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On September 20, the Internet celebrities were concerned about the marriage and pregnancy. She returned to her hometown to marry a hairdresser and decided to give birth to her home.

It is reported that Nanyi issued a message on a social platform to announce the good news of getting a certificate of marriage and revealed that he was pregnant. He planned to take a year of school and continue to study after giving birth.

However, Nanyi’s decision did not get the blessing of netizens. The comment area has completely fallen. Everyone is talking about her "love brain". She finally got out of the mountain, but because of her pregnancy and marriage, netizens were very distressed.

Nanyi, 22, is from ethnic minorities. He graduated from the Central University for Nationalities. At the beginning of her senior year, she shared her daily life and wear on the Internet.

Although she is only 149 cm tall and dark complexion, she is not superior to her appearance, but her positive, lively and optimistic attitude is loved by many netizens.

After graduating from undergraduate, Nanyi admitted to graduate students at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Taking advantage of the opportunity to start school, she took her family to Beijing to travel with her family with her money.

Girls from Dashan have been reported by many media through hard work, and everyone lamented that this is the meaning of reading.

However, Nanyi, who had just started on September 18th, announced her suspension on the 19th. She temporarily put her academic and dream and turned back to her hometown to get married and have children. Many netizens couldn’t understand her choice.

It is understood that Nan Yi’s husband’s surname is Xiao. He graduated from his job and graduated. He was a hairdresser. The two publicly loved their relationship in June.It means that you are not.

In just three months, Nanyi married her boyfriend, pregnant, and was pregnant, and therefore delayed her studies.

It is worth mentioning that Nanyi and her husband did not hold a wedding, but asked relatives and friends to have a meal in a narrow house. The man promised to work hard to give Nanyi the best life under the witness of relatives and friends.

From the perspective of the decoration and furnishings in the house, the conditions at home are very average, and it can even be said to be a bit rude, but Nanyi looks very happy, and has always been filled with a happy smile on his face when he stands with her husband.

Many netizens couldn’t understand Nanyi’s choice. She managed to study in college and was admitted to graduate students. She stayed in Beijing through her own efforts, but returned to her hometown to marry a hairdresser with ordinary and economic conditions.

In a question from netizens, Nan Yi said that she knew what she wanted, and suspending school did not mean giving up her studies. Everything was her choice after thinking. She seemed to be dissatisfied with netizens’ suggestions.

In the final analysis, netizens’ ideas cannot be controlled by Nanyi’s decision. Life is her own. It is also a good thing to get married and have children and pursue happiness. Since she has made a decision, netizens as a spectator can only bless.Was the life you want.


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