36 -year -old maternal daughter -in -law was dismissed when the fetus was required to protect the fetus.

March 19th

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The 36 -year -old woman was fired after being rejected after being rejected

Human mankind is "not belonging to the diagnosis of pregnancy hypertension"

According to the cover news, on March 14, Ms. Ding, 36, commissioned a lawyer to file a labor arbitration in Wuhan.Two weeks ago, she asked the company for leave to protect the fetus and was rejected on the grounds that she did not meet the requirements.After she questioned, the company’s manpower department issued the "Notice of Labor Contract Lift" to her on the grounds of absenteeism, and then kicked her from all the company’s network group.

Ms. Ding introduced that she worked at Douyu Shanghai Branch two years ago, and then moved to Wuhan with the company’s business adjustment according to the company’s business adjustment, and separated from her husband for a long time.Last year, considering that he was getting older, the two planned to have children as soon as possible.

Ms. Ding said, "I worked at Douyu Shanghai Branch before, but the entire team was transferred to Wuhan.

"In October last year, she was conceived, but there were always some minor problems during the birth checkup." Ms. Ding introduced that due to the age of age, she had signs of threatened abortion, as well as hypertension.Essence

Ms. Ding’s inspection information

According to the inspection information provided by Ms. Ding, on February 27th and 28th, Ms. Ding had a clinic for delivery at the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Fudan University.Supervision?On the two review records, they were printed with the words "Xiu 28 days".

Ms. Ding said that the relevant information was submitted to the OA system for leave on February 27, but it was rejected by the human department.Considering that the manpower department may not understand case information, she went to the hospital on February 28 to issue a more detailed information submission, but the manpower still applied for rejection.

Ms. Ding introduced that she has been taking a leave to take a leave in this way for half a year, and the deadline for the last leave for leave is February 26.On the 27th and 28th, they were approved in the name of maternity leave and annual fakes. They were approved, but the long vacation application submitted on the same day was not approved.

Ms. Ding’s leave record

Ms. Ding connects with manpower through the network group, and the information sent is "no read" state.On the afternoon of March 2nd, manpower replied through the OA system: Combining related materials, it did not belong to the diagnosis of pregnancy hypertension, and it was necessary to rest in bed to dismiss the sick leave.After that, her mailbox received an email of the "Notice of Labor Contract Lift", saying that she was absent from work for two days for no reason, and the company lifted the labor relationship with him that day.

At the same time, Ms. Ding found that her business accounts, WeChat and other work accounts were closed.

After the complaint, he was requested to "not suitable for continuing work" proof

Douyu said that he would cooperate with labor arbitration investigation

On March 6, after Ms. Ding complained to the local labor supervision department, she received a response from the staff.Telephone recording shows that the staff said that the situation from Douyu company, and Douyu’s feedback said that Ms. Ding’s leave voucher did not meet the company’s regulations, and it should issue a proof material for "not suitable for continuing work".Ms. Ding said that she had submitted the leave materials for leave issued by the hospital, and the staff responded that if Ms. Ding did not recognize the result, she could apply for labor arbitration.

On March 18, the cover journalist contacted the staff of Cui, the human resources department of Douyu Company, and the other party stated that he would not be interviewed.

On March 19, the staff of Douyu Company’s public relations department replied to the cover journalist, saying that the human department feedback three opinions: lifting the labor relationship is not maliciously targeting pregnant women like Ms. Ding;Arbitration, the company will cooperate with the investigation.

Ms. Ding told reporters that due to physical reasons, she had commissioned lawyers to rush from Shanghai to Wuhan on March 14 to apply for arbitration from the Wuhan Labor and Personal Dispute Arbitration Commission.

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Ms. Ding does not belong to the diagnosis of pregnancy hypertension

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Source: Zhejiang News

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