34 weeks of pregnancy suddenly occur cardia

The birth of expectations and care for new life is an important and happy process for every pair of parents, but the prospective father Xiao Ling and expectant mother Xiao Zhang from Anhui faced a big problem a month ago.During 34 weeks of pregnancy, I suddenly found heart valve disease. What should I do if my baby is?How to solve the problem of heart?

thrilling!34 weeks of pregnant mother’s sudden heart valve disease

The expectant mother Xiao Zhang was originally immersed in the joy of greeting a new life, but from the 25 weeks of pregnancy, Xiao Zhang began to occur at high fever. He repeatedly went to the hospital’s infusion treatment, but he did not see the improvement. At present, it is 34 weeks of pregnancy.After several times, I found that there was a problem with the heart.Xiao Zhang’s heart ultrasound reminder: Infectious heart endometritis, at the same time, anterior valve anterior lobe dehydration is accompanied by the formation.

The two -pointed valve is a large and loose bacterial cluster. The loose bacterial clump continues to fall off and cause bacterial infections in the small blood, and high fever is intermittent.If there is a slightly larger biological falling off, it will block the arteries of the whole body, causing severe complications such as cerebral infarction and kidney infarction.

When I learned that Xiao Zhang’s heart had a problem, the prospective father Xiao Ling and his family were anxious. They inquired and learned from multiple channels to learn about Wang Dongjin, director of the cardiac surgery of Nanjing Gulou Hospital, and Zhou Qing, the chief physician, team., Especially for the treatment of pregnancy with cardiovascular diseases, there is a wealth of experience. Therefore, they have taken over the hope to come to Nanjing Gulou Hospital with hope.

Patient’s heart color Doppler ultrasound report

critical!Multi -disciplinary driving section surgery

Faced with Xiao Zhang and his family, Director Wang Dongjin and Director Zhou Qing immediately organized a multi -disciplinary consultation and invited experts from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Infection and Ultrasound Department of Gulou Hospital to discuss the situation of Xiao Zhang.A thorough treatment plan was formulated for it.Professor Dai Yimin’s team analyzed Xiao Zhang’s condition in detail. Considering the high survival rate of premature fetal fetuses at 34-35 weeks, in order to reduce the burden on Xiao Zhang’s heart, according to the experience of repeated cooperation in the previous period, the multi-disciplinary team decided to decideFirst surgery for Xiao Zhangxing Clicpo.

On the morning of June 9th, under the protection of a cardiac anesthesiologist, Director Dai Yimin and Dr. Chen Jing performed a cesarean section for the obstetrics. As the child cried, Xiao Zhang and Xiao Ling’s children were born smoothly. Everyone hangs.The heart of the heart was finally put down halfway.But Xiao Zhang’s medical treatment is still more dangerous in the second half.

sharp!Minimally invasive small incision super high difficulty repair "heart door"

After a brief recovery after the cesarean section, Xiao Zhang ushered in the "big test".On the morning of June 12, Director Wang Dongjin and Zhou Qing led the team to perform heart surgery for Xiao Zhang.Considering the lactation needs of the late small Zhang period, the team used a small -sized small incision approach that did not destroy the breasts that did not destroy the breast.The largest creature, the largest length of about 15mm, is extremely easy to break off, and the petal leaves are also eroded by bacteria.

According to experts, in general, for the valve of the infective cardiacitis, in order to completely remove the infection stove, all the lobes are usually removed and the artificial valve is replaced.However, after changing the artificial valve, on the one hand, there is a possibility of infection. On the other hand, artificial mechanical valve needs to take Huafalin anticoagulant therapy for life, and the quality of life will be greatly affected.

In order to avoid re -infection and ensure the quality of life of Xiao Zhang’s future, Director Wang Dongjin and Director Zhou Qing decided to repair the forming surgery for two -pointed valve with higher difficulty.First of all, all the biosome creatures were completely removed, the autologous valves that were accumulated infected, and then used the remaining valve tissue to rebuild the normal shape of the two -pointed valve, and fixed it with the latest forming ring to the two -pointed valve ring.The "heart door" was perfectly repaired. After surgery, the water injection test and the recurrence of ultrasound immediately after surgery. The two -pointed valve opening and closing function was good, and the infected valve was perfectly repaired.The in vitro circulation time of the entire surgery is only 77 minutes.

Patient’s postoperative cardiac ultrasound report form

The reporter learned that on the third day after cardiac surgery, Xiao Zhang successfully returned from the ICU back to the general ward. The wounds after surgery were less than 5cm, and it was located under the right armpit, which was not easy to detect.After the surgery, the color Doppler ultrasound reminds the valve slightly reflux, and the forward blood flow speed is 1.4m/s. The surgical effect is significant.After nearly 3 weeks of anti -infection treatment, with the joint efforts of all medical staff, Xiao Zhang recovered well and was discharged smoothly on July 1!Prior to this, under the care of obstetrics and medical staff, Xiao Zhang and Xiao Ling’s children were also discharged from the hospital."Thanks to all medical staff of the Gulou Hospital, so that our happy family can start a new life." Xiao Zhang said excitedly.

Correspondent Zhou Zeyi Wang Chunxia

Yangtze Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist Lu Yanlin

(Source: Zi Niu News)

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