25 weeks 560 grams super premature babies to go home

Red Net Moment News August 10th (Correspondent Li Ting) Recently, the summer sun was enthusiastically burning in Changsha City, but Ms. Zhang and her family from Jiangxi were not affected by this hot weather. Early in the morning, the whole familyPeople came to Hunan Province Maternal and Child Health Hospital, a newborn waiting area, and was preparing to welcome a baby with a body weight of 560 grams at 25 weeks when she was born.

Ms. Zhang is 36 years old and has a eldest daughter in Ping An in 2012, but she had a sad experience of death three years ago. Due to the history of chronic hypertension, she needed to be treated in the early pregnancy.Hair hairstyle severely eclampsida and pre -placental complications such as placenta, and blood pressure during pregnancy increased to 154/115mmHg (normal 120/80mmHg).In early April of this year, the birth check of the fetus reminded the fetus internal distress. The baby has a great risk of premature birth. In order to ensure the baby’s birth, Ms. Zhang rushed from Xinyu, Jiangxi to Changsha, Hunan.Hospital.

Before childbirth, Ms. Zhang accepted the prenatal consultation of the neonatal department.Doctors communicated with them the risk and diagnosis and treatment plan after birth, and made full preparations for greeting premature babies.On the afternoon of April 13th, at the 25 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy, Ms. Zhang accepted a cesarean section and gave birth to a baby boy at a birth weight of only 560 grams.The newborn one sent the medical team to accompany the whole process. After the baby was born, he carried out the recovery of premature babies and was safely transferred to the neonatal ward.

Ms. Zhang’s baby is a superpowered infant, a super low birth weight, and is called "Little Superman" by medical staff.Due to the age of the fetus and the weight, the development of various organs throughout the body is extremely immature. In the 115 -day hospitalization time of the Nicu ward of the neonatal family, the brave little superman has experienced respiratory distress syndrome, lung infection, and lung infections.A series of severe complications such as severity, intracranial hemorrhage, severe anemia, etc. Fortunately, with the efforts of the newborn medical team led by the director Peng Xianglian, in the obstetrics of the obstetrics, children’s health department, medical genetic department, children’s facial features, children’s facial features, children’s facial features, children’s facial features, childrenUnder the cooperation of multi -disciplinary and multi -departments such as the Ministry of Rehabilitation, the Department of Clinical Pharmacy, the ultrasound, the inspection department, and the radiology department, he successfully broke through the barrier.Two weeks before discharge, Ms. Zhang was arranged to the baby’s bed for kangaroos and family participation care. After being proficient in the nursing skills of premature babies, she finally took the baby home as expected.

Li Ting, deputy chief physician of the newborn, introduced that the baby will come out to meet us in about 40 weeks (about 9 months) in the mother’s belly.However, some babies will come early. Babies born as early as 37 weeks are premature babies, and premature babies born in their fetal age below 28 weeks (that is, 6 and a half months ago) are called super premature babies.At present, the minimum fetal age of super premature babies that survive the world is as low as 22 weeks (that is, about 5 months of pregnancy).The reason why they call them super premature babies is not because they have superpowers to save the world, but because these premature babies grow in their mother’s belly, they are super short. The development of various organs throughout the body is super mature.Super low.At present, the incidence of prenatal babies is about 10%, while the incidence of super premature babies is between 0.2%-0.7%.

Super premature babies often weigh less than 1000g, or even 300g or 400g. Even the muscles that maintain breathing are not fully developed. Doctors need to put a catheter into their trachea into their trachea and connect the machine to help them breathe.When they were born, they often couldn’t even complete their breastfeeding movements. The nurse needed to enter their body’s daily energy supply through the blood vessels with nutrients with nutrients.In addition, they are often super fragile, and the combat effectiveness of the immune system is almost zero. Ordinary bacterial infections can evolve into fatal damage in them. They need to use antibiotics and blood products to resist each infection.Little life, medical staff need to be super patient, super careful, and also need a lot of trust and great determination of "super parents and women".And those super -premature babies who are super tenacious and brave through the difficulty of the Taoism are really a well -deserved "little superman"!

Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital is a national newborn health specialty unit.Provincial specialist nurse training internship base, advanced collective, excellent nursing unit, service demonstration department in 2021.On average, more than 2,800 children in hospitalization were treated each year and more than 750 premature babies. In the first half of 2022, 36 people were treated with super premature babies (less than 28 weeks).The success rate was 75.9%, and the recovery rate of hospitalization in hospitalization was 98.3%, which has reached the advanced level of domestic.

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