28 weeks of pregnancy is a hurdle during pregnancy. There are 2 important things. Don’t forget to do it.

Some time ago, after Xiaoqiu was pregnant, because she was worried about the fetal safety, she wanted to go to the hospital for examination. Who knows that the doctor told her that you don’t have to worry too much, and wait until the 28th week to come over to check.I believe that many mothers have encountered it. I am very worried about the fetus in the stomach in the hospital a few months before pregnancy, but I feel that the doctor does not pay much attention.See, the pregnant mother who got it was also very depressed.

28 weeks of pregnancy is a watershed during pregnancy

We all know that the first 3 months of pregnancy are very sensitive, and the fetal development is unstable.In fact, in addition to this time, 28 weeks of pregnancy are also a period of fragile fetal development.The 28 weeks of pregnancy also means that it has entered the third trimester, and the fetus will develop more and more. Pregnant women will experience discomfort such as pubic pain, low back pain, and edema.And with the development of the fetus, the space of the uterus becomes smaller and smaller, the fetal movement will gradually become less, and the fetal position will gradually set.Entering the third trimester, the fetus has entered a critical period of weight gain, and special attention needs to be paid to diet.And many pregnant women have begun to consider the choice of childbirth from this time, and the psychological burden is heavier.

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal development has entered a long -term, 2 important things, you must stick to it

Persist in counting a child movement

By 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal movement is becoming more and more regular, and the feelings of pregnant mothers will become more and more obvious.At this time, the pregnant mother can effectively understand the development of the fetus by adhering to the fetal movement.If there is abnormal fetal movement, you can also go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time to avoid irreparable damage to the fetus.

Regular production inspections, the last deadline

At the 20th to 28th weeks of pregnancy, there is a very important checkup, that is, the four -dimensional large deformedness. You need to go to the hospital for a four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound examination to effectively eliminate the problem of congenital malformations of the fetus.The 28 weeks of pregnancy are the last deadline for the examination of abnormal abnormalities. If this last period is missed, the accuracy of the deformed results will be greatly reduced.

And during the delivery of the gestational week, the doctor will check your amniotic fluid and placenta maturity to effectively judge the development of the fetus.Therefore, it is better to have family members around me at 28 weeks of pregnancy. It is better to accompany her husband.

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