23 weeks of pregnancy are a turning point in the development of the fetus. Pregnant mothers need to be alert to be alert.

Medical in medicine usually calls 23 weeks as the boundary of the fetus survival. After 23 weeks, the doctor will tell you some specific situations about the fetus when you do a physical examination.It can be said that the fetus is determined to survive. The previous 23 weeks cannot be explained, but after 23 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor can accurately tell you whether the fetus is developing normally.But pregnant mothers should pay attention to that even if you and the fetus have spent 23 weeks safely, in the process of raising the fetus, these two things must be careful.Because accidentally may have an irreversible life on the fetus or pregnant mothers.

At 23 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body will also change a lot. First of all, the belly will become more obvious at this time. At a glance, outsiders know that you are a pregnant mother, which is the most obvious change.Secondly, from this period, the pigment of pregnant mothers will also start to precipitate. If the pregnant mothers who want to produce spots will start various spots from the face from this period, and stretch marks will be more obvious.At this time, there will be corresponding changes in the appetite. It becomes more delicious and has a better appetite, so the demand for various foods will also increase, but during this period, pregnant mothers must pay attention to controlling their weight gain.EssenceIn addition, you must also be vigilant for these pregnant mothers.

1. Be alert to the sudden contraction of the uterus

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay attention to their contractions, because from this time, the prefix of the pregnant mother will become very good, and it will not be too picky about all kinds of food.Because if you don’t pay attention to your diet, it is easy to cause your own diarrhea, so you must pay attention to the stomach cramps caused by changes in the stomach at this time.Once a diarrhea is said, the pregnant mother must pay attention to it, and it may cause the uterus to shrink. If it is too serious, it may cause the abortion of the fetus in minutes.So even after 23 weeks, the pregnant mother should be vigilant.

2. Be careful about anxiety before production

Over time, after 23 weeks, the development of the fetus is also mature step by step. At this time, some pregnant mothers will suddenly cause a depression or anxiety before production.Will it be too painful when you are born or produced.As a result, the worse you feel, the worse, and the worse, it can easily lead to prenatal anxiety or depression.During this time, whether it is a pregnant mother or a husband, you must take the time in time to have emotions, and communicate in time when you find other ideas.

Although the fetus has spent 23 weeks smoothly, pregnant mothers should pay attention that these two things may be fatal whether they are or with themselves, and they must pay more attention during pregnancy.

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