young, some "misfortunes" did give us the physical and mental and mentalCause great harm, and even now think of it, the memory is still so new, and my heart is still painful.

Two days ago, a 62 -year -old uncle left me a message. The content is as follows:

Maybe his experience, isn’t others misunderstood by the teacher?What’s the big deal?But for him, he would "never forget it for a lifetime."

As a parent, when we encounter setbacks and psychological trauma during the growth of children, we must help in time, instead of falling in the well, push the child to the bottomless abyss, and create greater tragedy.

Control emotions are the basic skills of being a parent to cultivate first, and it is also the most important skill.It is easy to do it, but sometimes the mood of out of control really pushes things to a worse situation.

In the past two years, a junior high school student jumped off the building in our county. The cause of the incident was that the girl was pregnant because of an accidental early love. The school was known to the school.

After the parents learned that the child was, they felt the face swept the ground, anxious, and distressed. The girl’s mother pumped the child’s two slaps in front of the teacher, and the girl turned around and ran home.

The girl’s mother may feel regretful, chasing at the back, the girl first arrives home and locks the door.When the girl’s mother opened the door, she saw the open window pushed at a glance. The girl had jumped off the 15th floor.This girl is the only girl, and her parents are in their 40s, distressed!

In any case, we must realize that venting emotions is not helpful to solve the problem, and it will make things worse. When you are mad, you still think about "I am born" a few times, and press it for ourselves.

Taking the experience of the bullying girl as an example, things have happened, no matter how unwilling, it can no longer change. Rather than actively find a way to solve the problem.

When the girl needed her parents most, her parents regarded her as a broom star, hoping to drive her out as soon as possible. Isn’t this salt on the child’s wound and make things more serious?

We cannot change the outside environment. People are awesome. Why not give children a school again, maybe she will have a good future.

Sometimes what is more terrible than hurting is the indifference and cursing of parents. Perhaps this is the direct fuse that makes some children on the out of return, becoming the last "straw" that overwhelms them.

In short, when bad things have happened, "stop loss" is the top priority. Any other efforts are in vain, and the problem is handled well. Perhaps it will become a turning point in the growth of the child and make the child’s life change tremendous.

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