39 weeks of pregnancy, disgusting and uncomfortable, is it almost born?

At 39 weeks of pregnancy, why is it disgusting and uncomfortable?The most common reasons are these three:

Uterine squeeze

Although most maternal mothers will enter the basin at 36 weeks of pregnancy, there are still some maternal fetuses ink or unable to enter the basin for various reasons. The fetus is very large at 39 weeks of pregnancy.The uncomfortable response is more serious; at the same time, the uterus squeezing the stomach and intestines will cause the prospective mother to indigestion. If you eat too much diet, such as eating too much irritating food, or cold food, it is easy to hurt the originally fragile stomach, leading to disgusting and uncomfortableness.Essence

Improper diet

There are also cases that the fetus has been pelviated. The expectant mother’s appetite is particularly good, but the diet is not paid attention to. Daily overeating, eat too much high -calorie, high sugar, heavy flavor or particularly greasy food, and then disgusting and uncomfortable appear uncomfortablePay attention to the improvement of diet.Suggestion: The expectant mothers must have a light diet and digestion. Do not overeating. Before entering the pot, you can eat less meals and bring some food with you, such as small dim sum, small bread, fruits, nuts, etc.Eat at any time, neither eats too much, nor hungry himself; and after the fetus enters the basin, the appetite becomes much better, and you have to control your diet. You can eat moreGood digestible food.

lack of sleep

At 39 weeks of pregnancy, regardless of whether the fetus has entered the basin, the expectant mother’s belly is particularly large. It may be difficult to breathe, or the frequent urination may be frequent, and back pain. These reactions will affect the sleeping mother’s sleep.If the quality is not good, it will naturally appear dizzy and disgusting. As long as you sleep, you will not feel uncomfortable.Suggestion: It is common to sleep in the third trimester, mainly caused by frequent urination and big belly. It is recommended not to drink water before going to bed, and do not eat diuretic food at night; you can also prepare a pregnant woman’s pillow to relieve the discomfort of the big belly. As for the sleeping position,Sleeping on the side, the specific left is still the right side.

Of course, in addition to these three reasons, it may also belong to the precursor of childbirth.

According to statistics, 90%of mothers have encountered disgusting and uncomfortable phenomena before childbirth.Everyone knows that in October, she pregnant and give birth naturally.In fact, after the fetus matures, a hormone will be secreted in the mother’s body. This hormone can stimulate contractions and promote fetal delivery.At this time, the changes in hormones in the mother’s body will also act on expectant mothers, causing adverse reactions to varying degrees. Among them, nausea is also the most common.Nausea and uncomfortable also belong to the normal response of expectant mothers before childbirth. There is no harm to the aimedies and the fetus. The postpartum will return to normal. Don’t worry too much about it.

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